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The horrible Obama Judges


Obama appointee, Federal Judge Jessie M. Furman, certified his progressive status, which he attained when he clerked for progressive Supreme Court justice David Souter, in his recent prognostication on the issue of immigration and citizenship. He ruled that the Trump administration showed “animus” toward racial and ethnic minorities when they inserted citizenship into the planned 2020 census. Hey, Jessie why don’t you read the Constitution Article 1,2. Too much education—Yale, Harvard, results in overbearing self-aggrandizement.

  1. Census does not involve race or ethnicity.
  2. With 47-million non-citizen residents, they are not a minority.
  3. The Constitution is very clear on the reason for the census, it is to establish citizen’s enumeration in order to establish congressional districts.
  4. People who are not citizens cannot vote and should not be counted.

Jessie, what part of that are you not able to comprehend

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