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Who is Christine Blasey Ford


A professor of psychology Dep. Stanford U. (Palo Alto) with an A professorial 2.4 Rating. (Rate my Professor.com ) [Students rating 0.0] Students wrote: Don’t get on her bad side, it's very dark, she will go after you! Her parents were unable to pay their mortgage and Judge Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge in the case in Maryland. Case # 156006V. Ford was an attendee of the Feminist pink hat protest against Trump. Ford was wearing a pink pussy hat. She posted on Facebook in large print “Scalia types must be banned from Law”

In regards to her charges”

  1. Cannot remember the place that the assault took place.
  2. Is unable to identify the House where it took place
  3. Does not know how she got there
  4. Cannot remember others who attended the party
  5. Two years ago was unable to recall the name of her assailant during counseling.
  6. Told her best friend that she had been an alcoholic 35-years ago and regretted whoring around with so many men.
  7. She provided two witnesses both have said the event never took place.
  8. She has made other claims of sexual assault against other people.
  9. She had her social media accounts scrubbed, especially Facebook.
  10. She has been pictured charring a sign NOT MY PRESIDENT.
  11. Her Brother Ralph works for Baker Hostler Esq. LLC the law firm that was retained by Fusion GPS who produced the phony Steele Dossier’.

What else do you want to know?

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