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Overstocked Books for sale from our library


All prices are delivered via USPS media mail packing / postage included:

USA only shipments overseas & Canada add $22 per book.

OK we have nothing to do with international postage rates!


The Rothschild’s Gardens 2004

190pp $10
2 ea. Walls in your Mind( M.J. Beckman) 57pp $5
Fourteen signs announcing Christ’s return 44pp $5
The Six Pointed Star (O.J. Graham) 130pp $5
Prophesy Fulfillment 42pp $5
St. Paul (Michael Grant) 250pp $9
The End of Money (David Wolman) 219pp $12

Live and Crucifixion (Gordon Manes)

352pp $12

The Vinegar Anniversary Book (Emily Thacker)

164pp $8

The Bro. Bugler (Howie Carr)

341pp $12

Thomas Jefferson (children’s book) (C. I. Tideson)

234pp $12

Days of Hunger Days of Chaos (Texe Marrs)

235pp $10

Failed State (Norm Chomsky)

311pp $15

Ex America (Bruce Ramsey)

159pp $9
Spycips (K Albrecht & Liz McIntire) 278pp $12

Live well on less (Fred Brook)

176pp $10

Global Tyranny 2015 (A. H. Krieg)

60pp $5

Government Pirates (Don Grace)

271pp $10

Israel our duty our Dilemma (T.W. Pike)

346pp $10

The People vs. Obama Ben Shapiro)

292pp $12
The Protocols of Zion (V.E. Marson) 72pp $15

Murder City (C. Bowden)

325pp $12
2 ea. The two Faces of Islam (S. Schwarz) 312pp $10

The Silent Takeover (N. Hertz)

294pp $8

Rockefeller (Gary Allen) (rare)

195pp $10
The Order and Woodrow (Andrew Napolitano) 297pp $15
Where there is Light (P. Yogananda ) 209pp $8

Halliburton’s Army (Pratap Chatterjee)

284pp $10

Independents Day (Lou Dobbs)

237pp $10

Backlash (Deneen Borelli)

289pp $10
The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow (C. Cumbey) 268pp $10

What ..Know.. Whose Running The World

432pp $8

Neoconomy (Daniel Altman)

289pp $12

One Nation under Therapy (C. H. Sommers & co aut)

310pp $15

The Black Robed Cover-up (M.J. Beckman)

185pp $15

From Debt to Prosperity (J. C. Larkin)

111pp $5

To Harass our People (George Hanson) (Cong)

222pp $8

Escape from the Bunker (Harry Coope)

81pp $5

Ending White Slavery (Mathew Hale)

209pp $8

Blood ritual (Philip de Vier) (rare)

256pp $12

Deceived on Purpose (Warren smith)

211pp $10

The L.U.C.I.D. Project )Texe Marrs)

224pp $9

Cayenne Cures Booklet

74pp $5

They Own It All (Ronald McDonald)

221pp $10
Conspiracy World (Texe Marrs) 424pp $15

Operation Vampire Killer 2012 Anonymous (rare)

218pp $20

The Beasts off the Apocalypse (O. M. O’Grady)

470pp $20

Abingdon’s Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

1756pp $50

Bible King Kames Jesus in red both testaments


Bible King James 1611 Ed.


Send orders with cheque to:

Adrian Krieg

POB 192

Parrish. FL 34219









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