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Comey, and what you should know about him!


For some odd reason, I seem to remember the Democrats criticizing Comey to the best of their ability, that’s before Trump fired him—well; it was all just to give Comey cover. Comey has been a RINO Clinton puppet for decades---more cover. The Lamestream anxious to destroy the Trump administration has jumped on the bandwagon with "Trump made a huge mistake by firing Comey" and "Trump is trying to silence Comey from an investigation into Russian Hacking of the 2016 election" and "Comey is just a good guy trying to do his job" and the last and most ludicrous "Comey is admired and respected by career FBI investigators and agents".

Just about the Lamestream’s claims; Firing Comey at the time he was out of Washington by 3,000 miles, was brilliant, ceasing his office computer by AG Sessions was dazzling. According to 17 US intelligence organizations as well as the FBI there has never been relationship between Russia or its intelligence agencies and Trump or his campaign. The entire Russian hacking story involving Trump was made up by a DNC paid British ex M-16 retired spy and has now been totally debunked. Comey as you will see is anything but a good guy. With just fewer than 200 FBI investigators threatening resignation over the Hillary Clinton matter in which Comey made himself investigator, prosecutor and judge, I really wonder who those Lamestream media claimed Comey cheerleaders are. (Anonymous sources—"Fake News")

There are just a few things that you should know about Comey that the mainstream media is neglecting to report. During the Whitewater and other investigations of the Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundations the DOJ official who was the lead investigator of those issues was Comey. He determined just as he did with the Hillary electronic devices and secret information leaks that no crime had been committed. Then there was the Marc Rich pardon. Rich was a crook, under indictment, with Israeli citizenship, which escaped to avoid prosecution to Luzern Switzerland. This was in 1983. Rich had been indicted by a grand jury of 51 counts of tax evasion, racketeering and fraud; the matter involved $ 48 million due the government for unpaid taxes and the other charges. In the last hours of Clinton’s presidency Clinton granted a full pardon to Rich, but not for free. Rich’s wife Denise made a few contributions to well known causes; $100,000 to Hillary’s Senatorial campaign, $450,000 to the Clinton presidential library and $1 million to the DNC. Comey did not think this was unusual or smelled of payola.

Now came the time to appoint a new FBI Deputy Director. Comey chose Andrew McCabe for the position. Unfortunately none of our brilliant senators had the gumption to look up matters relating to McCabe had they done so they would have found out that McCabe’s wife Dr. Jill McCabe ran as a Democrat for the US senate seat for the state of Virginia and had garnished $500,000 for her campaign from notorious Clinton bundler and ex VA governor Terry McAuliffe. McCabe is another Clinton insider. PS she lost even though she outspent her opponent.

Comey then went to work for Lockheed Martin a major defense contractor as primary legal counsel. Lo and behold Lockheed Martin became a huge (millions) contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Just so you understand, clearly, Mr. Comey upon quitting at Lockheed Martin and his exceptional service to Lockheed and the Clinton Foundation was given a parting bonus of $ 6 million.

Just for your personal education let me explain Payola to you. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she brokered $151 billion in questionable deals with 15 foreign nations—all of them contributed to the Clinton Foundation. She also made direct deals with arms dealers of $ 165 billion—wait, wait, yes indeed they all made contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Then this was followed by $163 billion in arms contracts to American defense contractors, yes you guessed it, they all made contributions to the Clinton Foundation. And then, just for good measure, over half of the private American citizens and corporate officers who met with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, gave the Clinton foundation another $ 156 million. Comey and Loretta Lynch our American AG thought that this was just business as usual and need not be investigated.

Then in 2013 the Clinton Foundation added $ 140 million to their coffers and then contributed $ 5 million to charity. But IRS statutes are very clear a 501 (c) (3) under IRS statutes a charitable foundation must give a minimum of 10% of their annual take to charity, this would have been $ 14 million. This is stipulated in IRS 1.501 (c)(3)-1 (a) (1), well, never mind Ms. Lynch and Mr. Comey and Mr. Koskinen head of the IRS all appointed by Obama decided that all this was perfectly OK. Just to help a bit, from 2010 to 2015 the Clinton foundation neglected to file any tax returns, Mr. Koskinen and Mr. Comey decided this was not a prosecutable offence—why don’t you try it! Anyhow in 2015 they filed 5-years retroactively no fine!

The Russian uranium deal has to go down as the greatest scam by an American Secretary of State in US history. To understand this let’s examine the timeline.

  1. Hillary Clinton approves the Transfer of 20% of America’s uranium reserves to nine Russian investors who then funnel $145 million to the Clinton Foundation
  2. Bill Clinton gives a 20-minute speech paid for by the Kremlin for the outrageous amount of $500,000.
  3. Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman John Podesta bags $35,000 from Putin’s Rusnano.
  4. Hillary Clinton hides $2.35 million in secret donations from Ian Telfer the head of the Russian uranium company, Uranium one.
  5. Uranium one CEO Telfer used his family foundation to give four donations to the Clinton foundation totaling $ 2.35 million.

The total amount of bag money for the uranium deal is about $160 million to the Clinton’s and their fiends. No crime here says Comey!

In 2013 the largest in history banking scandal was unfolding in the City (London) HSBC was caught laundering billions for the Mexican Drug Cartels, you remember the same cartels which were honored by Obama and AG Eric Holder with thousands of semiautomatic guns in the "Fast and Furious" caper. No prosecution ensued but Holder was censured by congress (With bipartisan majority) for lying about Fast & Furious. At the very same time HSBC was also channeling cash for the Caliphate terrorists and moving money to Iran in violation of UN sanctions. HSBC was a very large (millions) contributor to the Clinton Foundation.  The Obama justice department true to form did as they were told and paid to do—nothing. HSBC was let off the hook for a fine of $1.2 billion, chump change for them. Oh, I almost forgot Comey was on the board of directors of HSBC! Comey, Lynch, Obama & Koskinen decided that no crime had been committed.

By this time Comey’s credentials were stellar; Obama and Clinton, knew that they had their patsy who would do as instructed. Just about at the same time as the HSBC issue had developed the Inspector General of the Department of State issued his determination that $ 2 billion were missing from the US Department of State under Hillary’s able leadership, and could not by accountants be located. No FBI investigation ensued.

By 2015 the Clinton Foundations (There are 10 organizational sub groupings of them) were headline news. Contrary to IRS regulations the Foundations had never been audited. It was determined that the foundations had begun as the Clinton Presidential Library Foundation had gradually morphed into: (CHIA) Clinton Helath Access Initiative, (CGI & CGI U) The Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Global Citizens Awards, (I never got one) Clinton Climate Initiative, Clinton Development Initiative, The alliance for a Healthier Generation, Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, Clinton Health Matters Initiative, Disaster Relief, (We will get to the Haiti rip-off shortly) and the No Ceilings Project. Not one of these met the IRS required "Organizational or Operational" legally required by statute parameters. Irrelevant said Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch, there is nothing wrong with any of this, there will be no investigation of the Clinton Foundations".

In 2010 the Clinton Foundation raised an American total, of over $ 30 million for the Haitian relief effort and another $16.4 million from individual American donors. Total collected amounts are unknown because foreign collected funds by the Clinton Disaster Relief Foundation and other Clinton Foundation operations; were collected in Norway and Canada both nations have laws that prevent the release of information regarding bundled funds and have refused requests to report on the amounts of money being held under their jurisdiction. Other funds directed to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative remain to this day unreported. The American government contributed $3.9 billion to Haiti and the Salvation Army provided $10.5 million, every Clinton collected penny went through various Clinton operations or to friends of Clinton controlled organizations that all got rich in the bargain. Billions were at stake and the Clintons managed to be the operational organization for all Haitian relief funds efforts. None—not a single one of the Haitian relief efforts controlled by the Clinton’s was ever audited by an independent auditor. OAS a Brazil Contractor, IDB the Inter American Development Bank, USAID, Digicel, The Caracol Industrial Park that was never built, an electric generating plant that did not come to fruition, the list is endless and there is no final accounting. Suffice to say that the promised Haitian Relief was in fact the Clinton Relief and moneymaking operation. No problem here said Loretta, no investigation warranted said Comey, everything is fine said the liar in charge at the IRS. 

I was fascinated to find out that Comey’s brother is an accountant and his firm was brought in as one of the partners that reviewed the Clinton Foundation for healthy fees. But that’s all small potatoes; consider what Comey did as Director of the FBI.

  1. Comey gave immunity to all of Hillary’s associates
  2. Comey decided not to peruse an investigation of leaked classified information by Hillary.
  3. Comey refused to enforce the mandatory crime of lying to the FBI by Clinton
  4. Comey did not demand an investigation of multiple electronic device use.
  5. Comey admitted that Anthony Weiner had 600,000+ emails many of which were classified from Clinton on his computer and left it to NYPD to prosecute the case, based on a charge of pedophilia.
  6. Comey together with Lynch purposely destroyed computer hard drives that would have resulted in indictments against Clinton.
  7. Comey restricted availability of information by date of confiscation of computers that would have revealed Clinton’s crimes.
  8. Comey failed to enact any search and seizure of evidence.
  9. Comey failed to swear in witnesses.
  10. Comey did not record provided testimony.
  11. Comey allowed attorneys to represent multiple called witnesses (corruption of testimony)
  12. Comey did not resign when Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton in a private half hour meeting while Hillary was under two FBI investigations and Lynch told Comey to change the parameters of the investigation. Comey then publically stated that "there was no Intent" and then cleared Hillary.
  13. The NYPD investigation reveled that there were hundreds thousands of classified and secret communications on Weiner’s server, two days later Comey announced that the FBI had reviewed over 600,000 communications that contained nothing new. (Obviously very fast readers)
  14. Comey then under congressional subpoena refuses to publicly state that Trump is not under investigation even though he had told Trump months before that there was no investigation of Trump.
  15. Comey leaked classified information (Felony) to a friend for the NY Times.

            In the Russian collusion case between Russia and Trump and the Trump campaign 17 US security agencies, as well as the Russians have stated that there is no existing evidence of any relationship between Russia or any of its agencies and Trump. The 35-page dossier revealing that false information was the product of a retired M-I6 agent Christopher Steele (Orbis Business Intelligence) and was first leaked by Senator John McCain (R. AZ), whose abject hatred of Trump is endless. Steele was working for an unreported private Washington DC firm as a contract agent for the DNC. Apparently RINOS have a stronger in with the DNC than most Democrats. Oh sorry -just more cover.

            We now have a new special counsel to investigate the Trump/Russian/Putin non-existing relationship. Comey was the cause of the special prosecutor appointment. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein apparently chose Bob Mueller on May 17th 2017 a past director of the FBI. From the day of his appointment he has hired scores of democrat operatives and Clinton campaign contributors as aids in the investigation of nothing. This will come to be the greatest witch-hunt in American history!

            The only realistic way that Comey can be characterized is as a dirt-bag and liar of the first order and that James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, John Koskinen, Bill Clinton and Christopher Steele all belong in the slammer! Why Trump has not fired Koskinen remains in my mind the greatest mystery of this decade.


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