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Las Vegas BS or more confusion


The Las Vegas MGM Mandalay Bay shooting is taking on all the signs of a false flag operation. News on it has dried up, not a word from any of the Lamestream in weeks. As far as I can determine there are so many false reports of this incident that it is really difficult to keep up with reported events.

  1.  The room from where the shooter Stephen Paddock supposedly committed the atrocity shows no burn marks on the carpets, and pictures that I saw showed no shell casings. This brings on the first question, how do you fire over 600 rounds and produce no shell casings?
  2. One of the pictures of the room shows a 22-caliber semi automatic rifle with a 30+round magazine. I hope no one is going to tell us that the shooter used a 22-caliber rifle to kill people at up to 350 yards because not even my granddaughter would believe that.
  3. It seems that the FBI had rented numerous rooms at the same hotel in the previous week.
  4. According to police reports they found a cell phone charger in the room. The problem being it is a cp502520 3.0V 600mAh Li-MnO2 thin cell charger that is only used by CIA and Special Forces for military communications devices. Worse the inventor John Beilman had his home searched under a secret FISA warrant and later wheeled his wheel chair bound daughter into his backyard and executed her and then committed suicide.
  5.  The Hotel in question has one of the most sophisticated security systems available, every door, hallway, elevator, is monitored. Not one video of Paddock has been released, not even a picture.
  6. While the Caliphate claimed that Paddock was working for them no confirmation has been forthcoming. However there was a note on yellow paper that was seen on early videos of the room, which has mysteriously diapered.
  7. Denis Contreras was a witness who claimed that there were multiple shooters. Denis and his Wife Lorraine both died after their Mercers Benz smashed into a metal gate on the street where they lived and burst into flames. Their youngest daughter said she head the crash from her bedroom and rushed out to see their family car in flames.
  8. Another witness who claimed multiple shooters Kimberly Suchomel seems to have gone off the radar.
  9. I have personally seen video of the Hotel façade’ and seen muzzle flashes from about the 32nd floor as well as between the 3rd and 5th floors in two locations.
  10. Police as well as hotel timelines have been changed no less than four times. Considering that all the video recordings show exact times on the frames how is that even possible?
  11. It seems according to published information that Paddock brought scores of suitcases full of ammo and guns into the hotel to his 32nd floor room using a freight elevator. How was this done, hotel security would have seen it on their monitors, it is a violation of hotel policy for guests to use freight elevators. No one was interested in over 20 suitcases brought to a single room?
  12. There are reports from various sources that two helicopters were behind the hotel and people saw muzzle flashes from the helicopters.  (Could have been fight lights)
  13. I understand that the horiffic event must have been extremeny confusing for the victims, however I have heard over a dozen people who were in attendance at the concert that there were numerous shooters from different locations.
  14. All cell phones of victims have mysteriously disappeared and any found had video and pictures removed.
  15. Casino employees have been threated by the FBI that if they speak with anyone about the incident they will be arrested for obstruction of an FBI investigation. 
  16. A taxi driver’s cell video clearly shows multiple shooters.  
  17. Many victims show horizontally produced gun shot wounds inconsistent with shots from a 32nd floor window, which would produce down angle penetrations wounds.
  18. Numerous witnesses have reported shots from many different angles and locations.
  19. Laura Loomed and many populist and nationalist journalists were blocked from attending police news conferences.
  20. Police have hidden Jesus Campos the hotel security guard who was first on the scene after their timeline conflicted with his statements.

No rational person could possibly consider all these conflicting matters as normal. In fact there have been numerous similar events in the last two years all of them seem to have an agenda that after every event is publicized by the Lamestream. This is immediately after the event articulated by the progressive left as: “We need to outlaw guns!” In view of the fact, that police in every case took from 10 to 15 minutes to respond to a call for help, the only solution is for more armed citizens that can instantly respond. Since many here and in Europe used trucks to run over pedestrian and bikers should we now outlaw trucks? The total elimination of gun free zones, in which many of these events took place, would be another rational act. Call me a conspiracy theorist but in my opinion all mass shootings of the last two years have police, federal agents and government involvement. I say this because none of us have any rational understanding of what took place in any of these events, because authorities have either not reported them or produced false and misleading information, Sandy Hook is a prime example. This brings us to a consideration about the perpetrators. Having met many psychiatrists I know what insanity is! I don’t care how crazy you are; murdering multiple children, women, and people is not an insane act. Someone has rewired the brain of these people. Even crazy people have some degree of humanity, the wanton mass killings of individuals unknown to the assailant is not only irrational it is impossible unless related to religious fundamental idiocracy. The fact that not in any of these events has any police agency articulated any reason for the perpetrator to have committed the crime is very apparent. The possible purposeful hiding of “Islamic Terrorism” is another possibility in order to absolve federal law enforcement agencies from blame. I say this because in numerous instances even when the perpetrators announce he was acting on behalf of the Caliphate, authorities attempted to block or disregard the matter. (Workplace violence under Obama) Conveniently in almost all cases the perpetrator was killed, committed suicide, or was shot by a third party. Witness testimony has in every case been suppressed. I know for a fact that from the event in CT onward every mass shooting has more anomalies that remain to this day unexplained than can be rationally articulated in a short article. Another really unconsidered fact is that in every case the killer was not really familiar with guns, had no training is weapons, but was able to effectively kill many, I don’t believe that scenario, I have shot over my entire life and do not accept that someone unfamiliar and untrained in guns can kill so many people in such a short timespan. Not only had someone to rewire his brain but they also had to school him in weapons use.


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