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Our Worst Supreme Court Justice


Our Worst Supreme Court Justice!

Obsessed, is how I would describe Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the feminist member of the supreme fools. Out of about 50 so-called famous quotes by her about 40 in one way or another deal with gender—sex or women. She does not understand that a justice is supposed to represent all the people believing instead that her exclusive job is to represent women; she obviously does not understand the concept of justice being blind. Being a Judaist she is also a devout internationalist who thinks that American jurisprudence should be subjugated to international law. She does not believe in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and has consistently opposed both in her opinions. She thinks the document (Constitution) to be outdated it should be modernized according to her, like the Canadian or South African constitutions. This would include all the main features of the Canadian constitution like: Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary government, excusive federalism, undefined individual rights and freedoms, language and aboriginal rights, and NO BILL OF RIGHT. A lose interpretation of the separation of powers with limited judicial oversight. She has been quoted as saying, “I would not look to the US Constitution if I were Drafting a constitution in 2012” Later she said she would look to the RSA (South African) Constitution, say, that’s the one which just voted to steal the personal property of all Caucasian people and give it to Negroids and the Black South African Supreme Court agreed.

On sex she said, “A gender line…helps to keep a woman not on a pedestal but in a cage” Perhaps Ruth subscribes to the Canadian 14-gender theory, we don’t. There are two genders and the disruption between them caused by feminists of the 20th century has not benefitted women it has reduced their stature, demeaned their character, and lowered their appearance to men. Ruth who is 85, and by the way falls asleep while oral arguments take place at the Court, should have been impeached decades ago, the fact that Jimmy the Twit nominated her to the Court of Appeals and Bill Clinton to the Supreme Court more than explains a lot.

By the way don’t count on her retirement she said, “ I will do this job as long as I feel that I can do it full steam”. Obviously her idea of full steam and mine do not coincide. She also said, “Judges should avoid commentary on candidates for public office” I guess, on that line, that president Trump who she has demeaned on several occasions, calling him a “faker” for some odd reason, does not count, oh yes, he’s not a politician or a judge.

Hollywood even got into the fray when they made the move “On the Basis of Sex” about Ruth’s life such as it has been, after all, if you are married to a bean counter life must be immeasurably exciting. When you look up her name, what is she famous for –well, nothing, she has never held a private sector job, she earns $223,500 per year mostly for sleeping on the bench and having someone write her opinions for her, she was a founding member of the ACLU the überleft organization which protects the rights of the political left. She said, “Women have certain sensitivities that our male colleagues lack” We know, touché feely! She said; “Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation” Well said for a female that has no offspring. Outside of getting lots of awards from other jurists trying to gain favor, her life amounts to a big zero.

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