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The Spy Within


Stephan Halper paid over one million dollars over two years, by the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign and then the transition team and then presidency had in the past been a CIA asset, who oversaw the CIA spying operation in the 1980 presidential campaign. At the time (Bonesman) H. W. Bush was CIA director and the CIA ran the spying operation out of the Carter (D. GA) administration.

The actual job, this time, was not spying, it was the planned planting of fabricated information about Russian collusion with Trump in the 2016 campaign so that Trump could be blocked for attaining office and later after Trump won the election, changed to set up an impeachment process by the DNC if they won a majority in the Mid Term Elections. This was to go along with the fake Dossier from Fusion GPS that was paid for by the Clintons. Bruce Orr’s (fired from DOJ) wife Nellie using her maiden name, worked for Fusion GPS.

This is without question the greatest political scandal of American history. The Democrats led by congressmen Schiff and Swalwell both (D. CA) have attempted to suppress this information, based on national security claims, that are totally bogus. Rosenstein the number 2 at the Department of Justice has continually stonewalled release of the four FISA Court warrants based on national security claims—totally bogus; Rosenstein is simply protecting his own ass because he signed the fourth warrant himself and is fully aware that the information in the dossier is false, the warrants were based on the bogus dosser from Fusion GPS that Comey had discounted as being unsubstantiated and was used to obtain the FISA warrants some of which were signed by Comey. These processes were used by Obama to provide information to the Clinton presidential campaign team. In the meantime big time liars Brenan CIA, under Obama and Susan Rice and McCabe all under Obama are now on TV claiming this to be a RNC ruse.

This is the first time in American history in which, the national police force—the FBI and the judiciary Department of Justice were actively used by an in-office political party and president, Obama with the DNC, to plant evidence and to spy on an opposing party, Trump, and to alter the outcome of an election and then to impeach a duly elected president if they can obtain a mid term majority. It all makes Watergate look like a Girls Scout picnic. It also makes America look like a banana republic.



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