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The Time has Arrived


The Time has Arrived

It is time for the establishment to end the anarchist’s reign of terror. For over 10 years America has put up with Soros funded employed idiots who wreak havoc on our society. These people are not Democrats or Republicans they are not liberals or conservatives, they are hooligans. They are, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, riots in city after city, they do not seek solutions, they seek anarchy. They are not part of our society, they do not support our established concepts of civilization. We now demand that our government

Act in accordance with our established laws:

  1. Move to deport George Soros (Geörgy Schwarz) from America. Confiscate his vast wealth and reduce the national debt with it.
  2. Force the Soros funded Open Society to pay for all damages that are the result of demonstrations funded by them or any of their ancillary organizations.
  3. Establish a database of anarchists
  4. Arrest all hooligans at demonstrations and incarcerate them for a term of 6 months at hard labor 8 hrs. a day so that they will gain an understanding what work is.
  5. Any second offence 2 years hard labor.
  6. No penalties for peaceful civil opposition protests.




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