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An Era of Deceit


Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                            8.01.17 Swiss Independence Day 726 years


How much of what the Lamestream presstitutes news reports are simply lies and what portion is ignorance I am unable to articulate. Certainly when news anchors’ make major historic mistakes it can be attributed to ignorance or poor education, but outright lies and omission of information is another matter entirely. Sadly we live in a time where both poor education as well as political ideology are major contributors to what you hear on TV. Unfortunately it goes much further than just lies and ignorance, today it is obvious to everyone that there is a decided political objective, primarily based on socialist ideology, you know the wonderful progressive system that now is so enamored by Venezuelans.

Any historic information regarding socialism has by academics been purged from history books and polite social commentary. I would just like to point out that a few nations that embarked on the socialist joy ride, have come to regret their decision, changing course rapidly. These would be Die Nazionalsozialistische partie Deutschland (Nazi) =National socialist party of Germany**, Partito Socialista Italiano (PSI) (Fascisti) = Italian Socialist Party**, (PSOE) Spanish Socialist Party** (Franco) Partido Socialista PortuÄ›s (Salazar)= Portugal’s Socialist party**, CPSU = Russian Socialist Soviet Federation**, along with Peron of Argentina** and the governments of: Afghanistan*, Albania**, Angola, Belarus**, Benin, Bulgaria*, Cambodia, Congo, Czechoslovakia**, Ethiopia*, East Germany**, Grenada*, Hungary*, Mongolia, Mozambique, Poland*, Romania*, Somalia, Ukraine*, N. Viet Nam, S. Yemen, Yugoslavia**.  Those with one * are no longer socialist those with two ** no longer exist as nations. What a remarkable record of achievement Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters must be delighted. 

Now, I know that all the progressives will directly inform us that Norway is the most socialist nation in the EU and everyone loves it, well not exactly everybody. Norway has an interesting tax system; VAT or as we call it Sales Tax is national and is 25%, food only 15% and transport is 8%, just so that you understand when you buy a bus ticket on government transportation you also pay an 8% tax for the bus you already paid for with your income taxes. Depending on income there is a flat rate of 28%, but if you make more there is a 9% surtax, and on income above $76,000 there is a 12% surtax, and if you make over $ 124,000 and there is a $ 54,000 penalty tax. Then there is a 7.8% insurance tax. Basically income taxes range from 55% to 78%. Overall if you total all the taxes property, income, insurance and sales, the lowest pay is 70% the highest is 97.8%. You no longer have to think the government does it for you. They also have a very healthy regimen of sin taxes a bottle of cheap whiskey sells for $ 40.82 a package of Marlboro cigarettes is $ 14.00. A comparison of other prices: Basel Switzerland prices are 42% lower, Durban UAE 81% lower, Mexico City 79% lower an so you fully understand a monthly bus ticket is $ 87.00, A bottle of Coca Cola is $4.47, and a quart of milk is $ 2.23. Ain’t progressive socialism wonderful?

This then brings us to the age of deceit. The “Deep State” the “Lamestream” and the ever-active academic community spend endless hours indoctrinating the citizenry about how wonderful socialism is and how they imagine that healthcare, education and who the hell knows what else, are constitutional human rights to be made available by government. Say, I wonder where the government will get the money to pay for all these benefits---yes, yes I know from you! Government produces nothing; they redistribute wealth in accordance with a formula based on re-election of established politicians. Remember Bernie and Hillary, their promise was, free universal healthcare, forgiveness of outstanding education loans, free college for everyone, infrastructure repair and expansion, a higher minimum wage of $15.00, better VA benefits, higher pay for government workers, and who can remember all the rest; at the time in 2011, I figured it out they promised to spend $ 5.6 Trillion above the established by Obama budget for 2017 which would bring our national debt to over $30 trillion by the end of 2018. Not even uneducated idiots voted for that; in reality you had to have been a millennial to support either Bernie or Hillary. 

This then brings us to Venezuela, the nation with the largest natural resourses in the Americas and the world’s largest oil reserves. 40 years ago Venezuela was one of the wealthiest nations in South America, on par with Brazil and Argentina.  In 1988 Hugo Chavez was elected and the change to a socialist dictatorship was put in motion. Today Fascist communist Nicola Maduro is the president because his teacher Chavez had died. As of 2017 Venezuela has a negative gross GDP -0.10%, the Venezuelan economy is shrinking and has been for the last 40 years. Virtually every industry from oil to steel has been nationalized; private enterprise no longer exists in manufacture. Price controls are destroying what was left of the retail business, and state run stores are out of toilet paper, oil, bread, eggs, to the point where 75% of the citizenry report involuntary weight loss. Inflation of the Bolivar is at 720% the official government currency exchange rate is totally ignored by everyone. The official dollar exchange rate is 0.100223 to the US dollar. Today 100-bolivar are worth 10 US dollars, but on the street one dollar will buy you 1,100 Bolivars.

I actually wanted to present this as a talk but was informed that the topic was not acceptable. My final comments were to include the famous Churchill explanation of socialism as; “a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inerrant virtue being the equal sharing of misery”. Some academics found this more than they could bear. Economists, like the Gray Lady’s Paul Krugman, who relentlessly pushes this socialist crap simply avoid the historic failures of the socialist systems and ignore Venezuela as a topic of discussion. This is the process of omission one of Dr. Göbbels greatest inventions, he said, “If you repeat a lie often enough and it it is huge people will come to believe it”. This is where we are today with the millennials who have been brainwashed by academics and teachers for the last 30 years, and consequently representing the first American totally clueless social group. The age of deceit is a time in which adults are so uneducated that they are unable to mount any opposing argument to socialism. There is not one instance of a lasting socialist or democracy-based government in world history. Socialism fails because the government which acts as the distributor of funds runs out of other peoples money, democracies fail because people can be bought, thereby the majority votes for free stuff, and the politicians who clamor for the votes of the people, provide it; giving us the exact same outcome as the socialist system. 

Indeed we live in an age of deceit, it is fostered by our media, parented by our educational systems, and propagated by our politicians, who are all too happy to stuff the ballot boxes with the votes of the ever ignorant populi. It is unfortunate that people believe in the greatest lie of all, government providing free stuff. Government does not produce and therefore has only one income, the money they take in taxes, fees, licenses and tolls, which they collect from the people. All that government does is redistribute the collected funds to those who through laziness or inability do not produce their fair share into the economy. We all understand that there are people that are unable to live in the lifestyle that they want, but giving them free stuff only produces state dependency. Today we have millions of citizens who are generational state dependents, who work the system for personal gains, the rest of us pay for, they are parasites that should be purged from society. The solution does not lie in benefits it is seated in proper education for personal advancement, unfortunately that is not something our educrats are likely to provide in our failed public school systems. Rome had the identically same problem 2000-years ago and it led to their fall.


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