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When you see that in order to produce,

You need to obtain permission from men

Who produce nothing; when you see money

Is flowing to those who deal not in goods

But in favors; when you see that men get rich

More easily by graft then work, and your

Laws no longer protect you against them, but

Protect them against you…you may know that

your society is doomed!

                                                                                    Atlas Shrugged

                                                                                                Ayn Rand


America as an economic entity, if Obama is re-elected is past history. The fact of the matter being; it is doubtful that we can survive to the end of his first term. I will not in this article dwell on what has gone wrong, or what was done wrong, or if it was done with malice and intent or by sheer stupidity, the issue before us now is will we survive as a nation.

The reasoning at this juncture being that in every venue’ the Obama administration, its Czars and officers simply screwed up every single thing they touched. Such is the plight of academics, politicians, and lawyers, the three professions that populate this administration. That is not to say the Republicans are blameless, for they also play the game. The prime force of these failures is seated in the fact that the entire administration only has an 8% participation of personnel that came from the private sector. That’s right 92% of the people in the executive branch of our government never met a payroll, never actually ran anything, never checked inventory, never ventured risk, never planned a production schedule, never had to lay off a good employee because the cash to pay him was not there. All of them lived in the insulated employment that their professions provide. Worse yet, not one of them ever managed anything risk based.

The socialist and in some proven cases communist ideology of these people is simply amazing and the result of employment in non-risk occupations proves our case. Socialism is a philosophy of academics and the product of spoiled upper middle class plagiarists who were never employed in any gainful occupation. Their leader, Obama fits this mould to a tee. They are, to a man, contemptuous of labor, and all people successful, all of whom they intend to penalize through class warfare based on avarice.

The primary force of movement at this time is the relentless building of a dependency class so large, that they will overwhelm taxpaying citizens in coming elections and insure re-election of a socialist Obama administration. The latest phony ploy is the illegal takeover of the student loan industry from private sources, by the executive. The total college loan asset is now just under one trillion dollars. This action accomplishes two things, firstly it shifts the loan risk to the government (tax payers) while expanding the dependency class and secondly it proposes to reduce monthly student loan payments by an amount from $4.78 to $ 7.76, per month, while shifting at least part of the total loan to the taxpayers, that will also be on the hook for all remaining payments after 20 years and 100% of those employed in government, not much different from the mortgage deal that saved the average homeowner $ 30.00 per month, but then centralized it with Freddie and Fannie both of which defaulted and put the taxpayers in arrears. The problem in American higher education rests firmly on the overpayment of tenured professors whose average income as of 2011 is $100,000 per year, plus healthcare, pension, and in many cases housing and transportation. The average cost per professor is about $155,000, which is over three times the national average income.  Notwithstanding that many of these edu-crats espouse socialist and communist political and social opinions that are directly counter to the main stream of society hurting rather than improving society.

Today, America has over 47 million citizen food stamp recipients; under this administration we have the highest percentage of population below the poverty line in our national history, the highest black and Hispanic unemployment in history and as of October 2011 24.6% of American’s are unemployed and inflation is at 12%.

Europe affects us more than you think and their situation is dismal. They have just bailed out Greece again; in which bailout we have a $ 140 billion stake, this is the nation with the laziest population in existence. This is a country in which the greatest art form is cheating on your taxes, where people retire at 52 with full pensions and healthcare. What the IMF and EU and World Bank have done is to allow banks to write off half of the bad Greek debt, and to throw more borrowed money at the rest of the problems; the fact that Greece has thus defaulted on her debt is undisputable. Let’s put it all into understandable perspective:

Indebted nations (US, GB, France and Germany) borrow more money (actually print more Euros and dollars) to bail out even greater indebted nations, and tell their banks to dump half of their outstanding debt (the banks actual assets) those banks will then immediately borrow more money from their indebted creditors to whom they have just given money. This makes Ponzi schemes look positively credible. But it now gets really silly, directly after those devious Ponzigoniff transactions, world stock markets rebound, in no small part due to the Plunge Protection Team. This fix relating to Greece will last four months and no more, then they will be back for more. The Greek GDP to debt ratio is 120% and the communists and their incessant riots and strikes have killed their economy that was primarily based on tourism. The one trillion Euro, EU bailout and the $500 billion write-off, will stem the tide for no more than four months. Furthermore we must bear in mind that Iceland defaulted; Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain are all in dire trouble.

The Kleptocrats and Ponzigonifs of the zionist banking cartel have converted Greek citizenship to IMF’S. The cradle of Western democratic governance has become slaves to the zionist bankers that now control their economy, and future.

The Ponzigoniff’s cure for American as well as European debt is to borrow more in order to borrow yourself out of debt. This sham will destroy the West and will produce the globalized, multicultural, world government that these people have been working for. The New World Order that George Bush Senior epitomized as the “Thousand Points of Light” which is the 1,000 members of “The Order” the American domicile of the Illuminati are the elite whose plan this is.

Many will say that this is a conspiracy theory, it is not. Read the following documents and prove it to yourself, “The Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion” available on the Internet. “(Original copy is located in the historic non fiction documents section of the British National Library in London) The Communist Manifesto” Available from JBS or on the Internet. “Vale the Illuminati and its plans for the future” Available from all bookstores. “July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day” Available from A2Z Publications. “The Anglo American Establishment” and “Tragedy & Hope” both by Carroll Quigley. And “Between Two Ages” by Zbigniew Brzezinski. And lastly unfortunately out of print “The Satori and the New Mandarins” but not out of print its sequel “Rendezvous with the New World Order” both by A. H. Krieg.

            The undeniable fact being that our American experiment was targeted for demise at the time of our revolutionary war. The EU that began with the European Coal Union predates the establishment of the EU by decades. History is not happenstance, as most mainstream historians would have you believe, history is a long and torturous conspiracy by a small group of elites who are in the first quarter of this new century finally to meet with success. You will not like the product! Fight them and join A3P.

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