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The New Era—of BS


With the “Deep State” and “Fake News” the world has entered the new age! Everyone with just a modicum of common sense knows this. But it will help the “Snow Flakes” and “Cup Cakes” that populate our academic institutions and the FNN (Fake News Network) MSNBC (Major Senseless National Boorish Company) to equally gain understanding of it. All government-produced information is part of this “New Age” it is a BS avalanche. It is wise for all of us to remember that the first amendment applies to everyone equally, those who censor today, may be the ones censored tomorrow.


*Economic BS: America’s inflation rate is 0%. How do they produce this false statistic? The CPI produced statistic by BLS is based on a “Basket of goods” which is: food, beverages, cereal, coffee, housing, bedroom furniture, clothing, travel, medical, and admissions to museums. Do you notice anything missing? Cars, rent, fuel, electric power, insurance, property taxes, licensing fees, state taxes, sales taxes among major homeowners expenses. The basket is half empty and by the largest by percentage increasing cost of taxes is not on the menu. Actual average inflation since 2000 has been 7.4% annually. Why do they do this? That is very simple! Government labor contracts government pension obligations, Social Security payments, large labor union contracts and military & SS disability payments are all tied to the inflation index. If they reported the truth the national debt would have been over $ 35 trillion at the end of 2016.


*Russian Hacking of Election by Trump BS: Hillary Clinton lost the election because she managed the worst presidential campaign in my memory. In fact if it could be done wrong she did it! She cheated in debates, she cordoned the media in corrals, she promised things she knew were impossible to deliver, and she lied repeatedly and was then rejected by the people. Unable to face her deleterious performances as her own responsibility, she had a tantrum waited two days and then finally came to her senses. Then she constructed the scenario that Trump conspired with Putin to destroy her presidential aspirations. That is where this entire BS came from, and where it should return to. Former MI-6 British spy Christopher Steele and his company Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. who was contracted for by the DNC to produce the fairy tale that was then publicized by; FNN (Fake News Network) Politico, NBC, CBS, ABC, and BBC has been repudiated as Steele’s personal Hillary inspired invention of non-existing information by all 17 US intelligence sources as well as the FBI, & MI-5.


*America’s population is 307 million BS: (reported by US Census Bureau 2010 census) As both as group as well as individual enumerators in the 2010 census I am well qualified to explain to you exactly what the Obama administration was up to. To place the census into proper perspective, enumerators were instructed to count every living human from three month of age and up. This included 5 million Green Card holders, 4.7 million refugees, 11 million legal residents, 18 million illegal residents, and several million children who would not be of age for the 2020 census, and all foreign diplomats. Additionally in group counts all were made on a specific date 4 weeks before the census based on falsities record keeping, since most hospital stays are less than four days, and most barracks residents stay only two weeks all those people were double-counted. According to other government statistics there are 34 million non-citizen residents living in America. Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution delineates the requirement for a census every ten years. It is for the determination of House representation by number of residents. 14 Counties in America have a foreign population of over 50,000 thus creating another congressman. By construing the census enumeration of counting everyone the over count of 34 million produces a minimum of 14 additional congressmen all of which are Democrats. The real population of America, counting only citizens adult by 2020 as are delineated in the Constitution is 273 million.


*Illegal and other immigrants do jobs Americans will not do BS: Reminds me of the Disneyworld event in Orlando FL. Disney claimed that they required several hundred additional IT computer experts as there was a shortage of IT personnel in Florida.  The Department of State (Hillary) granted hundreds of addition H1B visas for Disneyworld. When the IT people from India arrived all Disneyworld American IT workers were brought into a room and told that they were being let go and that they had to train their replacements or they would not be given a severance bonus. The newly hired Indian IT workers are paid 40% less than their American counterparts who are now driving cabs in Orlando. (News you may have missed due to not being reported)


Unreported censorship by service providers, not BS: There is a huge unreported censorship in operation all over America. This includes book publishing, finance, billing for merchandise, news, history, the Internet, distribution of books, wholesaling and book retailers. The sensors are: PayPal, Chase, Ingrams, Lighting Source, Google, Yahoo, libraries, lest you think of this as minimal let’s look at some censored book authors: Mark Twain*, Dee Brown, J. D. Salinger*, Ray Bradbury*, Ernest Hemingway*, Cushman Cunningham, Adrian Krieg*, John Steinbeck*, It is in fact a very long list; those with * were literary award winners. Newspapers and magazines have been accorded the same treatment, AFP & The Barns Review of History were both of which were discriminated against.  If you dare to criticize anything Jewish, the Mossad, Israel, or the holocaust you will be blacklisted. In Dr. Krieg’s case his printers Lightning Source and international book wholesaler Ingrams both cut him off after 17 years with four weeks notice. PayPal has cut off American Free Press, The Barnes Review, and scores of publishers.


Underreported “Deep State” violations of the first and fourth amendments BS: The fact that every thing you do and everything you are is subject to deep state scrutiny and that even the media and Congress are not exempt from it is today a fact of life. The Utah Data Center as it is now called located at Bluffdale UT, comprises 115,000-sq ft. and cost over $1.7 billion to build. (Obama admin) The facility is fenced and signs read, “Military Reservation No Trespassing”. It is NSA’s new information storage facility; this is on top of the Maryland facility 15 miles SW of Baltimore that employs 20,000. The estimated data storage capacity at Bluffdale exceeds 12-Exabyte’s.  Then there’s the San Antonio TX Cryptography center at the Lackland Air Force Base, the Augusta GA National Cryptologic Operations Center, the Aurora CO NSA Aerospace Data Facility, the Oak ridge TN NSA Oak Ridge National Laboratory center, the Oahu HI Regional Operations Security Center and lastly the Sugar Grove WV Research Station. Bluffdale by the way is the largest, in the world, information storage facility. So, the question this poses; is, what is the NSA storing at Bluffdale? I am privy of exactly what they are illegally collection and storing. The NSA by its charter is not allowed to collect information on American citizens! They store: YOUR—medical records, military records, divers license, traffic tickets, address, Social Security number, all licenses including marriage, passport information, children’s records, employment records, relatives, travel, all magazine and newspaper subscriptions, library records, all purchases, books you read or purchase, birth certificate, grocery shopping lists, church affiliation, civic association memberships, telephone records and calls, E-mail messages, Internet search records, E-mail addresses, URL’S and content of and they are listening in on your Cell phone, computer, I-pad in fact any electronic device you have and they are tracing your movements via satellite through your GPS. They know when you are going to the toilet before you do! This is very dangerous, there is no restriction on NSA employee’s access to this information and with Obama’s sharing directive the information is available to any government bureaucrat. If you work for the IRS all you have to do is to provide Bluffdale a name, SS number and date of birth and you will be privy to everything they have on you! How about a little blackmailing?


Free Trade is beneficial to American’s BS: The greatest based on Libertarian principles lie of history. Bill Clinton (D) enacted NAFTA the North American Free Trade Agreement (It was not a treaty because it was opposed by 87% of Americans and could not pass the senate) in 1992, expanded by Bush (R) and then Obama (D) it was a Republocrat initiative. The result by the full enactment of NAFTA in 2012 was the loss of 54,000 small manufacturing plants (employing under 500) and the loss of 11.7 million manufacturing jobs; the very highest paying blue collar jobs in the economy. The pushers of the agreement, the Business Round Table and the US Chamber of Commerce that represent large business, told us that Mexicans would be driving Chevrolets by 2014. The concept that American labor could compete with Mexican labor is ludicrous. In 1992 the average Mexican factory worker earned $ 1.42 per hour, without Social Security, health care, the right of labor organization, workman’s comp, or for that matter any benefits outside their base pay. In America in the same timeframe average pay was $16 per hour plus SS, Workman’s comp, health care, unionized labor contracts, all together adding about another $8.00 to labor cost which was $ 24.00 per hour, anyone who claims that a manufacturing enterprise paying $24 per hour can compete with one paying $1.42 is a moron!


Climate Change—global warming—new ice age—BS: Has anyone even noticed that they change the outcome designation every few years, but the policy stays the same. CO-2 according to these fools caused by man equates to global warming. OK, lets examine that claim scientifically. Earths atmosphere is made up of many gases CO-2 comprises 0.04% of that total. Man’s total CO-2 production is about 3.2% of the total. Consequently man’s total impact on CO-2 production is 0.0125% of the total annual CO-2 produced. Oceans have 37,400 billion tones, the atmosphere has 720 billion tones and man produces 6-billion tones. In fact termites produce more CO-2, herbivore flatulence produces more CO-2. Does that clarify the Climate change BS?

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