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Just a short message for the 4th of July


Just a short message for the 4th of July:

Dr. A. H. Krieg


The Spanish philosopher G. Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. That is why the Ashkenazim, have removed history education from our public schools and colleges. After all if you knew that PC was really Cultural Marxism, and that it was the primary political implement of Marx, Lenin and Trotzki you would understand it to be a communist dogma. If you were aware that the original wealth of the Rothschilds was made from commissions earned from England’s king George for the supply of Hessian troops, in our revolutionary war that caused thousands of American deaths. And that the subsequent Rothschild lie about the victors of the battle of Waterloo, that allowed the Rothschilds to cheat the majority of Englishmen out of their wealth. And if you knew that Jacob Schiff and his NYC Kuhn Loeb &Co financed the Japanese in the Sino-Russian war in 1905 with loans of $335,000,000 by sale of Japanese war bonds in America. Schiff then went on to finance Lenin’s return to Russia, from Zürich, where he was in exile, with a trainload of gold and weapons and Bolsheviks, to overthrow the Czar and have Russia withdraw from the tripartite alliance causing thousands of American solders’ deaths in WWI.  And if someone had taught you about Ulysses Grant’s general order #11 banning all Jews from all occupied Southern territory. And if you were aware that George Soros’s real name is Geörgy Schwartz and that he is an Ashkenazi and was a WWII collaborator with the Nazi SS who now funds over 300 leftist and communist organizations, well, then you might have a totally different outlook on today’s news and your reaction to current events. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

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