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Without a Legacy


Without a Legacy                                                                

Happy New Year!


Hope –Change—Forward—Also the slogans of the 1920 Communist Revolution

No more shovel ready Jobs, just real jobs!

Dr. A.H. Krieg


Well, it’s finally over, Americans and the world is celebrating the end of an eight-year error. Right up to the last day of his failed presidency he did everything possible to disrupt and inhibit a peaceful and magnanimous change of power. He even went so far as to issue EO’s that come into power two days before he leaves office. He did his best to disrupt international relations with Russia and Israel; he added $22 billion of regulatory costs with 43 new regulations in winter 2016. It appears he is determined to depart office with the nations is such bad condition that it will take Trump 4 years just to fix the Obama legacy. In his eight years he and his family spent $86 million on vacations, which is over three times more than any other president in history. His wife had more servants than any other of the first lady’s, ten times more than Barbara Bush. They are elated in Norway, where they have regretted giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, only to realize that after 8-years of continuous war.

In 2016 he gave us yet another of his “I love myself” & “I am the greatest” State of the Union Speeches. In this speech he summarized all his marvelous achievements. The presstitutes of the Lamestream adored him, idolized the speech as one of the great achievements of American history, why some even compared it to George Washington’s resignation speech. The Gettysburg address was frequently mentioned, however only by presstitutes that were unaware that Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave. The speech was about; I, Me, not about we, not about the people.

In historic terms we must now examine all of his listed accomplishments, as they actually happened. First he spoke of the Paris Climate Agreement, well, you remember the UNFCCC agreement that never made it out of the Committee on Foreign Relations. It would have been a disaster for American industry.

The Second issue was the “Iran Deal” yet another unilateral effort to circumvent of the legislative branch, he could not even get this passed with a Democrat controlled Senate. With this he returned to Iran all the funds that had been withheld by us $150 billion and then an additional $400 million for the release in Jan 2016 of US held prisoners, then another $1.3 billion after the prisoners were released. P.S. we got nothing for it except the capture of some naval personnel that were released, after an Iranian propaganda film production release.

The third item was the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) the planned trade disaster that was eventually even opposed by Clinton. It had no support in the Senate and is opposed by Trump and will not happen.

His forth claim to fame was to be the opening of Cuba where his communist friend Fidel was still the dictator and his brother Raul was in charge. Cuba remains the most oppressive and least free nation next to Venezuela in the hemisphere the average income in Cuba is $25 per month and $ 20 in Venezuela, just the sort of socialist/communist paradise one wants to emulate. Well after all it is where Bernie Sanders went for his honeymoon. What did we get in return for the opening of Cuba—nothing as usual.

Obama never again mentioned the JV-team; you remember ISIL, ISIS, and The Caliphate and all those wonderful folks who burn people alive. He completely missed the “Red Line in the Sand” in Syria, forgot about the $500 million he and Hillary gave to the freedom fighters (actually Mossad mercenaries) that switched sides when the money ran out. He even forgot about Hillary’s “Arab Spring” successes in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and our vastly improving relations with Israel. Benghazi, well Hillary spelled that out for all of us “What difference does it now make?” Some I suppose—we have been at war for the last 8-years. He completely forgot about his total withdrawal of our troops from Iraq creating a vacuum that the Caliphate entered. And then in Afghanistan he again telegraphed his master plan of withdrawal to the enemy before the surge, thus vacating any possible military victory. We are now in our 103rd month in Afghanistan to no avail. The chaos in that sad nation will continue indefinitely or until the Taliban takes over, again ending heroin production once and for all.

Then he went back on his greatest promise ever; “I will close Guantanamo Bay” didn’t happen either.

Hillary and Hussein then devised the Pacific strategy, where as usual they failed again. It was to be the ”Rebalancing of the Asia-Pacific region”. The “Asia Pivot” was an outright disaster. Our long time ally the Philippines that we liberated first from Spain and then from Japan is now openly pro-Chinese and Russian. This places Japan and Taiwan in the center between Mainland China, and China’s under construction islands and the now pro Communist Philippines.

We wont even go into Venezuela, which under the hapless leadership of Clinton and Obama has turned communist.

The latest load of rubbish in order to further upset the apple cart of America is that the Russians hacked into our election and the DNC. Julian Assange on December 13th clearly stated that the hacks he got on the DNC were from Guccifer 2.0 and a murdered in DC Washington employee of the DNC, Seth Rich, not the Russians. Guccifer has released thousands of DNC documents and there is no viable evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC. As to hacking elections, which are regional by 3,144 separate counties in 52 separate states producing 163,488 possible alternatives hacking all of them seems at least to me highly unlikely. On an entirely differing matter the Russians, Israelis, Guccifer, N. Koreans, and Chinese almost certainly hacked all of Hillary Clintons E-mails, secret, top secret and above, all sent over Yahoo. One of Obama’s hallmark claims was to institute cyber-security in America, as Edward Snowden said; “this administration is the least secure in presidential history”.

I am a Vet, and Obama’s claim that he would honor us is not just insulting, it’s a lie. The VA is now in worse shape than it has ever been. I have written an article titled, “The Appalling VA” you can read it on my site or in any of a dozen news sources and blogs. The VA Administrator Eric Shinseki was forced to resign. And Janet Napolitano compared returning vets to terrorists. This is an agency, which is staffed by a management bureaucracy that has been out of control for decades, the doctors and nurses are fine, the management and rules of operation are demonic. Obama has done nothing to fix it and in fact has made the situation worse.

The espoused effort promised by Obama to create racial harmony and to bring Americans together was nothing but a campaign slogan, in the last 60 years race relations and the congruence between citizens has never been worse. The progressive wings of the Democrat party have used division as the primary tool of governance. The 2016 presidential campaign more than typifies this. The Wikileaks reported collusion between the Lamestream the DNC and the Clinton campaign along with the endless release of pre-debate and pre-interview information to Hillary Clinton by presstitutes evidences it. It is fact that the Clinton campaign was captive to the banksters from which she collected $21.4 million. Obama and Clinton in their campaigns were total captives of the financial and pharmaceutical industries. 

Obama promised to protect voter’s rights. The first thing that when took office was when Eric Holder, Obamas AG refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers, for voter intimidation in Philadelphia, where they dressed in black with truncheons intimidating White voters. Staged riots at Trump rallies, road blockings to Trump rallies, intimidation of Trump rally attendees, all paid for by George Soros and the Clinton campaign were not investigated or prosecuted by the Justice Department. Repeated paid agitators at Republican political events by Soros and Clinton only arrested by local police, never investigated by the Department of Justice, even after the release of videos proving payment for illegal political disruption of events. Electoral College members subjected to threats and intimidation unless the changed their votes to Clinton, in one case in Wisconsin, death threat to an Elector.

He promised to strengthen police forces. Obama has done the exact opposite. Beginning in his first term and slandering a MA police department to a continuation under Holder and then Lynch of attacking every local police jurisdiction, attempting to militarize police departments, imposing federal control, and lying about issues like in Ferguson (Hands up don’t Shoot) lie, actually propagated by the Justice Department under Holder. Implementing the worst federal criminal event of US history, Fast & Furious, which was mandated by BATF and the US Marshals office for transfer of thousands of semi-automatic guns by American licensed FFL gun dealers to Mexican drug cartels in an effort to force the destruction of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Holder went before congress and lied about this, as did Obama. Open attacks on police that have never been an American occurrence have become commonplace, supported by insurrection groups like Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, The Ferguson Riots, Occupy Wall Street, the Oakland and Tulsa Riots, all paid for by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. Soros by the way also contributed millions to the Obama as well as the Clinton presidential campaigns.

                        I will not even address the deleterious financial position that Obama has created for this nation and my grandchildren. Doubling the national debt in 8-years is an outrage.

                        The situation on our southern border with Mexico and our immigration policy in general has proven to be disastrous and has resulted in a national crime wave caused by illegals. Today 37% of incarcerated criminals; those actually arrested and not released by ICE are illegal non-citizens. Illegal immigration over our porous southern border is unprecedented and has been increasing in the latter half of 2016. Sanctuary cities pushed by progressives led by Obama have resulted in thousands of rapes, murders, kidnappings, car jacking’s and robberies by previously convicted felons who were deported numerous times and simply walked back across our unprotected border.

                        Last, but certainly not least was Obamacare. The attempt to take over 14.7% of the American economy with a one payer socialist medical system, you know the one that work so well in Canada, England and Russia. The one in which you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance, have your annual healthcare cost reduced by $ 2,500, well, actually none of those, but the one in which a bureaucrat picks your doctor, you have no choice of insurance because there is only one carrier, and your premium is up by 160% while your co-pay is up to $ 5000, wow what a wonderful plan. (Bronze lowest price option) Actually paying the fine for not being insured is much cheaper. This is the sort of system in which you wait four weeks to see a doctor and then six moths to see a specialist and then two year for your operation if you’re lucky enough to live that long. Trump has promised to get rid of it.

                        This all is Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy, something the nation is angry about, and that our past president believes to be great. Michelle said, “hope is gone”, you bet, we don’t need that sort of hope! The end result has been a massive Republican landslide in the 2012 and 2016 election cycle. And the DNC is in such disarray that they re-elected Nancy Pelosi (S.CA) as their House leader, the woman who lost it all for them.


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