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Dear Reader and Friend


Mrs. Audrey A. Krieg Sec. SRN/RN
A2Z Publications LLC
POB 192
Parrish, FL 34219                                                    

July/August 2018


Dear Reader and Friend,


Things for the last six months have been very difficult for us, while Adrian was a speaker at the 2018 Nationalist Solutions Convention in Tennessee June 14 to 16, and will be attending LoS in Wetumka, AL on June 29 & 30 book sales outside the conventions have been disappointing. In spring of 2017 SPLC and ADL both listed A2Z as a “Hate Group”, then in 2018 our printers Lightning Source for 17-years, cut us off with barely weeks of notification, then our international distributor Ingrams followed suite. Attacks on A2Z were rapidly followed by personal attacks on Adrian as “Hate Group”.  No one who has listed us in this slanderous illegal way has offered any evidence supporting their allegations. When Ingrams pulled our distribution contract they eliminated our listings with booksellers severely impeding our ability to sell books. Our international sales that were considerable have been all but eliminated.

The day before the Nationalist Solutions meeting Yahoo changed the algorithms so that when A2ZPublications.com was entered on any computer-using Yahoo the word HATE appeared before the address was fully entered, they withdrew it two days later. Google then followed with a SPLC posting stating that Adrian was the leading American “Conspiracy Theorist” also pulled two days later. Just so you understand “Conspiracy Theory” was the CIA invent phrase. When hundreds of Americans discounted the “Warren Commissions” report as the biggest load of BS of the 20th century. We can only survive as White conservatives if we stick together and support conservative leaders and authors.

In 2017 and 2018 Adrian wrote four books and has a new one coming out in later in July. If you do not have, "Liberalism" --the bane of Civilization, ($12.99) "Turning the Tide", ($22.00) "Practical Economics for Millennials", ($23.00) and "Invasions" ($35.00)(the demographic shift to destroy White nations) I urge you to consider buying one or all.  Later in July Adrian’s new book of 271 pages “Social Compliance” ($37.00), that deals with Cultural Marxism that progressive have renamed PC (Political Correctness) which is probably the most dangerous communist social program ever applied to any society. We will ship any or all of these books USA only--USPS postage paid insured as a special benefit to our longstanding customers no S&H. Canadian customers need to add $19 and European and Australians  $24 for postage; sorry we did not make up international postage rates.


We ardently hope for your support and or any contribution to our joint cause.


Audrey Ann Krieg

A2Z Publications LLC Secretary  



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