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Censorship in America


Censorship in America

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Most people when you mention censors think of government as the instrument of the act, and if we were back in the last century they would have a point. Censorship has radically changed in the last few decades, it is no longer the government who represses, it is now corporations whose Jewish owners obey the mandates put forth by the JDL, BDBJ, WJC and SPLC the world purveyors of social and political control. It’s really comical to try to research this on the Internet because you can’t.  The “boys” have the matter well under their control. While The Association of American Publishers talks a good game, they do nothing about Amazon, Lightning Source, Ingrams that jointly control over 75% of book distribution, and other large corporations following a path of national censorship that would be dramatic and extraordinary even for dictatorial governments, and we are supposed to be a Republic with a Constitution.

In my case we had a 17-year relationship with Lighting Source the largest POD printers and Ingrams the largest in the world book distribution company, both canceled our relationship because they all at once no longer approved of the content or subjects in my books. This eliminated our book distribution through wholesalers and booksellers worldwide by eliminating our listings on international bookseller computer networks. They did not mind in the previous 17 years, but then JDL, World Jewish Congress BDBJ (Board of Deputies of British Jews) and SPLC were less aggressive in the past. The power especially of SPLC in censorship in America and BDBJ in England is astonishing. This is shade of the “Deep State” which is controlled by the very same people. When this is combined with the JDL and BDBJ their symbiotic relationships—all are run by, managed by, and staffed by mostly Jews, is undeniable. This for a publisher or author means that if you do not comply with modernity and PC regarding all matters impacting on WWII, Israel, Jews, zionism, Ashkenazi, queers, the six million, and the Middle East your book printing and distribution will end. So, of course will be the availability of information to everyone. In our case after March 15th cancelation, if a bookseller enters one of our titles on the international computer book index with ISBN, title or LLC number nothing will come up.

Since many at SPLC are members of the LGBTQ community and are queer and all the members of the other organizations are Jews it comes to pass that any derogatory word about queers, Jews, Israel, the Knesset, or anything related thereto will be cause for censorship of whatever you write. The fact that NYC and Tel Aviv have the highest by percentage LBGTQ would have absolutely nothing to do with that. Seems to me at least, that Dr. Göbbels was easier on his opponents.

In the case of a good friend in England it was Amazon who canceled distribution of his books. They said that the BDBJ disapproved and since the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos is a Jew, well he has to stay in the good graces of the creeps at the JDL and BDBJ after all he sends them money every year, and sees their associates ever Saturday. Amazon has just announced that they are blacklisting 270 book titles. You won’t find that on the Internet either!

As an author censorship and ridiculous prepublication cash payments by the likes of Simon and Shuster $14 million to Hillary Clinton for the use of her name in a book ghostwritten for her for $120,000 “It Takes a Village” are criminal. Surely the stockholders will be delighted with the over $10 million loss on just that one book. Or even worse $65 million to the Obama’s for their White House Memoirs from Random House. Well, perhaps I’m wrong, after all the Obama’s spent over $96 million on vacations while he was president, say, that’s only $12 million a year, so there must be a lot to write about.  Well, anyway, it really gets my goat. No book has ever produced $65 million in profit. Think about it, the average publisher realizes a profit under $2.00 per book, and must spend at least a few $100 thousand on advertising with such a huge up-front investment, consequently Random House would have to sell a minimum of 30 million Obama memoirs just to break even, not going to happen, no 30 million people will spend $30 on a book about a failed presidency. Oh, I forgot on the Obama book Random House will also have to hire a ghostwriter because there is no way the Obamas could do this. His last book was a grammatical mess and the fairytales he told were silly. Take note: I’m available for the right price; say 10% of what you paid the Obama’s.

These prepublication payments are tax-deductible corporate political payoffs, nothing else.  When these CEO’s engage in this sort of shenanigans payoffs or censorship their board of directors should demand their removal. These are corporate officers, who do not have the welfare of their stockholders as a prime directive, no indeed, they are more interested with their personal social position among the Hollywood left. Censorship is the most egregious of these actions. It is the attempt by a miniscule 2% of the American population to control the dialogue of the entire society and to cut honesty and truth from the narrative in order to push their victimhood TM money making racket.

Both the JDL and SPLC are Ashkenazim run organizations, they are racist, dishonest and in the case of SPLC founded by a pervert. If you don’t believe me read the divorce papers of Morris Dees.  SPLC falsely accuses me of being racist, I have never met anyone from SPLC, never spoken to any person that woks for them, their entire accusing is based on my having been on the Board of Directors of A3P (American Third Position) an organization that is pro Caucasian, a serious crime in the annals of SPLC perverts. Black Lives Matter is not a hate group and neither is the New Black Panthers, or misrepresent NAMBLA according the SPLC perverts; well what are a few voting place infractions and pedophiles? But then when we examine their list of “organizations designated (by them) SPLC as “Hate Groups” we locate lots of Christian identity, anti-immigrant, neo confederate, Caucasian, holocaust deniers, racist musicians, and conservatives, and very few of anything else. Just so you know Snoopy-Dog’s in jest murder of our president in a video is not racist, it could not be, because the perpetrator is Black.   In fact according to the SPLC, and JDL, Taking Action to support Palestine, Answer Chicago, ICIRR, La Raza, Crimethinc Workers collective, SubMedia.TV, Earth first, AK Press, NYC Anarchist Action, #FuckTrump, ACORN, and 71 others is just fine, they are definitely not racist, especially La Raza (the Race) and the Black Panthers, who have many White members.

I would really like to hear from one of the accusers what is racist or hate about SCV, LoS, A3P, American Freedom Party, and American Eagle Party. It looks to me much more like a witch-hunt against the moral majority. Not one of these organizations has made any racist comments, they disapprove of homosexuality, they mostly believe in the American Southern and Yankee heritage, and by God they are all Christian, a serious crime. I was at an SCV event last week, which was attended by more Blacks than work at SPLC or JDL, combined so whose the racists?

It is very apparent that the entire hate group discussion is based on the personal opinions of the JDL and SPLC without any input from anyone else except perhaps a few Jewish supremacist organizations like the ADL, BDBJ & SPLC. How can anyone or any organizations be labeled a hate group or hate individual by someone who has never met that person, never spoken to him or them, does not even know what race they are or where they came from, or has no idea what the group actually does. This is slander and nothing else; it is Jew supremacists forcing their wrong personal opinions on society. This is the lowest form of slander by people who claim to be the victims of exactly what they now do.

How about some missing news: (another form of censorship) In February FBI director Comey appointed Andrew McCabe as FBI deputy Director. McCabe’s wife ran as a Democrat in the VA Senate race for 2016, she took a cash contribution of $800,000 form Terry McAuliffe a money bundler for the Clintons. This was widely publicized at the time, so Comey knew it. In other words Comey appointed a political operative of the Clinton machine as deputy director of the FBI. Both of them should be forced to retire.


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