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I would like just one of the many elected legislators that we send to Washington to explain these things to me.


  1. Lying to congress is a violation of federal statutes (18 U.S. §1001) 5-years in prison, $10,000 fine, and if involving terrorism 8-years, why no prosecutions?
  2. Any bureaucrat that testifies before any congressional committee and refuses to respond to questions, is evasive, or lies (U.S. code section 1621 and 1001 of Title 18) Why no prosecutions?
  3. Why in the last 10-years have only six charges been filed and none against the FBI, Department of Justice, IRS, State Department or The Clinton Foundation when ample evidence of committed crimes is known by everyone? 
  4. Why is it that when Lois Lerner made a long claim of innocence and then in violation of statute invoked the 5th amendment was she allowed to leave the congressional inquiry without being arrested?
  5. Why when Brennan and Comey and Rice all lied and everyone knows that they lied were none of them arrested.
  6. Why when Comey not only lied but also made himself police officer, Judge and Jury in the Clinton E-mail matter was he not charged with the crime he committed?
  7. Why has Hillary Clinton not been charged with graft, theft of government property, lying under oath, destruction of subpoenaed evidence, violations of the National Security laws and treason, when everyone in America knows she did those things?


These are questions that 80% of American citizens would like an answer to. This is not a partisan issue it is an issue of equal application in law to the people as well as the elite. America is now a SELECTIV ENFORCEMENT nation just like South American banana republics.


A revolution is coming and I would not want to be in the shoes of any politician!


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