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The action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work. The combined, often varied, use of public office position to gain personal profit.


The actions of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State provide ample evidence of the exploitation of her office for personal and Clinton Foundation gains. In fact this author is unable to recall any other American federal public officer that violated protocols and law to the extent of Hillary Clinton. There are now numerous law suites and FOIA suites and demands for information from the State Department as well as Clinton herself for sworn testimony relating to embezzlement. To clarify, embezzlement is the process in pubic service, whereby the office holder purposely uses [her] office to gain personal enrichment. It is also called fraud and larceny.

The basic charge against her is: That Hillary Clinton used her position as First Lady, previous Senator from NY, and former Secretary of State as well as DNC presidential candidate to exploit those public service positions in order to gain, finance-profit, and expand her image and wealth for the 2016 presidential campaign. These, in Hillary case, are not anomalies, she has been playing, “pay to play” ever since the early 80’s. Hillary always avoids responsibility, and whenever confronted with legally established sworn testimony she testifies; “I can’t remember that” “I was unaware”, “I did not know that” in the 90’s before congressional subpoenaed testimony she did that over 100 times. In later testimony also before congress she repeatedly could not remember anything, due to a fall, that had stalled the investigation and prevented her from testifying for over 6 months.

Hillary purposely used private e-mail accounts, three separate servers, five I-pads and 18 separate cell phones simply so that her illegal actions could not be proven. We know this from the FBI Comey testimony. In sworn testimony she said, “I only have one cell phone” (Blackberry) lying under oath is a felony! She unlawfully violated public servants accountability laws on which she had been schooled upon being appointed, by Obama as Secretary of State. Her basic attitude being, that the law applies to average Americans but not to her. This in itself is a federal crime; the purposeful obstructing of public information for personal advantage.  Remember the lost Rose Law Firm billing records that she said were lost and then mystifyingly turned up in the White House presidential apartments, with her fingerprints all over them? When she was first lady her husband appointed her the chair “The Health Care Taskforce” and she refused to release the names of committee members, or consultants and spent over $ 25 million accomplishing nothing. She secretly without any resulting benefit to anyone spent $25 million of our collected taxes and in violation of public records laws kept everything secret. Remember the testimony she provided relating to the Bengasi Libyan fiasco and her statement “What does it all matter now?” One American ambassador was killed and three American’s lost their lives, Hilary didn’t give a Damn!

These however are minor transgressions compared to the Russian uranium deal that netted the Clinton foundation over $ 140 million, the Clinton presidential library and Foundation $500,000 for just one 20 minute speech, by her husband in Russia. This was an abuse of power using her appointed office as Secretary of State to gain personal profit for herself, her husband and the Clinton Foundation, run by her daughter. It is a proven fact that the Clinton Foundation netted over $2 billion in direct payments to the Foundation by defense contractors, foreign governments weapons purchasers, and companies and businesses doing business, which transactions had to be approved by State. This is the largest “pay to play” crime in American history.  Hillary Clinton has proven to be the most elusive, secretive and corrupt government official, at least in my memory. Over half of the private free market individuals and corporation heads that met with Hillary Clinton contributed over $150 million to the various Clinton operations.

What is not commonly known is that the various Clinton Foundations, ten of them, utilized Canadian and Norwegian bundling operations, whose books are not open to IRS or media scrutiny. In this manner total Clinton Foundation assets are kept from public disclosure. Thus, in reality no one outside management at the foundations has any idea exactly how much money they have, or what minuscule percentage they gave to charity.

These legal issues relating to the Foundations and the Clinton family have little to do with charity that Bill Clinton, so often evokes, no indeed, its about not paying your fair share of taxes, not giving the legally required percentage of Foundation funds to charitable causes, its in the end about self enrichment at the trough of the public purse.

         These actions strike directly at the core of the Republic it is public political corruption of the worst sort. Hillary Clinton as the chief operator of these concerns, operated as if she was above the law, did not have to obey IRS charity laws, and was able to stonewall legal FOI requests, and simply ignore questions posed by Congress.

In summary, not all but only the most prevalent:

  • On Benghazi: Hillary lied and four men died! (Law suites in progress)
  • On Servers, I-pads & Cell Phones: Hillary lied and 25 devices disappeared! (Law Suite in progress)
  • On Privacy: Hillary lied, the 30,000 E-mails were not about an upcoming wedding. (Law Suites in progress)
  • On Hacked E-mails: The Hacking though probably illegal is not the problem, the contents of the secret, classified and other messages are the problem. (Law suits in progress)
  • On the State Department: why were all protocols of the Department overlooked by them? (FIO suits in progress)
  • Bill Clinton’s speeches for cash: In scores of nations and for many organizations. (Under investigation, all done without government oversight of conflict of interests)

Any realistic overview of the entire matter leads to only one conclusion, all these actions that took place during her time as Secretary of State were for the purpose of hiding the fact that her office was the instrument used through various means of extortion to raise money for the Clintons and their Foundations. So, you want to buy some helicopters from Sikorsky, I can sign off on that, have you heard about our Charitable Foundation? Enough said! That is called extortion by any name; it is the process of using your position in public office as a means of profiting your family. It is a violation of public laws, State Department rules, presidential directives and it is a felony on many differing counts. As the numerous lawn signs in the 2012 presidential election stated, “Hillary for jail!” In retrospect the entire family belongs locked up, they are a despicable group of liars, criminals and dirt bags. Don’t hold your breath!


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