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Tick, tick, tick


by Don Wassall, Editor of The Nationalist Times newspaper



The Permanent Cultural Communist Revolution continues to pick up steam, and looking back the changes that have been wrought just in the past quarter-century are immense.

A great example is California.  In 1994, enough of the old California, the “Golden State” so admired by so many, was still in place that immigration realists collected over one million signatures to place Proposition 187 on the state ballot that year. 

Prop. 187 would have established a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibited illegal aliens from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in California. Perfectly reasonable and sensible, and indeed Prop. 187 passed in 1994, by a decisive vote of 59 percent to 41 percent.  Passed that is, until almost the following day an unelected judicial tyrant named Mariana Pfaelzer decided it was unconstitutional.

A million painstakingly gathered signatures were wiped out by the stroke of a pen.  It’s hardly a surprise that the groups who had collected that monumental number of signatures were sufficiently demoralized to never try again, and what’s happened to California in the intervening 24 years is a national tragedy of epic proportions.  The most populated state in the country by far, one with beautiful beaches, scenery and weather, is now a non-White, leftist stronghold that guarantees the Democrat presidential candidate a huge advantage in the Electoral College right from the get-go.

It’s difficult to imagine any pro-American or pro-White cause generating enough activism to gather a million signatures these days, or anything remotely close to a million signatures. 

“Californication” has not only ruined California, but it continues to spread to almost every nook and cranny across the Disunited States.  And it’s not just the committed anti-White communists behind it; there’s a segment of the White population that’s also directly responsible for turning the U.S. into more and more resembling, as Donald Trump now famously said of Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa, a s***hole. 

The left, led by the real (((power))), has brainwashed and indoctrinated by guilt and self-hatred countless Whites, including conservative and religious ones, through their ceaseless work in the media, academia, and the entertainment industry, including through commercials in which it’s impossible for White people to do anything, anywhere without the help/assistance/presence/friendship of black people.  And of course Whites are now being phased out of commercials altogether by the corporate arm of the corporate-communist alliance that is powering The Great Replacement.  A space alien watching Amerikan commercials would reasonably think that blacks are a master race comprising at least 60 percent of the U.S. population.

At this point, Trump’s election has merely delayed the inevitable a little longer.  A lot of aware Americans are angry and fed up, but continue to do nothing, waiting for some imagined “spark” that will finally set off the White backlash that’s been predicted for 50 years but has never come close to occurring.

Whether Trump truly wants to “drain the swamp,” or whether he’s a uniquely talented and appealing charlatan, there’s little he can do beyond “tweeting” and occasionally “triggering” the snowflakes and the deep state with “heretical” statements.  Beyond that it’s up to guess who – the same folks who sit back and wait, year after year decade after decade, for the “spark” that’s never going to come, precisely because the people who should be engaged in painstaking, laborious, mostly unrewarding grassroots work of the kind that put Prop 187 on the ballot, aren’t.

The left never gave up despite many setbacks along the way.  Whites either don’t try, ease up after a momentary win, or give up after a momentary defeat.  Things are now so far along the path toward corporate-communist tyranny that fewer and fewer patriots will stick their necks out publicly.  Yet enough are aware, enough care deeply, that a strong movement can develop if the few remaining patriotic organizations are helped enough financially.

Whatever Donald Trump is or isn’t, he’s raised the stakes.  Either Nationalists engage now, or there can be no complaints, no finger pointing, if a radical Democrat wins the 2020 presidential election and the revolutionaries celebrate with an orgy of hate directed at the “deplorables” who failed to act while they still had time.


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