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Rod Rosenstein Esq. is the United States Deputy Attorney General. His wife is a shyster who woks under her maiden name to protect her husband from possible collusion. This is very common in Washington. She works under the name of Lisa H. Barsoomian Esq. Why? OK I shall reveal all: Lisa was the protégé of the fired FBI director James Comey and the previous FBI director Robert Muller who hired Comey. Barsoomian and her law associate R. Craig Lawrence represented Bill Clinton in 1998. From 1998 to 2017 Lawrence represented Robert Muller 3-times, Comey 5-times, Obama-45 times, Sebelius-56 times, Bill Clinton-40 times, Hillary Clinton 17-times. This is the quintessential progressive Democrat “save your progressive ass legal team”.  So why should you care? Maybe not, but someone cares enough to have all legal court dockets, on these cases expunged from the Washington DC District Court of Appeals. Say, what’s Lisa’s legal specialty? Representing government deep state agencies against revealing legal FOA requests by citizens. So, what’s her E-mail address? LisaBarsoomian at NIH  say-what?—National Institute of Health (most commonly used as a cover) why is she using an e-mail address of a federal agency? Who allowed this? Just another dumb question by a taxpayer.

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