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Dr. A. H. Krieg

As Hurricane Harvey ambles out of Texas and Louisiana we have much to reflect on. While FOX news did an excellent job of covering the disaster that dumped up to 62.7 inches (159 cm) of rain in some places in Texas, MSNBS and CNN covered the “fake news” of Russia Hacking our election. The big report was that some aid of Donald Trump spoke with some aid of Putin 9-months before he was elected, which in the little minds of weirdo leftists constituted some breach of election laws. 

I can’t help but making a comparison between the Obama administration’s miss handling of events in New Orleans and the Trump administrations prompt and effective operations. But it was to be expected. Academics, professors, politicians and bureaucrats, that in the best of times could not manage a small five and dime store staffed the Obama administration, they screwed up the New Orleans hurricane effort to unimaginable failure. CNN then ran a story that Melania Trump wore high heel shoes to Houston; they forgot that Michelle never even showed up in New Orleans.

This then leaves us with considerations of public support for those unfortunate people on the Gulf coast. We sent $100 to the Salvation Army, the only honest charity we know, and Donald Trump sent a personal one million, considering wealth we both sent about the same percentage of our wealth. But the president and his wife displayed much effort and personal time, aside his monetary support; as did Vice President Pence and several cabinet officers, few showed up in New Orleans under Obama. Obama came to New Orleans a week after the hurricane, and gave nothing of any value. CNN complained that the one million given by Trump was not enough- I wonder how much individual CNN employees gave? At this same time Actor and fool George Clooney sent the racist SPLC one million dollars, so they could persecute more Christians. In fact I have not heard of anyone of the Hollywood left give charity out of their own pockets, concerts don’t count, contributing ticket sales is not charity. (Possibly some aid to Israel to displace more Palestinians) So, without a desire to shame the left, antifa movement, race-profiteers, academics and politicians I would really like to know exactly how much and to whom the following list of people donated to the crisis in Texas and Louisiana: Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama, Maxine Water, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein, Elijah Cummings, John Conyers, Barbara Boxer, Charlie Schumer, the Clinton’s, and the Clinton Foundation, considering that all of them have assets of well over one million we would expect at least $100,000. Just kidding these people have a socialist Fabian mind set, they are all for charity, as long as its your money.

Meanwhile in Texas, citizens are helping one another, the National Guard has over 20,000 helping in the effort and the Army has over 40,000 RA troops deployed. Over 50,000 people are in shelters. The people are obviously not as divided as the Lamestream wants you to think they are. This is in all probability the worst weather event of recorded in American history. Over 50-Texas counties have been declared for federal disaster aid and that does not even count Louisiana. 11,000 square miles are affected; by comparison Switzerland is 15,940 Sq. Mi. Rainfall in the affected regions varies from 96 cm to 159 cm all in less than four days.


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