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A National hates fest!


The longest funeral I my memorie going back 80-years.

As a subject of SPLC and ADL hate I am more than capable of understanding what hate is and who its purveyors are. As a veteran with disability, I understand McCain’s past problems. The McCain funeral on Saturday the first of September was the biggest hate fest I have seen in my lifetime. All at once every McCain adversary Democrat, progressive, RINO and socialist of the past five decades was a close and admiring friend. It was an organized get Trump deal! All the myriad of speaks and warmonger were in attendance. McCain, whose vindictive and relentless attacks on President Trump, or anyone opposed to war with, Iran, Russia, China, N. Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Vietnam, had been hallmark of his career. He staged his own funeral by inviting every RINO and progressive Trump hating politician that could be rounded up, to his funeral, from which he had banished our president. This came from a man who had in a stupid stunt, wet-started his jet aboard the USS Forestall that killed 134 sailors. Only his daddy’s admiralty prevented court marshal and time at Leavenworth. The man who dumped his first wife Carol whom after a horrific car accident, while John was a POW, was disfigured, but had kept silent about their divorce and her husbands remarriage to billionaires Cindy Hensley 15, years his junior. McCain is the man that many Hanoi Hilton inmates called the “Song Bird and the Manchurian Candidate” for obvious reasons. He was only there for a few weeks when he was transferred to “The Plantation” where fellow inmates Ted Guy and Gordon Larson reported in March of 1999 to the NY Times that to the best of their knowledge he was not mistreated at the Plantation. Retied army colonel Earl Hopper stated that McCain gave the enemy “highly classified information” which resulted in a 60% increase of lost aircraft after McCain’s capture in 1968. McCain’s injuries were not as he claims due to torture, but by injuries from crashing his plane.  McCain poured vinegar into the nations wounds even after his death. John McCain was not a war hero he was a hateful vindictive arrogant cad.


Dr. A. H. Krieg
Served US Army
Hq. of Hq. 9th Fld. Arty 3rd Inf. Div. 7th Army (nuclear artillery)
Information from various sources.




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