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Adrian Krieg
A2Z Publications LLC
POB 192
Parrish, FL 34219                                                    
September 2017



I find this to be a very difficult letter to write, because A2Z is not someone that desires charity. We must however be realists; the powers that control book sales and distribution have hurt A2Z Publications LLC seriously. This spring our printers Lighting Source canceled our 17-year longstanding contract, which required us to find a new printer, which we were able to do, but at increased cost. Then the hammer was dropped, when Ingrams the largest in the world, book distribution company also canceled our agreed contract; as usual in other similar cases, neither company gave any rational reason for the 30-day cancelations. This created a situation that structurally eliminated our ability to sell books outside America. You see; books are too expensive to ship overseas $22.40 for one book to the EU. Lighting Source has printing plants in England and Australia those markets are now closed to us. In one move the Ashkeanzim that control book printing; publication and distribution eliminated half of our market-potential. They are now arduously working on censorship of books in America, Dr. Adrian Krieg, The Rev. Texe Marrs, David Irving, Dr. David Duke, Ernest Hemmingway, Andrew Harrington Hitchcock, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain all have seen titles censored. Ingrams listed all our titles that were then entered into the book-distribution sites used by booksellers; by canceling our agreement Ingrams blocked our listings in the retail trade. Three Jewish owned companies that do not list any revisionist, or conservative right, or opposing to Jewish mandated history, control the entire Library book selling business.  

All of this was the result of SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) of listing A2Z Publications as ”Hate Group”. Obviously a corporation cannot be a hate group, corporations do not emotionally think, furthermore the decision was reached by SPLC based on Adrian as the author’s Christian belief and his opposition to, homosexuality, pornography, feminism, and the growth of Ashkenazi control of our society. It goes without further explanation that the founder of SPLC was a pervert and than some of its present day managers are homosexuals.

For these reasons if you support my truth crusade I ask that you purchase some books, you many not have, from the listed Site. Any amount you could enclose above the cost of the book (books) will be used to accomplish the continuation of A2Z Publications and to find printers for our titles in Europe and Australia. I hope this will produce the required result, so as to allow us to continue in this endeavor.


Titles and prices are listed on www.A2ZPublications.com

With best regards
H. Krieg

P.S. Remember that the purchase of books for education is tax deductible.

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