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Russian Complicity


Russian Complicity

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Parts are taken from Dr. Krieg’s new book Social Compliance to be released in late July 2018 you may preorder first printing postpaid $ US 37.00.


The entire Russian collusion charge against Donald Trump and his presidency is a huge veiled fake charge by the DNC, Obama and the Clinton’s to hide who was involved with the Russians in this century. I have written this article to allow you understand this kabuki theater of events that have been hidden by the “Deep State” and the Lamestream media. My new book involved thousands of hours of research and over 5-months to write.


To understand this article you must be aware of several things that are not generally known. In the UraniumOne/Tenam/Rosatom extortion, payola and bribery schemes FBI investigation was placed by then sitting FBI director Robert Muller under control of Rod Rosenstein who was then the US attorney for Maryland. Total bribery to the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons exceeded $145-million. The Giustra brothers one of whom was Hillary Clintons Chief of Staff and briefly ran the Clinton Foundation were the recipients of considerable remuneration from the deals. Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra consummated the original, what is now called UraniumOne deal in Kazakhstan in 2005. The man with whom Clinton and Giustra made the deal was pres. Dzhakishev of Kazakhstan who was convicted in 2010 and is now in prison on a 14-year term for embezzlement, grand larceny and theft of government property. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Clinton’s, the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton as head of the Clinton Foundation, Loretta Lynch and the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton prior to the FBI Comey holding her blamelessness on her E-mails and Treason before she was even interviewed and giving Sheryl Millis immunity.

In general terms UraniumOne was the largest case of government corruption in American history. UraniumOne involved bribery on a scale never before seen anyplace, payola to hundreds of people in millions of dollars, organized kickbacks on Russian as well as American government contracts, pay to play deals for access to the Secretary of State from US government contractors, Russian government contractors, Russian Banks, Defense contractors, pay-offs for speeches in scores of nations totaling tens of millions of dollars. In fact the scope of the total amount of dollars involved is so large and so difficult to trace, that we may never be able to establish the total amounts included. This causes me to remember 2008 and the banking committee, where banksters paid Barney Frank (D.MA.) $79,000, Carolyn Maloney (D.NY.)  $44,500, Chris Van Hollen (D.MD.)  $15,00 and the DNC $214,500 for passing the TARP, now at least you know why all Democrat politicians are millionaires. 

Thanks to Wikileaks we have learned a great deal when in June 2009 they released a cash of documents that revealed the stock transactions that allowed the Russian government to regain control of the entire package and to have CFIUS vote to allow Russian Rosatom to control 20% of American and Canadian strategic uranium mining business. Eric Holder as one voter and by Timothy Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary acting as chairman and one by Jose Fernandez acting as the proxy for Hillary Clinton who was promised a position in Podesta’s überleft “Center for American Progress” approved the four FISA warrant applications. Hillary purposely did not vote to prevent accuseal of impropriety. So, understand that the entire Rosatom/UraniumOne deal was a Obama/Clinton insider progressive money making scam that netted various DNC progressives somewhere between $200 and $300-million.

This brings us to the infamous Russian dossier produced by British retired MI-5 Christopher Steele, which was an outcome based document whose final draft was paid for by the Clinton for President campaign the DNC and later partially by the FBI. The dossier is 35 pages in length and has been widely disqualified as a fictitious document. Nevertheless even though FBI Director James Comey on TV said that the dossier was fake it was used in large part by the FBI to obtain four FISA warrants at least one of which was signed by Rosenstein and one Comey. What is not widely known is that Cody Shearer made a second dossier available to the FBI. Shearer is a shady former presstitute who had close ties to the Clinton White House. To place this into perspective Shearer is a close associate of Clinton “Bag Man” Sidney Blumenthal who is so offensive that the State Department refused to allow Hillary to bring him into her administration. Both Blumenthal and Shearer were involved in the bombing (Arab Spring) operation in Libya and the assasination of Muammar Gaddafi and the rise of al-Qaida as rulers of Libya. Clinton carried out the entire Libyan attack at the request of the international banking consortium because Gaddafi had announced the Gold Dinar to replace the dollar for oil transactions.

There are more twists and turns in this dossier production and development than the average spy can even follow. I’m sure you remember the Russian GRU spy Skipal and his daughter who had been turned by the British and was then traded for a western spy and released to England. He was murdered, the Brits claimed by the Russians, —not likely, why would they kill a GRU colonel they had in prison for a decade, and had released 8 years before his death? The subsequent claim that he was killed by Novichok nerve gas is a lie, nerve gas kills in less than two minutes and most of the exposed Britons survived; unless acetylcholine is administered directly into the heart, the victim dies almost immediately.  When Skipal was turned it was by British MI-5 agent Pablo Miller, who had turned him in Tallinn the capitol of Estonia.  Steele was head of the British secret MI-5 in Estonia at that time and undoubtedly knew both Miller as well as Skipal. When Steele returned to London he was made head of MI-5’s Russian desk. Another odd coincidence is that Skipal lived in a town just 8-miles from Porton Downs where the UK makes their versions of nerve gas. Now it gets downright weird while living in Porton Downs Skipal becomes to be friends with Pablo Miller—what an astounding coincidence! Now, Orbis Business Intelligence the very people who were originally contacted to produce the Steele dossier employed Miller. I think that Skipal was murdered because he knew too much about the dossier and who produced it and why. The DNC and MI-5 were terrified of the possibility that what Skipal knew might become public knowledge and to prevent that knocked him off.


If you are interested in the whole story, you must get a copy of “Social Compliance” my new book its about 270 pages and will become available later this month.

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