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Utopia Achieved


Utopia Achieved

 By Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                          The evil of a classical education


After the Chaos of Workers.org achieved victory over Pax Americana things changed

Cultural Marxism (PC) now rules


This was after the boat piloted by Charon departed for Hades with the Aryan leadership

no coin in the mouth!


Charon navigated with a Chaos-Compass from the N.W.O.


The so-called minorities and their Ziocon allies replaced the Aryans


Now Ashkeanzim rule from behind the OZ curtain


Sorrow was my expectancy, revulsion my obsession, loss my anticipation


What of my offspring, Ashkeanzim now employs them?


What of my grandchildren, what will become of them?


Where are our 300, where is our Marathon, who will finally defeat the Ashkenazi?


We don’t even have a Darius; or Karl, no Napoleon in sight


It has always been about freedom, nothing else


Our antecedent forefathers gave us a Republic


Our new pseudo-intellectual Ashkeanzim academics stole it away


They gave us what always fails; a democracy


They achieved utopia as an Ashkenazi paradise!


Caucasians who built everything are vilified as suppressors 


Wogs, Blacks, Mesitos and other minorities think they now rule the day


In 5,000 years these minorities produced little of value, for this age, why now?


Sports figures aught to have the courtesy to at least pretend to honor the nation that allows them to become millionaires


We all know who is really in charge?    

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