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Having now lived in America for over 60 years I think I understand American culture. The first issue in America is stuff, how much of it you have and what you do with it. Stuff in fact gauges your societal pecking order; it establishes your status in the community. Most commonly all Americans have far too much stuff, and living in Florida where no one has an attic or basement everyone fills their garages with stuff. Many cars are parked in the driveway because there is no more room in the garage. Sadly space is limited so in about a year or two—just about when you no longer remember what stuff you have accumulated in your garage, your community organizes a garage sale. These are community events by which act you are able to visit your neighbor and accumulate some of his stuff at very reasonable bargain prices because everything is sold in a sort of Khazarian gypsy manner. It is apparently very important to amass as much stuff as possible because it seems to be a communal status symbol if you cannot fit you car into the garage due to vast accumulations of stuff that you don’t need so, you must be well off.

In Florida the second most important status symbol is a golf cart. I’m not pontificating over some simple little two-passenger version actually used on golf courses, hell no these are spiffed up super carts that put European or Japanese economy cars to shame. They come electric (largest percentage) as well as gasoline powered.  Some will exceed 50mph that’s over 80 klm to you Europeans. We don’t have one, we also have very little junk in our garage our social status is very poor. One of my neighbors has a cart with 4-wheel drive and four-speaker stereo AM/FM CD player and cruse control. But then he’s the over the top guy, he also has a jeep, large diesel pickup truck and a Lexus, out door kitchen he puts us right out of the picture.

Another feature is to have the most advanced and outrageous kitchen possible; here again, we fall short. Our kitchen is very nice but we actually use it, which appears to be gosh’. Most of our neighbors have supper kitchens but the wives have no modicum of an idea as to what cooking actually is. They all go out to eat in restaurants or have food delivered to their homes, the most common being pizza. I was at one of our neighbor’s homes recently and the wife, a dear woman, had never used any of the beautiful copper clad pans that were on display and she did not know how to turn on the oven. All the kitchen knives were dull and had never been used.

In Florida most homes have a lanai, which is what Yankees call a porch, only in Florida they are concrete set level with the house and covered with a caged screen. I think in retrospect, that the screen is not really needed any more because the state county and towns have murdered most insects; nevertheless almost everyone has a screened cage. The latest fad is to have an outdoors kitchen with a gas barbeque on which the man of the house, will when company is present, cook steaks hamburgers and hotdogs. Hotdogs are sort of a low class second rate German sausage. This is most commonly accompanied with German potato salad from the super market and condiments including America’s favorite vegetable, Ketchup.

This has all expanded to the kleptomaniac state a place in which hospitals routinely pad bills, doctors charge for surgeries not done, scales are weighted and every last government statistic reported to the public is a lie. The mantra of this century is the refrain heard from the synagogue of Satan, “do unto others before they do unto you”. Get rich quick, stick it to your neighbor, make war for profit, it is a veritable smorgasbord of Ashkeanzim philosophy. All highlighted by our defense department with $500 toilet seats, and $300 screwdrivers.

I don’t mean to belittle Americans, Lord knows I’m one of them after 64-years, I just think that we as a society have become so totally materialistic that we have lost our moral compass. I always remember the hard times in Switzerland during the war, not enough food, no heat, no father who was in the army, going to bed hungry, mother looking like a skeleton and in civil defense, being shipped out as farm labor at 5-years of age, then later at 6 to a monastery, because there was no food left in cities. Today I still eat everything, fast, always clean my plate, never ever waste any food, and am a curmudgeon with heat and air-conditioning, as is my English born wife. We were children of the war; Americans cannot understand by this or the last generation; or our outlook in general. People who have never wanted for anything cannot understand those who for years and for their entire childhood had nothing. The best Christmas present I remember was in 1944 when my aunt Berti gave me an Orange, I had no idea what it was and how she got it, which is still beyond my comprehension.

The election revolution, which we just witnessed, demonstrated once and for all that if the elites and pseudointellectual journalists step on the people long enough they will rise up, and they did. While the presstitutes continued their endless herrang against the middle class and the pollsters relentlessly continued their false predictions, the people stood their ground and voted for Trump, the only man ever to challenge the “System” in the last ten decades. The White populace that has been subverted by communist “Cultural Marxism”, whose name was changed to “Political Correctness” to hide its nefarious origin, would have no more of it, from academia or government.  The relentless Ashkeanzim inspired greed for stuff you and I don’t need, is the reflection of their control of our society.

For 773-years ever since King Philip IV and Pope Clement V murdered Jacques de Molay Grand Master of the Knights Templar in 1243 and turned banking over to the Ashkenazi Jews, Western society has morally declined. The first debacle was usury that had been a capital crime from the beginning of Christianity to the 12th century. With that crime came greed; compound interest, the separation of principal and interest in repayment of mortgages, rising interest charges, graduated tax structures, penalizing productivity through higher percentage taxes, property taxes, taxes on income, taxes on occupancy for businesses, licenses for virtually everything except breathing and walking. The two entities that gained from these acts are government and banking, the ever-present partnership of middle class embezzlement.

Yes, it’s the Ashkeanzim who are the driving force behind our materialistic endeavors. They are the shop owners, the retailers, the banksters, and the operators of our government, they are the harbingers of greed, the salesmen of stuff you don’t need, the destroyers of Christian values, the disrupters of Western society. They are the swamp, and if you think that Trump will drain it, surrounded by Ashkeanzim, you had better reflect on the issue some more.

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