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Dennis 47


Dennis 47

Dr. A. H. Krieg

The Lamestream presstitutes are definitely not going to report on this one!


According to Larry Klayman Esq., Dennis Montgomery left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives containing over 600 million pages of information. Klayman (Freedom Watch) was able to obtain protection from prosecution for Montgomery from a federal judge Royce C. Lamberth U.S. District Court DC and U. S. Attorney Deborah Curtis. Substantial parts are classified information. Among the many revelations contained on these drives is the systematic surveillance of the Justices of the Supreme Court, 156 Judges, and yes here it comes Donald Trump and most of his transition team before and after his election as president. This makes Watergate look like a non-event. Never before has an American election been hacked by previous administration. Obama used the Deep State’s abilities to spy on an opposing political party for his chosen replacement Hillary Clinton; his “Legacy”. Obama’s DIA James Clapper and his CIA Director John Brennan were the operators for Obama and Clinton in this event. Let me point out that these are no minor crimes; these are major felonies with prison terms of at least ten years. Let’s also understand that Obama was the president and he gave the orders for these actions.


When Larry Klayman approached Senator Grassley Chairman of the Judiciary Committee he was blown away by Grassley because Grassley was afraid; considering the information too hot to handle. Grassley is just another gutless politician. The fact behind all this is that Grassley and his entire committee including all the progressive Democrats on it, already were aware that the Trump transition team was being hacked by our own intelligence community, at the issuance of a federal FISC warrant issued in October 2016 as requested by the Obama administration. The evidence completely negates the Democrats claim that the 2016 election was hacked by the Russians in collusion with Trump. It in fact proves that the Russian/Trump connection was contrived by the Clinton’s and Obama in order to hide the real Russian connection between Hillary and Bill Clinton and Russia. Release of this information terrified the Judiciary Committee and Grassley because it would result in prosecution of Clapper, Brennan, Obama and many in the previous administration and scores of Deep State federal employees. It would also disclose who leaked the information on General Flynn. It would prove massive illegal national surveillance of all Americans in violation of the U.S. Constitution as well as Articles One, Four and Five, of the Bill of Rights.


Additional information contained on these hard drives is that the 2008 election was in fact hacked in Florida by America’s spy agencies to tilt the Florida vote to Obama.


FBI director James Comey has buried all these issues most likely because he turned up FBI complicity in the crimes and the illegal surveillance, which would reflect badly on the FBI. Like any entrenched bureaucrat Comey’s first and foremast act was the protection of his bureaucracy. After all that is what he did when he was confronted by the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal and the subsequent Clinton Foundation’s crimes. Proving again that bureaucrats don’t give a hoot for the country and are singularly interested in protecting their bureaucracy.


Larry Klayman Esq. of Freedom Watch; has established evidence of the crime in the pervious Edward Snowden case in which federal judge Leon had ruled that this type of surveillance constituted a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.


In frustration to legislative and FBI inaction of the Montgomery matter, Klayman approached Chairman Bob Goodlatte of the House Judiciary Committee asking him to request an up-date of the investigation by the FBI of Director Comey, no reply has been forthcoming. Just another gutless politician! Larry Klayman then went to Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee, who proved to be unavailable. Push came to shove and Klayman told lawyers of the Judiciary Committee to press Comey in the coming hearings as to why the FBI was stalling the Montgomery investigation. Thereafter Nunes went to the White House in order to partially review the Montgomery information and thereafter made his TV announcements.


This all resulted in Chairman Nunes revealing statements about the Obama administration hacking Trump on March 25, 2017. Now you have the story, now you know why the Democrats have insisted the Nunes step down as chairman of the committee. Now you can write your congressman, or better yet clip this article and send it to your elected official and demand to know the truth.


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