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Corruption on a grand scale


To know who is in charge; find out who you are not allowed to criticize.



The very people who spend 138-days on vacation every year, working daily to enrich themselves with 227 days off, your legislators, in the House of representatives and the Senate are the corrupters. They in fact do very little work for us, spending most of their time on vacation or golfing. Rep. Chaka Fattah (D. PA) 29 counts of racketeering Sen. Bob Menendez (D. NJ) 14 counts of bribery, Rep. Michael Grimm (R. NY) 20 counts of wire and mail fraud, Sen. Ted Stevens (R. Alaska) 7 counts false statements, Rep. Rick Renzi (R. AZ) 35 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, Rep. William Jefferson (D. LA) 16 counts of accepting bribes, Rep. Tom Delay R. TX) conspiracy and so forth.

Then we have the liars who fabricated a story linking, Trump with Russia and the claim that our election count was hacked by Putin. Now proven to have been nothing but a lie that Carter Page demonstrated was the product of the Steele paper financed by the DNC research firm Fusion GPS. The CIA (Clapper) stated blankly that they could not verify anything from Steele or Fusion GPS. Every Democrat who pushed this fable is part of the “fake news phenomenon”, not one of them has apologized or recanted. On the news side it is easy to understand, the Lamestream presstitutes either don’t know how to do research or are simply too lazy to do any. In today’s media repeating un-researched information from other published presstitutes replaces original research—it takes less time and it is cost effective but produces fake news.

Clinton and Obama decided within days of the 2016 election announcement that they would do everything to decimate Trump and destroy his plans. These are the acts of un-American traitors, which support a dogmatic socialist progressive agenda, rather than representing the people who elected them.  Never before has it taken so long for the cabinet to be confirmed, the labor secretary was finally appointed today April 27,2017, it was all the creep Schumer. Never before has there been such opposition much of which is uncalled for. The entire California coven, Waters, Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein have engaged in a process of throwing sand into the gears of government for the last 100 days. They did not stop with that, the unprecedented attacks on any and all Trump supporters is evident in the media as well as on the Hill.

Now at the 100-day juncture it is beginning to appear that the same people that control media are influencing Trump. Jewish influence in American politics has been the major policy decision force for decades. In 2000 my book, “July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day” I outline the means by which Jews basically control American politics. But you need only look at the facts; Jews are about 2.3% of the American population but there are 29 elected Jews in congress, which is 18.2% of the total legislative number. The encroachment of Jews into the Trump administration has greatly accelerated ever since his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner an Orthodox Jew gained prominence in the administration.

One result of the progressive attack on media has been against FOX news the only news network that can only be considered partially levelheaded. While all news is always at least three weeks behind the curve, FOX eventually reports it, the main outlets simply ignore it. I have not listened to O’Rielly for over a year because I think he is arrogant and makes numerous historic errors, which he never corrects. O’Rielly was always behind the curve and picks and chooses topics that are sensationalist. In my opinion the left has made a huge mistake, O’Reilly was centrist  and by forcing his early retirement they will drive his listeners to the radical right because conservatives can not abide progressive news of CBS, NBC. ABC, and CNN.

With all news reporting now driving on the left, corruption will dramatically increase. This will become reality to the public as reporting on corruption by progressives, will be omitted from the news. This is a form of propaganda called “Omission”. Think of the Obamacare issue; Rep. Frank Pallone JR (D.NJ) a real hardline progressive articulated in the American Legion Magazine that the law (Obamacare) made healthcare more affordable, better, and reduced individual costs of healthcare. The only possible comment is that this guy is delusional.  Healthcare costs are up from 45% to 140% nationally, availability is reduced, and under the Bronze plan you are covered after you spend over $11,000 of your own money.

We are now just over 100 days in the Trump administration. The progressives have in this first 100-days pulled out all the stops of opposition to everything anyone on the right said or planned to do. I remember Obama’s first 100 days, his entire cabinet was approved in days, and Joe Klein of Time magazine gave him an A. The Democrat majority in legislature passed Obamacare without one blue dog Democrat or Republican vote. All of the Republocrats are terrified of being called racist if they oppose any Jew or Black agendas. They gave the bankster $ 789 billion bail out money because the banksters were their greatest financial contributors. Obama’s foreign policy especially after Hillary became involved and the “Arab Spring”, was the greatest disaster for America in the last 200 years. But Liz Sedate, of AP thought Obama’s foreign policy to be  a “statesman like stance”.  I waited with baited breath for Obama to apologize for the Marshal Plan. No one objected to the continuous international apology tours of Obama.  Trumps first 100 days produced a Lamestream presstitutes negativity of 91%, astoundingly this is while the capital markets were up, consumer confidence was up, foreign policy had improved, employment was up, welfare was down, the pipelines were authorized, coal mining was back, food stamp distributions due to unemployment was down, but the media in 2017 continued their unrelenting negativity. 

So-called news networks have engaged in vitriol against Trump that is truly astounding. CBS anchor Scott Pelley is a man in point. He has referred to our president as. “a weekend of tweeting tantrums and falsehoods” then later “presidential statements are divorced from reality” and on March 8 he questioned Leon Panetta (previous Obama appointed CIA director) “Is it appropriate to ask whether the president is having difficulty with rationality” So much for neutrality!

A temporary ban on Muslim extremists has been side tracked by Obama appointed left wing loon judges and the communist founded ACLU. I am simply astounded George Soros has been funding all of this in the media as well as with violent protests financed by Soros. No one in or out of  media, has the testiculos to even mention that SOB’s name.

The very worst corruption is the FBI and its director James Comey. This man is a living walking disaster. He let Hillary Clinton off the hook on all her E-mails, something that has placed scores of Americans in jail. He hired a new Deputy director for the FBI Andrew G. McCabe, whose wife garnered $850,000 from Clinton bundler Terry McAuliffe in her Democrat Senate bid for VA. He refused to prosecute the various Clinton Foundations, or the incredible international pay to play that netted the Clinton Foundations over a billion dollars. He refused to investigate the uranium deal that netted the Clinton Foundation $145 million. This is the man whose job it is to investigate crime and corruption and he is the leading crook in the soup.

Having just read Chuck Baldwin’s April column I am reminded of what has taken place in the last 50 days, the appointment of numerous banksters from Goldman Sachs, his refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton, but to prosecute Julian Assange, the man who exposed with the help of numerous whistle blowers, the absolute corruption and crimes of our own government. I am with the appointment of many one worlders, dubious that the swamp will be drained. The corruption in Disneyland on the Potomac is deeper than the river, and to drain it you need Washington outsiders, something that is patently missing in the Trump administration.

I am struck by the idea that most of this is attributable to Cultural Marxism. Our entire society seems defeated by the Jewish Bolshevik process whose name was changed to Political Correctness to hide its nefarious origin. This has wrought a society that has lost its rudder, we are adrift in a sea of confusion, having lost direction, morals and most certainly ethics. Our cherished freedom of speech is no more, unless you tote the communist line of our academics you will be bullied into silence. Our centers on higher learning have become indoctrinators of Marxist philosophy and censorship has replaced the first amendment. This covers print media, and the airways; in fact nothing is omitted from PC. The process now extends to gender, race, religion, even age and all thoughts relating thereto. Leon, Karl, Vladimir, Joseph, Fidel, Mao, Federich, and Che and all the rest, must be very pleased in their own special part of hell.  


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