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Who’s Hacking What


Who’s Hacking What?

Dr. A. H. Krieg


The progressives are determined to delegitimize Donald Trump by claiming that he was elected at the behest of the Russians and Putin. This is a lie! The lie is simply a political ploy in effort to destroy Trump’s ability to govern. My research, which was extensive, revealed the following information that the Lamestream is purposely covering up:


The FBI claim that the Russians hacked the DNC server is totally unfounded because the DNC refused them access to their server. If you cannot examine the evidence then you cannot make any claims in regards to it. The Left media, (Hill) on December 29, 2016 posted a 13-page report by the FBI & DHS claiming it to provide evidence of Russian hacking. Neither agency had ever had access to the DNC server. Wikileaks repeatedly stated (Julian Assange) that the source of their information was from disgruntled DNC workers. (Inside information) One such DNC employee (Seth Rich) was murdered (shot in the back multiple times in Washington DC) which DC police called a robbery, but his expensive wristwatch, credit cards and cash, were not taken. (1) An Ex-British ambassador [Uzbekistan] (Craig Murray) who is now associated with Wikileaks claims that he was the intermediary of the DNC information, which was given to him by a DNC disgruntled employee and he then gave it to Wikileaks.

Then on December 29, 2016 Obama used the DHS report as the reason to expel 39 Russian diplomats and extend trade sanctions against Russia. A review of the DHS/FBI 13-page report and the president’s subsequent action against Russia does not mention Wikileaks at all. Nor does the report provide any evidence of any Russian hacking of any US electoral process. The report claims “technical indicators” take that to a court of law and see what the judge will tell you to do with it. These are suspicions not facts. The claim is then made that relating information is to be found in CSV or XML files or link attached with PDF files. A total review of this provided information leads to; 895 IP addresses, located in 40 different nations, none inside Russia and an additional list of domain names. Not one of these domain names has any connection with the Russian government or any Russian security services.

We must examine the content of the information revealed by the hacks because that seems to be missing in the entire discussion. The fact that the DNC and Podesta along with Hillary along with the surrogates Huma Abedin and her pedophile Husband Anthony Weiner, were hacked, is hardly an issue of importance—the issue is the information revealed by the hacks, which are to say the least, extremely damaging to the progressive movement and probably had some impact on the election. The use of Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, Weiner, of Yahoo as the un-secured Internet carrier that had over 680,000 of Clintons e-mails some from the White House on it, would lead me to accept that every intelligence agency in the entire world hacked Weiner’s computer.  It was not the fact of the leaking it was the content that was damaging. When elitists make disparaging and insulting comments about their constituency not just once but in a long and arduous continuation of insults the voters are more than likely to vote for someone else. And when a candidate accepts over $20 million from a group of banksters everyone clearly understands that the fix is in. We are not even addressing the massive graft, thefts, payola, money conversions of the Clinton Foundation along with the enormous payoffs and kickbacks that are now such common knowledge that the Clintons shut the operation down.

Let’s all understand the difference between a “Leak and a Hack”. A leak is when someone takes information out of some dossier’ and provides it to some third person. A Hack is when someone remotely electronically penetrates an operating system and any operating firewalls. All provided signs by progressives and the media point to leaks not hacks. In such a case the person posting knew both the originator as well as the provider. Thanks to Edward Snowden we know the capabilities of the CIA and NSA regarding the tracing of hacking and can therefore say with absolute certainty that the released information was not hacked it was leaked. The proposed progressive scenario about Russian hacking is therefore a lie.

It is interesting to note, that all at once after progressives against the Russians made the accusing, that Obama saw the light and placed in the budget the amount of $19 billion for cybersecurity to be spent in 2017 and an additional $ 3.1 billion for Information Technology Modernization in the same year. When someone like Podesta uses the word “password” as the security identifier, no capital letters and no numbers then, Julian Assange was absolutely right in his assertion that a 14-year old could hack his e-mail.  All this spending sort of reminds me of the Obamacare Internet site managed by super-incompetent Kathleen Sebelius who spent over one billion dollars in the non- functioning Obamacare site. Go to my A2ZPublications.com, you can place orders, use any credit card to purchase, go to the blog, respond directly to me, interact with the webmaster, do it 24-7, order on line on my 800 number, all these things and the site cost less than $2,000 and is being updated as you read. This clearly proves how right Trump is about government spending and bureaucratic incompetence.

The Progressives are in desperation trying to do three things. 1) Delegitimize the Trump administration before it is even sworn in. 2) Deflect attention from their total incompetence of management and computer technology. 3) Boost up war sentiment to bolster the military industrial complex, about which Eisenhower warned us. As with the election they have an able and willing peanut gallery, the Hollywood left and the ever progressive media both of which have been in their vest pockets for the last 20-years.


(1) Wikileaks has offered a $20,000 reward leading to the conviction of his killer.

DNC Democratic National Committee

DHS Department of Homeland Security

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation



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