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Why I think they are all wrong


Dr. A. H. Krieg

I am no soothsayer but I have accurately, in my books predicted much of what came to pass in the last 20 years. The economic predictors are almost in unison, when they now tell us that the accumulated debt of Western governments that today is at the ridiculous level of $275 trillion will end an age. The consensus seems to be that since this debt cannot be replayed, due to its enormity, that our governments and economies will simply collapse and the people will then be forced to pay for their politician’s ineptitude and Banksters greed.

I believe that the people won’t put up with that and will in unison rebel. Iceland comes to mind. Rather than the collapse of the economy I think we will see a revolt against the Banksters who encouraged the politicians to borrow endlessly.

The entire banking and usury loan systems must be done away with. This is why the Banksters spearhead massive opposition to “Islamic Sharia Law”. The two simple reasons are that most Banksters are Ashkenazim and the usury process in which they participate is not allowed in Christianity, Islam or Judaism. Sharia law strictly prohibits interest on loans, compound interest, and the separation of principle and interest in loans or mortgage repayments as does Christianity and Judaism. The problem is that Jews no longer use the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) as their law because they changed to the Talmud that allows usury against all non-Jews.

The fact being that the entire American national debt that now exceeds $20 trillion is a fictitious house of cards. Almost all of the National Debt of America is in fact interest on outstanding loans, not the loan principal originally provided by the banksters. So that you understand, a mortgage for $ 100,000 30-years, at 3.92% interest, results in a total debt of $ 170,231.00. However Banksters separate interest and principal, making 80% of the outstanding loan repayable as interest in the first 15 years. They do this because statistically most mortgages revert to the banks by the 15th year. Including taxes and home insurance. Required by law the $100,000 loan will cost $244,463.30. (FL) If the loan is paid-off in 15-year the mortgagee still owes the bank $ 136,184.30 this in fact means that the entire 3.92% interest on the mortgage is a total lie. This same formula is applicable to the National Debt, however the national debt is so structured that it continuously increases, thus creating a money-machine for the banksters, which are now the richest social group in America.

Instead of repaying the bankster, by the way the last president to accomplish this was Andrew Jackson, we should simply arrest all the Banksters for fraud. Eliminate the outstanding debt and issue new currency whose value is supported by all National mortgages now repayable at a fixed single fee re-payment system as they do in all Islamic nations. This is what Hjalmar Schacht did in 1937 Germany as the Nazi fiancé minister. Unfortunately it resulted in the Rothschild’s international war against Germany, the HQ of the diaspora was at the time London, so with just a little logic you can figure out why England and France (London and Paris were the largest Rothschild banks) declared war on Germany, and not Russia who invaded Poland at the same time. WWII had about as much to do with persecution of Jews and Poland as did the War of Northern Aggression with slavery.  

The expectation of all the pundits is that the American people will be forced to repay the outstanding totally phony debt; is in my estimation wrong. After all I predicted the collapse of 87 and the housing bubble in 07, I think that the American people will not stand for them and their offspring being enslaved to a bunch of greedy Jews for the entire foreseeable future. I absolutely do not believe in a cyclical stock market Kitchin Cycle, Kondratieff Cycle, or Juglar Cycle or any other of those witchcraft inventions of the economists.  Economic cycles of up and down are not predictable, because they like the weather are simply educated guesses; there are far too many influencing issues for accurate predictions. The only people who might have the ability to foresee future events are those who control the purse strings, and they are moot on the issue. I remember Martha Stewart, carted off to prison for simply doing what every Bankster and Politician in America does every day. If you know what government is about to do because you control the politicians who do it; then you can predict economic events for the future. Why do you think that all our senators are millionaires? Examples; John McCain POW to senator no other income net assets 2017 $21 million, Paul Ryan $1.186 million, Nancy Pelosi $ 29.35 millions, Maxine Waters $ 6 million, Darrell Issa $254 million, Enough said it pays to be in legislative office; and that’s why the swamp is not being drained.

There are outward appearances worldwide, confiscation of pension plan assets with conversion of those assets to state guaranteed bonds (worthless) Argentina. Taxation of bank deposits, (Spain, Switzerland-foreign-only) searching travelers for cash (France and America), theft of assets in banks of depositors with over €100,000 in assets (Cyprus). Meanwhile in Japan that has been spending like a drunken sailor (no insult intended) the national debt is now at 1,000, 000,000,000,000 Yen (Quadrillion) I did not even know such numbers were in the banking lexicon.

Let me put this in a different and simple to understand way; Japan’s total debt is 2.5 times their entire national economy, Americas national debt that has just gone over $20 trillion and is 1.5 times the national output of our total economy, which is about $14.3 Trillion. Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy are bankrupt. Meanwhile savings in America is nil, while individual debt is so high that the average American pays over $1,300 in credit card interest annually and corporate debt is over $30 trillion. The entire world, individuals, corporations and governments are on a spending binge and is borrowing mammon as fast as banks are able to print the worthless fiat paper. I know you thought the government prints the species, sorry the FRS is neither Federal, it is a private corporation incorporated in NY state in 1914, (NY Times report Sept. 23, 1914) nor is it a Reserve because it has no reserves, nor is it a system it is a corporation. Oh, those clever Banksters they have pulled the wool over our eyes for many decades.

But they lie to us; not only the Banksters, the media, the politicians, the economists, everybody lies. The actual total US debt when you count everything now as well as future promised to 2030 is now $120 trillion.

What I see on the horizon is anarchy, revolution, and if our millennials and the Antifa’s have any say in it, a socialized dictatorship.


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