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Poor Healthcare


When in March 2010 progressives, democrats alone, decided against all available evidence, that single payer healthcare was the solution for imaginary DNC invented healthcare problems; the entire healthcare industry began an inevitable decline. Obamacare is in April 2017 in its final death spiral because progressives instituted it based not on common sense or actuarial statistics, but on progressive socialist dogmatic belief. All 178 Republicans along with 34 sensible Democrats opposed it. One third of American states have only one insurance carrier remaining.

I remember the relentless lies about 34 million Americans without healthcare, and never once saw any hospital turn away anyone. I remember the over 20 million Americans who were young and healthy and did not sign up for any insurance because they decided they did not need it or the expense, but were then by Progressives counted as uninsured. I remember our free market healthcare system that was the best in the world, and at the time lived in New Hampshire, where I saw thousands of Canadians who have single payer government healthcare coming to VT and NH for medical treatments and operations. The Canadian system is of primary interest because Canada is our neighbor and Canadian incomes are close to those of Americans. Canada’s healthcare system is the second most expensive in the world. In 2014 the average wait to see a healthcare provider for medically necessitated treatment was five months. In the same year 41% of Canadians seeking healthcare provider had to wait two months to see a specialist, and four more to have a procedure initiated. In Canada it takes 60 days for an MRI in America it takes one day. In contrast in Switzerland with a free market system the average patient sees a specialist within 5 days of diagnostics and one day for an MRI. Lastly in recently released information from Canada over 25,000 men and 63,000 women died due to the delayed availability to see a specialist.

Obamacare is collapsing because the progressives never considered the actuarial model, instead simply repeating the lie that America was the only nation in the world without healthcare. Then they said it was a constitutional right, not in our constitution! Today the system is failing because people under 30-years of age find it much less expensive to pay the fine for being uninsured. Monthly cost average insurance is $311.00 or $3,700.00 per year with a $3,572.00 deductible and has been rising at about 20% per year. In other words you get nothing until you have shelled out $7,272.00. The fine for no coverage by the IRS is 1% of household income and $95.00 for an adult and $47.50 for a child per month. That works out to an average cost of $1,560.00 so what would you do?  Pay $1,500 or $ 7,200 for about the same coverage. P.S. if you are on welfare the government [you] picks up the entire tab.

America has for over 150 years had a single payer healthcare system running parallel to our free market system. Abraham Lincoln in March 1865 established the Soldiers and Sailors Asylum, which was the beginning of the Veterans Administration. The VA, as it is commonly called, today operates 54 hospitals 800 community based outpatient clinics 126 nursing homes and 35 domiciliaries. Before commenting on the VA, I want to make one thing absolutely clear, all the problems in the VA are administrative and none of the numerous VA problems can be attributed to any of the medical staffs including doctors and nurses. The inability to fire any VA worker due to stupid employment contracts is no small part of VA problems.

This brings us to VA for me. Why me, because I am a vet, and can best articulate VA problems through my personal experiences. The most recent of which occurred on Sat. the 1st of April 2017. Working in the garden I hurt my left wrist, because I have a military disability that had resulted in a right shoulder replacement consequently an injury on my left side presented a serious problem. I thought that my wrist was broken because of the pain; the local clinic is closed on Sat. so I opted to go get an x-ray on Monday morning. At 8:50 AM I was at the Bradenton clinic and was seen by my doctors nurse at 9AM who scheduled an X-ray at 10 AM. I was told to wait for a doctor to review the pictures. I sat in the waiting room until 12:30 and decided to get in line again to see an admitting officer. That person told me to go home someone would call me, no one ever did; I called Bay Pines my hospital on Tuesday morning 52 miles from my home and a nurse reviewed my X-rays and told me no breaks only severe trauma, ice it keep it over your head, do not use your left had for anything for at least 15 days. I went to the drug store purchased a new wrist brace; my wrist one week later April 8th is still swollen and painful.  I never saw or heard from a doctor or nurse, the administrators never told them I was waiting. As you will see the VA is the most mismanaged organization in the entire government.

It is difficult to determine where to begin; perhaps with the cause of it all. In the army advanced training an officer decided it would be fun to watch the trainees climb 30-ft.  Telephone poles and pass basketballs between them. This was in strictest violation of training procedures. When on top, one of my two gaffs was unbeknownst to me in a knot, someone passed the ball and I had to reach to get it, the knot popped out and I fell 30 feet. I woke up in a clinic my chest was strapped my predominate right side hand was strapped to my left shoulder and medics were sowing away on my head. I had three broken ribs, a fractured skull, four teeth knocked out and a crushed right shoulder. The Army did not let me see a doctor; they gave me a profile and told me I was excused from all duties that might require me to move my right arm. They never fixed my teeth, and the VA has refused me dental services. They did not want to make waves and expose the fool whose fault the accident was.

The result of the accident is that I could no longer play tennis, I had pitched baseball and the was over, I cannot throw overhand any more, I cannot work overhead, and over that coming years to 2,000 the pain in my shoulder became unbearable to the point that I would wake up every 15 minutes after going to sleep. I went to the Bay Pines facility and demanded to see an orthopedic surgeon; he said your shoulder is a mess we want to try orthoscopic surgery on it I said OK. I was by this time 62 and the VA job did help a little but the pain persisted. By 2,003 I was 65 and had Medicare so I went to a private surgeon who told me the only way to fix it was a complete shoulder replacement. Which was done.

In 2011 I applied for a disability at the suggestion of one of the VA American Legion aids. I was assigned a flight surgeon that did an evaluation of my right dominant side. As this was a new job for him he allocated a 20% disability. In 2015 I determined by reading VA procedures that it should have been 30% and applied for a correction. Everyone in the VA system agreed that I was right, but to date no correction has been made. For two years I have been in administrative limbo, my case has moved from Bay Pines my assigned hospital to St Petersburg FL, then to Philadelphia PA and from there to Phoenix AZ, where it might be today, why you ask? Well is seems that the FL-VA System is overloaded with over 30,000 unresolved cases so they move cases to places that have lower burdens of work. Every time they move my case they lose more filed forms and then demand I fill them out again, never mind that all of the filed forms can be viewed on the VA computer system under my name and SR number.  Some forms I have filled out and mailed in five times. On October 2016 I was told to come in for a revaluation of my motive ability right side. A doctor did the review it took about on hour; he entered all the information into his computer terminal it has not to date 7-months later shown up in my file, even though he said my condition was no worse that in previous tests.

Before 2000 I used to see an endocrinologists and a cardiologists once a year but the system is now so overloaded that they removed that from my allocated services. Likewise with the pharmacy, the prescriptions that I used to get whenever I ran out were discontinued, by a woman MD, who (was so inept that she was removed from the Bradenton facility) replaced my GP who had retired.

This should give you a good understanding of how single payer government run healthcare really works. A mistake inadvertently made 11 years ago is now 11 years old without resolution, a revaluation made 7-months ago is nowhere to be found. But, I have figured it out: they have a plan, drag this out until the patient dies and then you won’t have to pay anyone anything.

Ask any vet about the VA healthcare system they will inform you. Or you can look up the Russian, British, Canadian, or French systems, especially time for service by specialist information.


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