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Korea Policy


Dr. A. H. Krieg

American policy on North Korea is about as useless at the policy relating to Iran. While the diving force for both policies is different, the implementation of it from behind the OZ curtain is by the same people. American policy for the Middle East is made in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and the same people make policy on North Korea in the boardrooms of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us of in his departing speech.

The hope by Trump forces of a lasting peace with North Korea are unrealistic especially in view of the actions by the North Korean leader and the acquiescence of South Korea to confront a serious problem. It is our opinion that the UN as well as American actions to embargo trade and to block people who trade with North Korea from doing business with America, will as the embargos of the last few years ultimately fail. This is based on the fact that North Korea is a two-tier society of those in power and those who have no power. Embargos generally effect the overall population but not the leadership thus they are ineffective. To hope for an uprising in N. Korea is delusional; this it the most oppressive government in this century in the entire world, Robert Mugabe is envious!  

Let us clearly understand that the last nuclear test in North Korea was a hydrogen bomb approximately 10 times the size of what we dropped on Hiroshima Japan in 1945, or about 150 kilotons. The reason for the test was obvious, the Kim dynasty is a brutal dictatorship wherein the population has no say, there is the dictator and his over one million military, neither one of them suffers the slightest bit if all outside trade is stopped, they are in full control of all the levers of governance. These facts which are well known makes a military confrontation with nuclear weapons highly unlikely, that however is not the case for a conventional war, after all the last one ended in a stalemate. N. Korean leadership is not so foolish as to think they could win a nuclear war with the United States. America’s basic concept is that the THAAD anti-missile defense systems and the naval Aegis systems would shoot down any incoming North Korean missiles to US or allied territories. (S. Korean and American mutual defense treaty of Oct. 1953) I have no idea how effective these missile defiance systems are none have ever been tested in military warfare history. In any event I would not want to bet that they would be 100% effective. Certainly in any such confrontation we could write off over 10 million inhabitants of Soul S. Korea, whose region has a poluation of 25.6 millions. 

Diplomatic solutions to the problem are difficult because North Korea is a client state of the PRC who have talked a good game, but talk has not been turned into actions of any measurable degree. Russia as well as China continues to supply North Korea with whatever technology they want. With recent South Korean military maneuvers combined with the United States and the continuation of CBM and ICBM missiles by North Korea the situation is dismal. Any war on the Korean peninsula would most likely involve most of S.E. Asia specifically Japan, China, Taiwan and the United States and eventually most regional powers. To what degree US allies would enter the conflict only time will tell. The European concept of everyone stepping back from further provocations blights a total misunderstanding of North Korea’s regime.

The basic concept in any dictatorship is to maintain support of the population, the only way Kim can do that is to provide a series of bogymen to frighten his population to an even greater extent than they fear him. This historically is how dictatorships remain in power. Since the regime controls all levels of media this is not operationally difficult. I do not believe that there is a likelihood of a reduction of hostility without severe economic pressure by China as well as Russia. At the end of the Korean War, which was as WWI, an armistice, the parties involved, South Korea, North Korea, China, and the United States (UN) agreed (US Gen. William K. Harrison (UN) and N. Korean Gen. Nam II N. Korea) that no outside support for further weapons systems would be sent to either of the hostile parties. Obviously everyone on the N. Korean side has violated that armistice ever since 1953. Even territorial provisions of the armistice have been violated by North Korea on a continuing basis.

The claim by Europeans that the United States violated the armistice agreement by brings THAAD and Aegis missile defense systems onto the Korean peninsula is a ruse, the only reason that these defensive systems were brought to Korea was because North Korea began nuclear tests and then CBM and ICBM tests shooting missiles over Japan. This was a reaction to outside stimulus, which N. Korean systems could not have been built without Chinese and Russian help. The first violators of the armistice were China and Russia in providing the technology that allowed N. Korea to build up their offensive threatening missile and nuclear technology. In 1991 Bush removed American nuclear weapons from the South Korean peninsula (8” (210mm Howitzers and various missile systems) and a nuclear non-proliferation agreement of the peninsula was agreed to. Obvious to everyone except the Europeans it was the N. Koreans who violated that agreement on October 9, 2006 with their first successful nuclear explosion.

Beginning in 2006 ever more stringent sanctions were brought to N. Korea by the United States as well as the UN. None of it did any good because without Chinese help and economic enforcement power all actions by the US and its allies were made moot. Under these circumstances there are only a very small number of options open to the West. Only with Chinese and Russian help is there any posibility of a reduction of hostilities. Incidentally the same is true of the Middle East conflict in Syria. But with idiots like John McCain (R.AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R.NC) who are so deep in Israel’s pocket no solution of that conflict is likely either. Again, it is Russia we need to engage as an ally in the Syrian conflict, if we really want peace. We should not fail to remember that the two nations who are not signatories to the nuclear non-proliferation Treaty are N. Korea and Israel. And that Iran is not only signatory to the treaty but the UN has certified that they are not producing any nuclear weapons. I remember both Senators, John McCain as well as Lindsey Graham both pontificating that Iran would have nuclear weapons in three-months, they did this at least ten times over several years.

Because American foreign policy is made in Israel and because Israeli policy is for Israel not for America no solution is in sight. When a large Group of dual national Ashkeanzim in Washington and Tel Aviv produces the primary input for our American foreign policy it is a small wonder that nothing ever develops in our favor. The driving force behind our foreign policy is Eretz Yisrael and the Oded Yinon Plan, which is for the systematic desalinization of all Arab nations by Israeli foreign policy in the entire Middle East: this same policy has now been applied to America, from within.

Like Syria, America is gradually being suffocated, only Syria has two allies, Russia and Iran, we have no allies. The time has come for a Christian American foreign policy devoid of zionist and Israeli Mossad interference. For those who mistakenly think we have allies in Europe—forget it! The only remaining Christian nation in the world is Russia. Europe is agnostic and atheist with the exception of very rural regions it is near impossible to find a church in Europe with more than 10 practitioners on a Sunday morning. Rome may be an exception but with a truly socialist if not communist Pope the Roman church counts for little. Only Heaven knows the degree to which the Roman Catholic Church has been subject antidisestablishmentarianism.

What should our policy be regarding N. Korea? In view of the fact that everything we have tried so far failed, we are able to eliminate most options. Our biggest problem is one of steadfast policy, Obama so destroyed our national credibility that no one believes us, or our leaders pronouncements. The Obama doctrine of lead from behind resulted in the loss of our allies and the hatred of our enemies. China, I think is the key to the problem, that’s hardly an eye-opener. We must speak directly with the Chinese leadership and offer them a deal they cannot refuse because it would be in their own interest to accept. Such a deal must involve trade with America and Europe, which are Chinas largest customers. Europe is dependent on Russian energy and could certainly engage Russian leadership to to follow China’s example. If and only if, China and Russia are induced to change minds in N. Korea will this problem be resolved.


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