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Dr. A. H. Krieg


As an author with now 25 published books by four differing publishers, I feel qualified to comment on the latest outrageous book deal. With two top sellers, two awarded prize books, one awarded reference book, several PhD’s for others, and countless lists of term papers and thesis I am angered by stupid book deals. OK let’s be honest, they are not really book deals at all, they are political pay-offs. It is now widely reported that Barak Hussein Obama and his wife Michele have signed a book deal with Penguin Randomhouse whose CEO is Markus Dole, for $65 million to write their memoirs’ of the eight-years they were in the White House. What a lackluster document it will be.

Penguin Randomhouse is a subsidiary of the largest publishing enterprise in the world, German, Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, whose CEO is Thomas Rabe. The conglomerate earned € 557 million in 2014. I ask myself, as a past CEO, would I pay a failed author whose last books, “Dreams of my Father” (a fable) “The Audacity of Hope” and other ghost written books failed to sell out, print runs, $65 million for a fairytale about a non existent legacy covering only 8-years? As you read the entire Obama presidential legacy is in process of being dismantled, everything he did for 8-years proved disastrous for the economy, military, middle class as well as the environment. I do have the perfect title for the tomb, “My Failures--America’s Distress” By: America’s first foreign-born Muslim president.

Any business decision must be based on rational anticipation of profits generated by it. I am not aware of any book published in the last 50 years that produced a $65 million profit. The decision to pay $65 million to unproven authors, regardless of their past position is irrational and makes very little business sense. It is frankly a political statement, and a case of payola for services rendered to the progressive movement, that Obama spearheaded.  If I was a member of the board of Directors of Bertelsmann I would be voting to fire Mr. Rabe, for in an involvement that will go down as the companies largest loser. After all Mr. Rabe of the left, must continue to pour money into the failure so that the Clinton, Soros, Obama funded 250 national offices and 30,000 anarchists can continue to try to destroy America. In fact no book written by a politician, never mind a community organizer, ever made a million dollars in profit for the publisher that even includes Saul Alinsky’s communist rubbish. 

All this reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a village”, (Simon & Schuster) published in 1996. The publishers paid  Barbara Feinman-Todd $ 120,000 for the ghost written societal delusion. (A) Who knows what Hussein and Michelle’s ghostwriter will be paid. I began self-publishing in 2,000, so I am very familiar with costs and book distribution. In fact I do everything, research, writing, publishing, distribution, wholesaling and my good wife proofreads.  I must also clarify that Small-Cap-Publishers stand virtually no chance of any mass distribution because the entire book distribution systems are controlled by a very small number of wholesalers and publishers. Based on margins the cost of paper, printing, marketing, distribution, and all the rest the best a publisher can hope for as a profit per book is about one dollar. That means in order to make a profit the costs of $65 million, ghostwriter’s costs of say one million, and Penguin-Randomhouse would have to sell 66 million books to break even. By the way, that does not include book tours, advertising, overhead, hotels and meals, and we all know that the Obamas’ live high on the hog… just consider $4.8 million of the taxpayer’s money for his final 17 day Hawaii vacation. That’s not going to happen, I know darn well I won’t be a customer, and there are not that many people in Hollywood that read books. To break even they would have to sell a book to one third of the American population, not going to happen!  

Lets consider now, why would a publisher even make such an offer? There are several reasons, firstly because it is a business expense and is therefore tax deductible. Secondly it accomplishes the progressive agenda obviously present in the media and shared by the publisher’s management. Thirdly it is injurious to America, Americans and the middle class, so hated by progressives. Fourth it will curry favor with the Hollywood crowd whose mindless lack of intelligence and understanding will make the publishers heros with the cinema crowd. 

There is something seriously wrong with a tax structure that lets publishers deduct as an expense political contributions in the name of advance author’s payments. This is not some new issue, it has been ongoing for decades.  One after another politician or media flunkey writes a book, or like O’Reilly has it written for him (1) they then use their public positions to publicize their product. Good authors who do not have an inn with the crooks at the NY Times book reviews, or are unable to have TV access due to their jobs, languish in the doldrums of slow book sales.  

Like the Oscars, politically motivated groups give out prizes. The Pulitzer for example, which is supposed to be a journalist achievement award, and differing ones also for authors, well, not so, no conservative or revisionist author or journalist has won a Pulitzer Prize  in my memory. It’s not what you write, who you write about, or your ability to write, its about being PC, agreeing with the status quo, and possibly being a member of; TC, CFR, the Bilderberger Group or WEF. 

If you are what they call a “Small Cap” publisher or author, the chances of your book winding up on your local bookstore shelf is non-existent. This is actually a surreptitious means of censorship. I carried out a test two years ago, after I had attempted and failed to sell my books through suppliers to public libraries. What I found is absolutely astounding.  The large booksellers to libraries do not sell published books from conservatives or revisionist authors. My library has about 1,000 books, I took 8 conservative books by well-known authors (2) but who were not mainstream and found that not a single one was available from these resellers. The most astounding are Irving the best WWII historian in the world, Patrick Buchanan who was a Republican presidential candidate, Prof. Carroll Quigley (Tragedy & Hope over 1000 pages mostly about the CFR) G. Edward Griffin who wrote the most comprehensive book on the development of the FRS. If society tolerates wholesale censorship of information, because it does not fit in with pre-conceived notions of some clerk in a book wholesale office, we are as a society in very serious trouble.

(1)  Martin Dugard

(2)  David Irving, Carroll Quigley, Keith Jeffrey, E. Michael Jones, G. Edward Griffin, Patrick Buchanan and Bernard Connolly

(A)   Simon & Shuster paid Clinton $46 million for several books every one of which lost money.

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