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Our Foundations as it was


Our Foundations as it was.

Dr. A. H. Krieg


I am not by nature a religious man but that does not mean that I am an agnostic, I am a practicing Anglican Catholic and have been for many decades having been converted by my good wife from Zwingli Protestant, some 40 year ago. Having said that as an explanation of this article so that you the reader will understand my origin, I will delve into the issues, which are of religious nature.

Having been born Swiss and spending formative years in Zürich I have had to learn American history; thus my education on the subject was reverse of our founding fathers who had all studied Swiss political and religious history as partial foundation for their concepts of American jurisprudence. All of them were certainly well acquainted with Zwingli and Calvin, the two great Swiss reformers that together with Luther the German reformer founded the German and French speaking opposition to the Roman Catholic Vatican of the 15th century. They were also well acquainted with Swiss folklore and history from the 12th century forward because Switzerland was the oldest constitutional confederation in the world and was thus studied by all interested in politics and economics. America was first set up as a confederation.

Whatever secularists try’s to say on the issue of governance, America as a nation was based on Christianity, had nothing to do with Scofield’s, Judeo-Christian mythology, in fact there is no Ashkeanzim influence in America or its politics until after WWI. (1919) The Sephardic Jews that came to America in the 1730’s were of inconsequential numbers and were sparsely spread over Newport Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, New Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Charleston and where for the most part engaged in the slave trade and thus ostracized from gentile Christian society. Scofield who was prominent at the turn of the 19th century as the author of the Scofield Reference Bible was a zionist dupe and the inventor of Judeo-Christianity. Together with the Oxford University Press, Scofield was successful in influencing generations of American protestant Christians with a fairy-tale interpretation of various biblical passages and Gospels to the misunderstanding of most who read his bible. Rapture and other misrepresentations of fundamentalist Revelation is a wholly Scofield invention.

Thomas Jefferson admonished us [that]; “government governs best which governs least”. The founding fathers of America, who established the colony at Plymouth Massachusetts, founded a society based on the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount, not some Talmoudic anti-Christian diatribe. They deemed their colony to be the successor of Israel as the inheritor of God’s grace, and did their utmost to emulate biblical (King James & Geneva) versions of biblical text. Scofield was not to appear for another 200 years. Factually the colonial presiding pastor had higher prominence than the political governor of the colony.

The reader must come to the realization that for the first 100 years of settlement of this continent by Europeans, prior to our Constitution and War of Independence, the entire establishment of this colony was steeped in biblical principles. Their new world order was based on a colony founded on concepts of Christian tolerance of the nature of God, and man’s role as a creature of God’s universe; along with the role of the family and the moral and ethical foundations of the Ten Commandments as given to Moses. It exemplifies the established order of the God of Jacob. Secularists of this century harbor great animosity against these established facts of history refusing them to be taught in our schools and demanding all vestiges of them to be hidden from view. It is pertinent to realize the Ten Commandments are prominently displayed in the chambers of the Supreme Court, the very same court that outlawed their placement in public locations belonging to the government, based on the miss-interpretation by the Court, of the first amendment. The fact that the word “separation” does not appear in any founding document is more than ample proof of the misdirection of the Court in their deliberations relating to the First Amendment.

Our forefathers were astute in realizing that their original socialist compact was a failure and changed the organizational structure of the Massachusetts colony to one of capitalist economics, which thrived. They did not change their Christian outlook or their Puritan religion; they modified their economics. They strove to obey God’s laws realizing that their compact might not stand the test of time. To overcome this problem they anchored the government that they created with strong chains to prevent it from arbitrary actions. The engagements of these men were the foundation upon which our Constitution would be based. The denial of God and the Ten Commandments by secularists of the 20th and 21st centuries is nonsensical because it is the denial of our history, the denial of the existence of our forefathers, and the repudiation of reality. It is furthermore relevant to realize that these people were religious refugees from England, Scotland and Wales along with some from Germany and Switzerland. They were, at least in England openly persecuted.

As the Continental congress came to an end, Dr. Benjamin Franklin upon departing from the Continental Congress was queried by a lady who posed the question, “What have you brought forth Dr. Franklin” to which he responded, “A Republic if you can keep it Madam”. Sadly we appear to be losing it. On January 10, 2017 El Supremo gave one of his multi-hour pontifications, in which he spoke of himself no less than 75 times, and repeatedly referred to the United States as a democracy, so much for the university of Chicago whose academic staff hired a man to read Constitutional law that does not know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. I won’t even address the obvious fact that he knows literally nothing about the Constitution or Bill of Rights, that he in eight years violate more times than I care to count.

We are, as I write undergoing the senatorial approval of Trump’s chosen cabinet officials. As I listened to at least some of the hearings, mostly highlights, I was devastated by the virulent and shrill tone of the progressives. After all, this was not the case for Obama’s picks, which were as was proven over 8-years, are far more controversial than any of Trumps choices.  Trump certainly did not pick any openly progressive members of CPUSA. In the case of Senator Sessions, Senator Al Franken, the nutcase from Minnesota brought to the forefront outright lies, which Senator Ted Cruz not only debunked, but also made Franken to be shown to be fool that he really is. When Senator Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) engaged Dr. Ben Carson and her first, really stupid question, was to ask Dr. Carson “can you assure us that HUD will prevent the agency for issuing contracts to the Trump organization?” (Paraphrased) Warren obviously confused Donald Trump with the Clinton Foundation the graft of which she was totally disinterest in and was not prosecuted by the progressives, who were in power at the time. Considering the record of the US Department of Justice over the last 8-years under the Obama administration, by Holder and then Lynch one is hard pressed to accept that unmitigated gall of any progressive questioning anyone of any demeanor about their implementation of jurisprudence in America, after all we have had no justice in America for the last 8-years, at all.

The foundation of our nation was always to be just, moral, ethical and honest, time honored value systems that have proven to be of worth. Sadly these basic human values are no longer in the limelight; indeed they have been relegated to the back burner. Progressives will insist that these are old fashioned and belong to the 18th century; no longer needed today, because we have government to protect society. How is that working for us, how is the secular progressive socialist state faring? Let me tell you because these facts will have enormous impact on 2017, and because regardless of how well Trump governs, the progressive mess of multiple presidencies all the way back to Woodrow Wilson require generational repairs.

America as you read has a 22.7% unemployment level; 94 million Americans want jobs but can’t find any, inflation of the dollar is skyrocketing and is the reason why the FRS is now being forced to raise interest rates, our present inflation is 7.4% annually; we have 47 million Americans on food stamps, we have the lowest labor participation rate in the economy in three decades, our national on the books debt is almost $ 20 trillion, just about double what it was eight years ago, or national debt obligation looking to 2020 and beyond exceed $100 trillion, the trade deficit continues to grow as we import more than we export something we began in the late 50’s and have continued ever since, even though we have more fossil fuels than Saudi Arabia, relentless blockage of production by EPA and other government agencies has us still importing more fossil fuels  than we export, annual adjusted employment payrolls fell 8,000 in the last four moths, real housing construction is down 22%. Manufacturing continues its four-decade decline, sufficed to say those who do not manufacture are the colonies to those who do.  I do suspect that you understand that this information somewhat conflicts with the delusional speech of El Supremo on Jan 10th in Chicago, but then he has not told the truth about anything for the last 8-years, unless you believe, “You can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, your insurance cost will decline by $ 2500, hands up don’t shoot, police are on a national rampage to murder blacks”, enough said.

We can all hope that this new administration will bring us some real change unlike the last one that brought us to the brink of disaster. I take the view that we should give the President at least 100 days to prove his mettle and refrain from criticism until we see what he does. The fact that he Trump has done more in the last 40 days than Obama in the last four years should not go unnoticed. The moronic statements of people like Rosie O’Donnell and Meryl Streep aside; women to whom no one listens to except Hollywood know-it-alls, who’s economic agnostic credentials are openly publicized, impress no one. 

Obama’s legacy is easy to sum up; 8 years of unrelenting war, destruction of America’s space program, the worst race relations since 1900, the decline of our military, the worst foreign policy in our national history, racial warfare between police and citizens, doubling of our national debt, the lowest labor participation rate in the economy in 50 years, the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression, 49.2% of Americas population on some form of government subsistence.

Our national problem is actually very simple. When the Supreme Court aided in secularizing America away from our Christian heritage and turned America into an atheist archipelago they began the destruction of our Republic, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights and replaced it all with the norms of modernity. All we have to do is replace the Ashkenazim on the Court with Christians who are constitutionalists and the problems will self-rectify.


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