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We live in a very volatile financial environment. Politically we now have the “NO to anything” Party, the Progressives, and the “We will squabble among ourselves to ensure we lose the mid term elections and get nothing done” Party. Is it any wonder that the only things getting done are issues on which Trump can act unilaterally. Congress has attained the remarkable Gallup poll approval rating of 13% in February of 2018. While our president whether you like him or not is doing his best possible, congress acts as an anchor to any and all proposals. Just look at the DACA issue; The Dems under Obama proposed 850,000 be given a path to citizenship, Trump increased that to 1.5 million but the Dems (NO Party) want this matter for the mid term election debate and are holding all DACA immigrants as hostages.

The progressive strategy is simple to understand. Progressives have figured out that most immigrants legal or illegal or refugees will vote Democrat. Why do you think they are blocking voter ID laws everywhere, it has nothing to do with race it has to do with how and by what plurality those people will vote. Why do you think that they are changing demographics and allowing over 3-million (2016 Texas election) non-citizens vote. Why are they gerrymandering congressional districts? The key example is Maxine Waters CA 34th district which has only 540,000 Citizen residents and over 40% of whose population according to the LA Times works for cash and pays no taxes but by a margin of over 25% vote for Maxine. Why do you think they imported 1.4 million Cubans and in 2018, 750,000 Puerto Ricans into Florida. Additionally millions of voting non-citizens Mexicans into California, Texas and New Mexico perminently changing those demographics. Recent exposures indicate that millions of non-citizens voted in the 2012 as well as 2016 elections. According to VoteStand over 3-million non-citizens cast ballots in the Texas 2016 election as reported in the Dallas Morning News. Not long ago in 2000 the democrats ranted and raved about the Bush-Gore disaster shouting “one man one vote”! This has now changed to one resident one vote and you may not verify residency or citizenship. Looking a Maxine Waters CA congressional district and using it as a model one might come to the conclusion that we have more undocumented voters than citizens.

So, we have a political nightmare with virtually no prospect for any sort of solution. That brings us to another issue our banking or might I say Goniff Banking operations. For the time from, 1913 to present the only certainty in American banking has been the periodic depressions caused by FRS interest manipulations and the ever-expanding bank consolidations. In the last 20 years we have lost over 2,500 banks that have by government forcibly been purchased by one of our large international conglomerates, often with an indirect infusion of taxpayers assets, all of which are part owned by the Rothschild banking consortiums of Europe. A mere 7-banking monoliths U.S. Bankcorp, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citygroup, Wels Fargo, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan Chase now control Americans banking. I won’t bother to tell you what group controls every one of them. These banks jointly control over 56% of our economy. 

In media things are much worse. Six companies GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS control 90% of the airways produced information and news. Put another way 232 executives in the media business control all the information you get from TV and radio. I won’t bother to tell you what tribe they belong to either. To place that in perspective in 1950 America had 3,215 newspapers today we have 1,387 but independent newspapers are only 287 the rest are syndicated. In other words the news you get is most likely BS and comes from one of four places NYC, DC, LA or Chicago. I don’t know if you have done this but it is astounding. Listen to the evening news on one channel and record it on another makes no difference which channels. You will hear the same sentences, same issues, and same words, often in the same sequences. If that does not enlighten you that all news is produced in the same place you are beyond help.

The Internet, which was our most open venue’, has been coopted by Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and all the social networks which are now selectively censoring virtually anything and anyone with which the likes of Zuckerberg disagrees. This has reached the point where PayPal, zellepay, Skill, Intuit, ProPay and others are blocking money transfers. They are even censoring newspapers and radio shows. How long do you think that a nation can survive without information—living on only propaganda from one single tribe of citizens?

To recap, elections are fixed, banking is controlled, the media is controlled, the future of the nation lies in balance and if things are not radically changed within the next five years then America is doomed. It has in fact been estimated that by 2030 Caucasians will be a minority in America and the same holds true for Europe. Western civilization is doomed by its own stupidity and the ability to halt this avalanche is highly unlikely. People like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Bill de Blasio, Michael Bloomberg, will see to the collapse of the nation our forefathers gave us. This then brings us to the question of how are you, your children and grandchildren going to prepare to overcome this hurdle. I’m not optimistic because the open options are going to be inherited by millennials, or as I prefer to call them the brain dead generation and is far beyond their ability to rectify.

There are some things you can do to insulate yourself and your family from the coming debacle. Make sure you have some guns and ammo; if nothing else they will be a great barter item. If you have any municipal bonds dump them now! Municipals are toxic because almost all American municipalities have outstanding pension debt far beyond their ability to manage. The following cities are already declared bankruptcy, Detroit, Stockton CA, Jefferson county AL, Oakland CA, Atlantic city, Cleveland, Providence, Richmond CA, Hot Springs CA, Mammoth Lake CA, San Bernadine CA, Stockton CA, Vallejo CA and Hillview KY all controlled by Democrats for the last two decades.  CA by the way is the state controlled by the DNC for the last 24 years and the state is kaput. People are departing California at such high rates that U-Haul rentals departing CA costs ten-times what they charge for one coming into the state.  Place stop orders on any held stocks or bonds 10% below present valuation. Reduce debt to the best of your ability. Have 6% of your asset base in gold and 10% in silver. The worst are credit cards where interest rates go as high as 23%--you figure it out—23% per month for 12 months on $1,000 is $276.00. Lock up your credit card until it’s paid off and then only use it if you can clear the balance at the end of the month. If you can’t do that cut your credit card up into little pieces. Try to reduce your mortgage (if you hold one) as much as possible by making principle payments above your mortgage payments. Actual 30-year mortgage costs are about 212% of the provided mortgage funds, no bank will tell you that truth. If possible avoid car loans the interest paid is much more than you think or the bank claims. If you plan to buy anything save up until you can pay cash and then negotiate a better deal than what the merchant advertises. To do that you must deal with independents and with the owner or manager—no one less. Remember cash is king—anytime you pull a wad of large bills out of your pocket you can negotiate a better deal than advertised.

Just how bad are things in America? I went to the pharmacy today to pick up a prescription for a recent Legg injury. I asked, “Will this fix my problem”? The white woman replied, “No Youre a White man!” Our population is either brainwashed or brain-dead; possibly both!


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