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Whats Coming in our Economy


What’s Coming in our Economy?

Dr. A. H. Krieg


It should not surprise anyone reading this who is familiar with my writings that the elites of the New World Order plan ahead. In fact they just concluded one of their fests at Davos where WEF main point of discussion was the elimination of cash and the onset of the digital financial age. They have already done it in India where large denomination bills were suspended and the maximum withdrawal was set at 4,000 rupees ($60.00). All future transactions will be via debit cards issued by banks after deposits are made to an account. The banks will now have 100% of depositor’s money at their discretion and the depositor will have no say over its investment or deposition of their own money. The age in which the government will even know when you are in a pay toilet is at hand. The minions of the N.W.O. are The Order, CFR, TC, Bilderbergers, WEF, FRS, Bohemian Grove, and Belizean Grove as the major players. Members of these organizations are banksters, politicians, bureaucrats, media moguls, and academics. It behooves us to understand what the basic plans of these people are. In fact I wrote about this in my 2011 book “Rendezvous with the New World Order”.

There are three basic premises that encompasses the plan:

1)     The reduction of world population below one billion

2)     The elimination of cash

3)      The elimination of national borders

Should you have any apprehension about believing this I suggest you look up Georgia Guide Stones located in Elberton GA 30635 and set up on March 22 1980. Supposedly funded by R.C. Christian (pseudonym) written in the 7 most common languages. (Internet)

It is difficult to visualize the enormity of this plan. Considering that the present world population is now 7.5 billion it indicates the murder by some means of 75% of the world population. To these ends the N.W.O. plans WWIII.

This is planned to commence during Donald Trump’s presidency. I want to assure you that while these bastards have been at this for many decades they have rarely been successful in reaching their calendric timetable. Like all socialist plans they thrive on incrementalism, the very gradual implementation of their plans. Nevertheless if we examine history from the beginning of WWI to present we see that they have relentlessly marched forward and have succeeded in most of their plans such as the secularization of Western Society, and the gradual destruction of Christian Western philosophy. Christianity is in full retreat in Europe as well as America. There can be no doubt about the political power of the secularists who now control the levers of power both in Brussels as well as Washington. They financed both power basis in both WWI and WWII and through those wars were able to expand their power and wealth.

If you study Saul Alinsky and the actions of George Soros you will come to realize that there is a master plan and the George Soros (Geörgy Schwarz) is one of the prime financial agents to bring this about. Soros’s Opens Society is the prime-funding agency through over 200 separately sponsored organizations that have been the financial agent of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, The Ferguson Riots as well as insurrections all over America and open border policies in the EU. Soros was responsible for the collapse of the British pound, and currencies in half dozen nations for his investment companies profits at the loss of the middle class of each of those nations. His Open Society has been the agent of the massive Middle East and North African population shift into Europe and the Mestizo invasion into North America. This is all part of the plan, open borders.

To attain a cashless society Harvard economics Prof. Kenneth Rogoff produced a long list of crimes facilitated by paper money, neglecting to list a single advantage. Things like privacy, convenience and accessibility. The ECB will eliminate the €500 note in 2017, Switzerland has eliminated the Sfr. 1000 note, there is already talk of elimination the US $ 100 bill.  The false claim by the elites is that with the elimination of denominations larger than $20 crime will be hobbled. Of-course, just like gun free zones and gun free cities, say Chicago per example, prevent gun violence. Or like prohibition stopped people from drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Ashkenazi controlled FRS and major banks have been on a binge of printing money without backing ever since 2008. You must understand that the monies that have been issued as balance sheet assets of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks are fictitious. There is no backing for any of these journal entries; this is why Janet Yellen as well as her predecessors have been so animate to refuse an audit of the FRS, such an audit would reveal massive fraud of the national economy, and jail time for the entire FRS board. This is also why there is no viable audit of the gold depositories at Fort Knox or in the FRS Bank in NYC. I would point out that this is hardly the first time, President Andrew Jackson exposed the Second Bank of the United States run by Biddle of Philadelphia as exactly the same sort of criminality that the FRS has embarked on since 1913. The total amount of fictitious journal entries is well over $8 trillion and that’s just from 2008 to 2016. A financial collapse of the world economy is inevitable. Donald Trump is the planned fall guy to be blamed, but it in fact has nothing to do with Trump it is and has been the Federal Reserve and Congress who created this mess beginning with the 1913 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution.  

Andrew Jackson had turned the monies confiscated from the Second Bank of the United States over to the independent separate state banks, and the 17th amendment of Wilson ensured that those banks would collapse and the funds would be centralized under the control of the banking monopoly controlled by the N.W.O. who already controlled the Bank of England and most European banks. Then in the 90’s we experienced the collapse of the S&L’s who were then incorporated into the BIG BANKS, you know the ones too big to fail, the ones bailed out with our tax dollars; J.P Morgan Chase & Co., Citygroup, Bank of America, Wels Fargo & Co. These are by the way the owners of the FRS, yes indeed the Federal Reserve is not federal it is not a reserve because it has no reserves and it is certainly not a System it is a corporation incorporated in the State of NY as reported in the NY Times on September 23, 1914. Just so you understand these same banks provided funding to the Hillary Clinton Campaign of over $ 24 million.

The globalist’s plan is to destabilize America, the largest economy in the world, and with that drag the entire world into turmoil. The wheels have already been set into motion; Trump simply presents an obstacle to overcome. The continuous insurrections all over the world portrayed by people who when queried “why do you oppose Trump” are unable to articulate a single logical reason. Most of the demonstrators in America are employees of Soros’s funded organization. This was already conclusively proven by ads run in Seattle and other cities: We’re hiring Full Time Organizers 15/hr.! Compensation $15-22/hr. Employment part time, internships, non-profit organization. Tracing this back we find that The Open Society Foundation placed employment ads. This very same group had funded the Ferguson riots, with $ 35 million and came up with the fallacious “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” that was then pushed by racist AG Eric Holder. They financed the Occupy Wall Street, as well, as riots in Oakland, Portland and then the infantile behavior of millennials and riots after the election because a criminal lost an election.   None of these riots are organic all are paid for, professional protestors.

Do not delude yourself, these bastards and that is what they have always been, are determined to start WWIII and with it usher in their New World Order. It’s after all not a new phrase; Woodrow Wilson the first great American progressive (socialist) used the phrase in regards to the League of Nations to which he hoped to get America into. He instead just got us into WWI and the set up for WWII. Lloyd George the British PM, and Virginia Gildersleeve the only female representative of the 1945 UN conference in SF, Mussolini used it as did Hitler and FDR, later Mikhail Gorbachev and then George H. W. Bush. You may think of these people as opposing forces in to political spectrum, they are not, all of them are or were progressives all have or had the identical basic worldview. That is the worldview of a single human establishment with a single world economy and a single government and a single currency. And if the pipedream does not scare the hell right out of you considering who its proponents are then you are not as smart as I thought you were.

The capital issue today being that the world runs on debt. And if you think that the crushing debt of the Weimar Republic of the 1930’s was astronomical then you had better look at America in 2017 with a national debt on the books of $ 20 trillion and off the books of almost $200 trillion and an economy of $14.7 trillion. Obviously there is no way that even our children will be able to repay this debt. There is of course a way out. They did it in Iceland. They repudiated the debts threw the bankers in jail and now seem to be doing very well, thank you. We have only been surviving because we can monitorize our debt. The dollar is the world’s reserve currency; as a result we can simply print more money to pay foreign trade debts. Our trade imbalance is huge just with Mexico its $60 billion a year. Americans trade deficit averages $ 40 billion per month, that’s $480 billion per year some years over $ 600 billion and we have been at this since the 50’s. Needless to say this exceeds our nations GDP. If we examine the national debt clock we see that Government spending exceeds tax collection by 129%, State spending exceeds state tax collection, local spending exceeds local tax collection, and all personal debt mortgage debt, student debt, credit card debt are all in the red. There is no happy ending to this scenario. I know that the harbingers of gloom are not popular I have written this as a warning, so that you can prepare for what is inevitably coming.


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