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Round Four


You must certainly be aware of Operation “FAST and FURIOUS” Eric Holders (AG) attempt to deep six the second amendment. Make no mistake that is exactly what Fast and Furious was all about. Had the relevant facts of the case not seen the light of day the second amendment might be dead in the water.

The situation which is under investigation by the House Oversight Committee is about to expand because the Chairman Representative Issa (R-CA) has now asked for a special prosecutor to investigate the Fast & Furious scandal. Let’s re-cap the situation the BATF and in breaking news this month revealed FBI partnered in a gun running scheme with BATF from legitimate American licensed (FFL) gun dealers to the Mexican drug cartels. The American FFL licensees were told to sell guns, mostly semi-automatic AK-47’s, some 50 calibers, and lots of handguns to people that the dealers suspected as 3rd party buyers for the drug cartels. The federal agent told the dealers to go ahead with the sales or threatened their license status if they did not comply. The story broke when two American federal law enforcement agents were killed with guns obtained through fast & furious, a third case has just come up this September. The amount of guns was between 1,500 and 2,000. This much of the case is now common knowledge even if the lamestream has done their best to burry the issue.

The cover up by the Attorney General and the White House has been nothing short of stupendous, that’s is why congressman Issa has requested a special prosecutor. The congressional committee has found it very difficult to get documents, and when produced were so heavily redacted as to make them worthless. While the congressional committee has the right of subpoena they can’t lock people up for contempt, which a special prosecutor can. Why a non-national security document presented to congress is redacted remains a total mystery.

Let’s re-cap, the federal government in violation of FFL regulations, state and federal laws forced FFL licensees to commit felonies in order to create a circumstance allowing Eric Holder to attack the Bill of Rights in a ridiculous scheme to nullify the second amendment of the Constitution. This has to date resulted in the deaths of three Federal law enforcement agents, and countless Mexicans. The BATF/FBI (both agencies are under the control of Eric Holder and the Department of Justice) became the single largest supplier of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.

The Mexican government was party to the event, which is proven by the fact that they kept releasing Mexican deaths caused by claimed American purchased guns, but in every instance refused to divulge the serial numbers of the murder weapons so that the sales could not be traced.

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