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Major Fake News & Trump Error


I have been an ardent Trump supporter for over a year, but if he continues this Israeli, Ziocon, Mossad war on the Assad government of Syria he will lose me. This attack on Syria was not only a huge mistake it was wholly based on false information provided by the same bunch of Ziocon warmongers that got us involved in the disasters of Iraq, Afghanistan as well as Libya. Trump has obviously never read the Oded Yinon Plan for enactment of the Eretz Yisrael policies. Perhaps his son in Law, Jared Kushner who has been a long time financial supporter of resettlement funds to Israel for Russian Jew resettlement in the West Bank, has duped him. As usual the NY Times was the source of the fake news. Claimed by the Gray Lady was that Assad had instituted a chemical (Sarin) attack on Syrian civilians. #1) the target was in fact an al-Qaida military storage site, #2) the Syrian air force has no Sarin, and #3) the bombed target was an al-Qaida Sarin storage site.

To begin with the Assad family are Alawite’s who have for decades run a secular government that has protected Christians, Druze, Alawite, Kurds, Circassia’s, Sunni, Palestinians and Shia’s. In Syria’s last election in 2014 Bashar al-Assad’s Ba’ath party won 88.7% of the popular vote against his opponent Hassan al-Nouri’s NIACS Party. So, to call Assad a dictator is stupid. To continue, all Syrian chemical weapons were removed by Sept. 27, 2013 under UN resolution 2118 the organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)[UN] head Sigrid Kaag on 23 June 2014 certified that all had been removed from Syria. In September 2013 president Obama clearly stated, “All chemical and biological weapons have been removed from Syria”. In November 2016 Secretary of State john Kerry stated, “Syria has no Chemical weapons left, they were all removed by UN resolution 2118”. It might be considered a public service for at least one Lamestream news agency to research fact before they repeat the pabulum fed to them by AIPAC. Just to prove the point, the British HMS Diamond D34 air defense destroyer accompanied the MV Ark Futura, which was loaded with the last Syrian chemical weapons across the Mediterranean in Feb. 2014. Syria’s government has no chemical weapons!

The Oded Yinon Plan is a relatively short 9-page document outlining Israel’s strategic regional plans for the entire Levant. In short, the plan proposes to destabilize all neighboring nations force their separation into numerous smaller nations that Israel will then be able to militarily conquer. The Plan is for Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East. This proved to be an impossible task with Iraq due to its large army, therefore the Mossad invented the phrase, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and the American Ziocons went to work destroying another secular state that protected Christians. To clarify American Ziocons are: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, Scooter Libby, Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Bryen, David Frum, Robert Kagan, David Wurmser, Dove Zakheim, Heinrich Kissinger, Norman Podhoretz, Elliot Abrams, Frederick & Donald Kagan, Alan Dershowitz, Daniel Pipes, Eliot Cohen, Bill & Irving Kristol, Max Boot, James Schlesinger, Marc Grossmann, and Joshua Bolton (John R.), who were the instigators of the Iraq war and are Ziocons and are those behind the planned war against Syria.

With the present Syrian situation the Mossad found a very convenient situation when the Syrian air force bombed an al-Qaida military base in Iblib province. Al-Qaida has been importing chemical weapons to Syria for some time and has used them before, which was also blamed on Assad by the Israelis and Ziocons. The base in Iblib happens to be where al-Qaida stocks chemical weapons and that province has been under their control for thee years. When the Syrian air force bombed the base they hit some chemical weapons and the gas was released. The question now is where did the Sarin gas come? The simple answer is from Gadhafi’s Libyan stockpile, the very same stockpile that was used to supply the “Syrian Freedom Fighters” [Mossad Mercenaries] with Russian 12.7 x 108 DShK Russian heavy machine guns by Hillary Clinton. That’s why our murdered ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi. The so called freedom fighters, were actually Mossad paid mercenaries, that eventually after they ran out of the $50 million Clinton provided to them changed sides and joined the Caliphate. The fact that al-Qaida had chemical weapons (Sarin gas) is common knowledge. All the chemical weapons in the Middle East were in fact fabricated—made in America a product of Fort Detrick Maryland.

The best way to characterize Trump’s attack on Syria is a phantasy inspired by the Mossad and enhanced by American dual-national Ziocons that are Trump advisors or generals appointed by Obama.  The arms pipeline from Libya to the al-Nusra Front, Boko Haram, al-Qaida and many other terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Africa is common knowledge within the “Deep State”. Gaddafi’s huge Russian as well as Western weapons cash will provide weapons and munitions to Middle East terrorists for many decades to come and thanks to Hillary Clinton; al-Qaida is the organization in charge in Libya.

The sad commentary on this is the majority of the American population will remain ignorant of this, which may in time produce WWIII. America’s media ceased being the watchdog of Washington many years ago, with Jewish total control of mainstream media, banking, and other sectors of the American economy. As a nation we went from 4,000 newspapers in the 50’s to less than 300 in the 21st century. We had 1,400 more radio station before Bill Clinton enacted the American Communications Act at the insistence of his delusional wife and her “right wing conspiracy against my husband” phantasy. Absolute Jewish control of mainstream media by seven corporate entities, the military industrial complex, of which Eisenhower warned, and banking ensures that only news approved by the deep state and Mossad will become publicized.

All this explains why America’s political system I wrote about in two books (1) appears so totally dysfunctional. Either by omission, lies, fabrication, or invention “News” in the 21st century is as is now commonly realized is “Fake News”. I absolutely admonish you to realize that over 80% of the news you listen to on TV, or your radio, read in your newspaper or some magazine, if they are mainstream institutions is fake. Real news may be found in a small number of publications like American Free Press, The Sovereign, and The Nationalist Times. The most prominent newspapers in America, the NY Times and Washington Post along with their entire syndications produce nothing but second-class propaganda.

(1)    Our Political Systems ISBN 0-9748502-7-6 2005 Writer’s digest award & The System ISBN 978-1-937553-06-7 2014.


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