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Obama and his Minions


I think that anyone with smarts has by this time figured out that Obama has a plan, which violates precedence, and is disruptive to America. At the outset we must all accept two things; firstly that there is a plan and secondly that it is meant to consummate in the impeachment of Donald Trump. Anyone not accepting that must have missed statements made by Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Maxine Waters. The fact of the matter is that Obama has recruited many members of his administration as co-conspirators for his, “Shadow Government” which sits at the center of this storm. Participants may be assumed to be; James Comey, James Clapper, Robert Muller, John Brenan, Hillary Clinton, Rod Rosenstein and a large percentage of the Democrat progressive movement. Those employed by the IRS remain silent for fear of prosecution in the many various crimes they committed and allowed to take place during the Obama administration.

The mainstream reports on this by quoting Obama before his departure from the white House (CNN) Concentric News Network “he said when asked by one of his guests whether he would return to Chicago, where he lived before becoming president or Hawaii, where he was born” Loaded question, no factual evidence of his birth has ever been released the presented document was a computer generated live birth certificate not verified, the live birth certificate only requires two witnesses of birth which were his maternal grandparents and Frank Marshall Davis, and also missing are, Selective Service registration, Social Security number that was a bogus CT issuance, the hospital in which he claims he was born listed under the wrong name, why he attended Occidental college as a foreign student listed as Barry Soetoro with a Fulbright foreign student scholarship, (Occidental transcripts) and of course we know less about our 44th president then any other elected officer of our entire federal government. So much of Obama’s past history remains secret that some think he worked for the CIA in Peshawar during the Russian/Afghan war. You remember the time it was claimed he went to Columbia in NYC where not one member of staff or student body had ever met him.

Obama was educated in a Madrassa in Indonesia from 1965 to 1971 for six years, that’s why he kept making basic mistakes regarding America: “I have been to all 57 states” [There are 50 states] “more black men languish prison than attend college and university” [wrong reverse by 400%] “90% of the budget deficit is due to G.W. Bush” [1/2 was due the the recession and ½ was due to Obama] “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it” [Wrong 90%+ were forced to change] “The Islamic State in a JV team” [So how come he could do nothing about it?] “The Republicans have filibustered 500 bills of legislation” [slight over-statement it was 50 bills] I don’t want to beat a dead horse we could keep this going for 10 pages. Just one more thing the progressives in 2018 have 640 bills bottled up.

In order to accomplish his goal of destroying the Trump presidency Obama took up residence just 2 miles from the White House in a newly walled mansion with more bodyguards and security apparatus than the White House. He also moved in his Iranian widowed friend, Valerie Jarrett, the architect of his plans and the woman thought to have been the author of the Iran nuclear deal to his new residence.  Never before for over 200-years of American history has a president stayed in Washington.

The Obama shadow government then established the Obama Foundation a Chicago based 501 (c) (3) tax exempt, and Organizing for Action, which is a 501 (c) (4) community-organizing project. OfA in fact is not only organized to undermine president Trump, it has a secondary purpose of undermining America, or the continuation of what Obama did for his 8-years in office.  Grossly exaggerated claims of having 30,000 volunteers in OfA seem to have come from the organization itself. Then we have the entire fake Russia Trump collusion—collusion is not a crime, and it never happened. Combined with the Obama appointed radically left judges that the brain dead Republicans approved, we have the perfect political storm. This is intended to be a revolution against a duly elected president and the people who voted for him. Obama said, “Organizing is the building block of everything great we have accomplished. Organizers around the country are fighting for change in their communities, and FfA is one of the group’s front lines. Committed to this work for 2017 and beyond”

This then poses the question, what is the “committed work” supposed to accomplish? When we look at the Obama presidency we can rapidly gleam the intentions. The trail of tears to quote a sad American event of passed history, allows us to view the legacy of this loser. The Affordable Care Act more commonly known as Obamacare, contrary to Obama’s lies, produced an attempted single payer healthcare system that would have consumed 14.7% of the nations economy. It did not as promised lower healthcare cost by $ 2500 it universally increased them by 34%, it did not allow keeping your doctor or insurance carrier and it resulted in massive unemployment and the IRS increase of 14,000 more bureaucrats to administer the mess. Obama’s environmental and regulatory overreach drove the economy downhill for 8-years. His totally misdirected obstruction of pipelines resulted in multiple serious rail-spills. His continuous obstruction of refining, pipe lines, petrochemical production forced America to increase energy imports that have now been proven were unnecessary. The relentless “American Apologizes” international tours left enemies emboldened and friends discouraged. His line in the sand in Syria was an international embarrassment. The Hillary enacted “Arab Spring” which virtually brought the entire Middle East to conflict and resulted in anti-American political leadership in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen, will not be resolved for many years. Employment during his presidency produced the lowest job participation rate in 25-years. Displaying his total ignorance he gave British Prime minister, Gordon Brown, a collection of 25-CD’s of modern American noise music. Who could possibly forget Benghazi and the first murder of an appointed US ambassador in 30-years, with absolutely no response. How about the IRS event of, Lois Lerner and John Koskinen both lying to congress? Does anyone even remember “Fast & Furious” Eric Holder and Barack’s attempt to destroy the 2nd amendment by forcing FFL licensed gun dealers to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels? Obama authorized the 17-deep state agencies 850,000 employees to share all information on you, guaranteeing thereby the end of national security. (“Boundless Information”) How about the Iran nuclear deal, (JCPOA) and the return of $ 120-billion to Iran. Do you remember the $400-million to release four American hostages? How about, “in the past few months we have traveled all over this country, I have now been to over 57 states” In April 2009 in Australia Obama said, “I don’t know what the term is in Australian” not only did he not know that English is the spoken language of Australia, he mixed it up with Austria, just missed by 10,000miles. What can you expect from a man who spent his formative childhood in Indonesia in a Madrassa studying the Koran.

Just now pay attention; imagine what the Lamestream presstitutes would do if Donald Trump did not know how many states America has, that Australians speak English, and that Australia and Austria are separated by 10,000 miles of water. Or paid a foreign government $100 million each for four hostages, or provided Mexican drug cartels over 2,000 semi-automatic guns.

Obama will go down in history as the most inept, stupid, man ever elected to public office in this nation.


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