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Who is the Alt-Left


Dr. A. H. Krieg

As usual, what is not reported in the news because presstitutes are lazy and do little or no research the people behind the alt-left remain unnamed. Just about twenty minutes of research led me to those who are behind the protests against the White majority and the destruction and removal of all historic monuments to the 500,000 killed confederate soldiers in the War of Northern Aggression. This is in fact a repeat of what was done in Russia under the Soviets of Lenin and Stalin, the two greatest mass murderers of the 20th century. The Bolsheviks instituted a massive campaign called “Cultural Marxism” in early 19th century in order to suppress the Christian Russian Orthodox population of Russia. In this process the communists destroyed all monuments of the Romanovs, over 900 churches and monasteries and sent over 1,000 Russian Orthodox priests to Siberia where they were worked to death. This is where we are today with the systematic destruction of all “Southern Heritage” sites and the vilification of anyone opposing it the Left, who calls it Political Correctness are those responsible.

When I saw the videos of destruction of a Southern statue in Durham NC, I observed several placards and signs all of which had a web site address on the bottom in red letters. The same www.workers.org was on almost all of them. This is one of the sites of the Communist Party USA that on its home page lists the following: Workers World --Mundo Obrero, Smash White Supremacy, No Trump no KKK, Hands off Venezuela, Pueblo Venezuelan, Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba, 31 de Julio de 2017, (www.patreon.com) a Å°ber-left artists site, Watershed United a CPUSA site, Black Lives Matter plus Self Defense DPRK (Democratic Republic of North Korea). There were also scores of red banners the symbol of the communist movement. It goes without saying that all those slogans are false expressions of reality, Trump has no connection to the KKK, White supremacy is a figment of the left’s imagination, Venezuela is an economic disaster due to its less than intelligent dictator, and North Korea thanks to it’s erratic dictator has the highest malnutrition incidence in the world and Cuba is where we should send all the alt-left so that they could enjoy the benefits of communism. In conclusion we see that the alt-left response to the “Unite the Right Rally” was communist party inspired and led. The fact that most of the lefts posters and placards were paid for by one of Geörgy Schwartz (George Soros) over 200 leftist funded organizations is undeniable.

In the case of Charlottesville Virginia the “Right” rally had a permit duly issued by the city government, shortly thereafter the permit was pulled by deputy Vice Mayor Wes Belllamy a Black man, who according to published information is very cozy with Black Lives Matter funded by Soros and affiliated with CPUSA. When the ACLU brought the threat of legal action the permit was reissued. The alt-left never obtained a permit so right from the beginning their assembly was illegal. The alt-right rally was peaceful until it was attacked by the communists, sort of makes me think of 1930’s Germany in which the Bolshevik Ashkeanzim communists caused demise of the Weimar Republic.

The mayor of Charlottesville Michael Singer ordered the police not to intervene between the Right and the Left rallies, thus precipitating the riot, by ignoring his own cities granted permits. Only after actual police opposition of the Alt Right rally, when the communists began attacking the Right rally did the police begin to separate the two divergent groups. Singer then, in true Ashkeanzim procedure, gave a speech in which he blamed president Trump for the riot, which was Singers doing. Singer had a long association with the leftist CPPP (Center for Public Policy Priorities) a Texas based politically left supporter of socialist ideals. People on the CPPP Web Site express views all of which are socialist or communist.

This is all about Obama, Clinton, and Soros funded leftist organization to destroy the Republic and impeach Trump, for which there are no grounds. It is the rhetoric of the ultra-left of Obama, Clinton, Waters, Boxer, Schumer, Feinstein and Warren, the Looney left! These are not American patriots; they are elected haters of the Republic and want to see America changed into a Venezuelan or Cuban communist dictatorship. They are in fact the leaders of the alt-left, the supporters of communism, the salesmen of socialism, which is a philosophy of failure whose only inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery—just like in Cuba, Mozambique, Venezuela and China. The youth who support this idiocy do so because they, instead of listening to their parents have become the disciples of the socialist academics that spew this crap out.

It is obvious from the videos of the demonstrations that the alt-left supporters are to a man millennials, in large part college students or unemployed agitators working for minimum wage, without any benefits, provided by Soros funded foundations. They are far too inadequate to gain part time employment so they take jobs whose only requirement is to have a hard head and follow orders. These disaffected are found in all walks of life, and may be separated into groups: the poor, the misfits, the outcasts, minorities, the adolescent, and politically ambitious. They form a structural pyramid topped by the politically ambitious, which lead the opposition of everything, closely followed by the others who will hopefully grow out of their childish behavior as they reach maturity.



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