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Action against SPLC


Statement made by Dr. Krieg relating to the coming A2Z action against SPLC:


We embark today in historic action against the greatest hate factory in this nation. We do this not only for ourselves, but also for all Americans, whose rights of free speech are daily violated and slandered by Southern Poverty Law Center. The claim that A2Z Publications LLC is a  ”Hate Group” is a lie and is patently false and defamatory. SPLC lists A2Z Publications under “other” as the first entry, as (46) Hate Groups in the United States in 2014, (12) in evidence provided by SPLC is a 12 column of individual letters, meaning absolutely nothing: Active Hate Groups in the United States 2015 (2016): which includes 892 fictitious listed active hate groups by SPLC. Not one evidentiary claim against A2Z Publications LLC is by SPLC made, or even substantiated.  Among this list are: Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazi, White separatist, Racist Skinheads, Black Separatist, Neo-Confederates, Christian Identity, Anti-LGBT (Q missing), anti-Immigrant, Holocaust denial, Racist music, Radical traditional Catholicism, Anti-Muslim and other. (Exhibit 1) In no instance does SPLC provide one smidgen of proof or evidence for their inflammatory claims against A2Z Publications LLC. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Internet list of organizations designated by SPLC as hate groups by SPLC.  Noticeable is the fact that no leftist, communist, socialist, Antifa or violent environmental, active groups are found on the list. This proves that SPLC is not interested in “Hate” but is perusing agenda of public persecution of individuals, corporations, magazines, Christian religious organizations, news papers and political parties with which SPLC disagrees. (Exhibit 2) The fact that there are over 200 Soros “Open Society Foundation” funded groups which violently clash with the political right, not even Black Lives Matter, not one of which is listed by SPLC is also noticeable. Discoverthenetworks.org [Organizations Funded by George Soros (Geörgy Schwartz) and his Open Society Foundation)

It has also come to our attention that SPLC labels numerous Christian and Roman Catholic organizations as hate groups. Included in this is Fidelity Press, a magazine and book-publishing company located in Indianapolis, D. James Kennedy Ministries located in Fort Lauderdale, among scores of over 51 Christian businesses, organizations, and foundations.  Even legitimate political parties are listed as hate groups. (A3P American Third Position that was listed in the 2008 presidential cycle and was by SPLC stated to be a hate group) (Exhibit 3) Not one Judaist organization of which there are 37 seems considered as a hate group, even though they are exclusionary of other races and religions; and have seen the ADL removed from their site at the FBI. (Jewish virtual library) It is factual to state that SPLC simply fabricates misinformation to meet their financial outcome goals. It is more than obvious that SPLC labels Christian organizations, which follow traditional Christian teachings as hate groups, they also obviously label authors and publishers that have opposing opinion to SPLC management and staff, as hate groups for the motive of obtaining funds for their coffers. This practice is willfully deceitful; causing financial and organizational injury to those listed by SPLC.

To clarify SPLC policy and actions we point to the letter sent to the media on September 6, 2017 by: L. Brent Bozell III, For; Media Research Center, Lt. Gen. (ret) William G. Boykin, For; Family Research Council, The honorable Edwin Meese III, For; The Heritage Foundation, Frank Gaffney, CEO & Pres. For; Center for Security Policy, Clare Lopez, VP Research For; Center fro Security Policy, Mat Staver, CEO Liberty Counsel, Brad Dacus, Pres. For; Pacific Justice Institute, Michael Farris,, Pres. CEO For; Alliance Defending Freedom, Frank Wright, Pres. & CEO For: D. James Kennedy Ministries, Scott Walter, Pres. For; Capital Research Center, David Bozell, Pres. For; For America, William J. Becker Jr., Pres. & CEO For; Freedom X Law, David Yerushalami & Robert Muise , Co- Directors For; American Freedom Law Center, Brigitte Gabriel, Pres. & CEO For ACT America, Garry Bower, Pres. For American Values, Robert Spencer, Director For; Jihad Watch, David Barton, Pres. For WallBuilders, Martin Mawyer, Pres. For; Christian Action Network, Tom Trento, Director, For; The United West, Dr. Michelle Cretella, Pres. For; American College of Pediatricians, Dr. Tom Benton, Fellow For; American College of Pediatricians, Sandy Rios, Director Government Affairs, American Family Association, Tom Wildmon, Pres. For; American Family Association, J. Christian Adams, Pres. For Public Interest Legal Foundation, Trace Bradford, Pres. Texas Eagle Forum, Andrea Lafferty, Pres. For; Traditional Values Coalition, Austin Ruse, Pres. C-FAM, Prof. Ryan Mauro, For; The Clarion Project, Dale Wilcox, Ex. Dir. & Gen. Council For; Immigration Reform Law Institute, Joe Farah, CEO WND.com, Arthur Goldberg & Elaine Silodor Beck, Co-Directors Jewish Institute for Global awareness, Ann Corcoran, Editor For; Refugee Resettlement Watch, Jenny Beth Martin, Pres. Tea Party Patriots, James Simpson, Journalist, Pamela Geller Editor; American Freedom Defense Initiative, Michael Cook, Editor, Mercatornet.com, Richard Viguerie, Chairman ConservaticeHQ.com, George Rasley, Managing Ed. Conservative HQ.com, Christopher Doyle Nat. Task Force for… Cathy Hinners, Founder For: Dailyrollcall.com, Jenifer Morse Pres. The Ruth Institute, Cathy Adams, VP For; Eagle Forum, Tom DeWeese Pres. American Policy Center, David Smith, Exec. Dir. Illinois Family Institute, Becky Gerritson, Pres. Wetumka Tea Parry, Brian Glicklich, CEO How Handy is that LLC. This is a list of 47 prominent Americans of every religious and racial persuasion, who in unison are “Deeply Troubled” by actions of the SPLC. (Exhibit 4)

While there are certainly hate groups within our country, A2Z Publications LLC is not one of them. We also note that a large percentage of listed groups are in fact individuals and that SPLC continuously inflates the number of hate groups in order to raise more money from unsuspecting do-gooders. To refer to SPLC as a legitimate fact based reporting organization is beyond the pale, ridiculous.  Today SPLC has become a politically and socially motivated vehicle of the Überleft acting as the attack machine for numerous leftists, communist, socialist, and anti-Christian people and organizations. It is morally, ethically and dishonest by act of personal opinion to slander others and organizations for the sole purpose of gaining financial profit, which is exactly what SPLC is all about.  In the words of Chuck Baldwin a columnist and pastor and Dr. Michael Brown “The SPLC is probably the most dangerous hate group in America!”

In anticipation of numerous law suites against SPLC they have in 2014 to 2015 transferred millions of donated dollars to them to the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda. (Washington Free Beacon Report) Nearly one million went into a pooled investment fund with Tiger Global Management LLC.  SPLC which is IRS listed non-profit (501 (c) (3) has a cash reserve of $ 328 million and collected $50 million in just 2015. In 2017 the actor George Clooney gave SPLC one million tax-deductible dollars. We are reasonably familiar with Tax-exempt foundations and are not aware of any others that have foreign bank accounts except the Clinton Foundation. The recent communist inspired (www.workers.org) attacks on Southern War of Northern Aggression monuments, was spurred by A SPLC listing of 1,500 War Memorials, that they listed as “Confederate Monuments” that should be torn down. (The Daily Caller) Factually this has taken place before, in Russia after the murder of the Czar in 1918 and in the Weimar Republic (1920 t0 1933) during the street fights between the Soviet financed German communists and the Nazis. In all three cases it was the communist/socialists who wanted the destruction of history passed.

A2Z Publications is an LLC; a corporation, which according to Black’s Law dictionary is “An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a nation state or composed, in some rare instances, of a single person and its successor…” Such an artificially created entity has no emotions, and can therefore not be a Hate Group. SPLC surreptitiously does not list the LLC (Limited Liability Company) after their listing of A2Z Publications LLC thereby creating the false image that A2Z is not a corporation. (A2Z is incorporated in Nevada and licensed in Florida)

We act with anger over lies and the firm conviction we [I] dispute the validity of the claim by SPLC that A2Z Publications LLC or Adrian Krieg are hate groups or hate individuals. We do not hate anyone. This label placed on us by SPLC is both false and defamatory. It is particularly disheartening in view of the fact of action occurring in late summer of 2017 in Berkley, California in which, communist Antifa’s (banners with www.workers.org) violently and without cause physically attacked a peaceful rally of conservatives and Antifa’s are not listed as a hate group by SPLC. It is now commonly accepted that large percentages the SPLC hate group map [s] are figments of their own imaginations based on no factual evidence whatsoever.  A2Z has been a corporation for over 10 years. A2Z has published over 20 books on engineering, manufacturing, 20th century history, economics, politics, current events, money, economics, even producing a dictionary and an autobiography. How any of these works or the over 20 US patents that Dr. Krieg has, qualify as hate, is simply beyond our understanding.

In February 2014 the FBI removed SPLC and ADL (anti-Defamation League) from the recourse pages of its civil rights division. E-mails dating back to march of 2014 obtained under the Freedom of Information Act requested by the Immigration Reform Law Institute from the FBI Civil Rights Unit Section chief stated “[my] removal decision was actually based on a number of concerns” a decision which he came to after he had “met with a verity of external and internal partners with the Civil Rights Unit”. In other words it was a decision reached after consultation with numerous sources of information. A major influencing issue was the Family Research Council complaint of February 2014 stating that the SPLC listing of FRC as a hate group was at least in part the reason for the terrorist attack by Floyd Corkins (the shooter) attack on FRC in August 2012.

In the 21st century SPLC has morphed into a leftist political attack machine sticking the “HATE” label on anyone with whom they disagree. It is despicable to group Christian Churches, ministries, political parties authors and publishers and even monasteries in with publically rebuked organizations.  Noteworthy is the fact that the direction of SPLC attacks is always to the fascist side of the argument and that the communist who produced the world’s greatest mass murderers, Stalin and Mao Zedong who Murderd over 200 million of their own populations never seems to come up.


We are providing some sources the reader may desire to access to verify our claims:


www.A2ZPublications.com: www.djkm.org : www.workers.org; http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/06/28morris-dees-splc-trmp-sputhern-povery-law-center-2153312 : www.discoverthenetworks.org  :


To contact Dr. Krieg go to: www.a2zPublications.com e-mail to adriankrieg@a2zpublications.com or write to: A2Z Publications LLC POB 192 Parrish, FL 34219 USA


Should you be interested in joining a class action suite against SPLC contact the Dr. Adrian H. Krieg POB 192 Parrish, FL 34219 or kriega@frii.com or 941-212-6714. Thank you!



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