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The Truth is irrelevant in this world


The Truth is irrelevant in this world!

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CFMGE


I just have to vent my anger at the left, blow off some steam as we may say!


Wikipedia claims to be the encyclopedia of the Internet, and SPLC claims the moral high ground for America. Both are phonies; neither one is worth the effort to read. When you look up my Company A2Z Publications LLC on Wikipedia the site comes up with “no such company exists”. When I tried to correct that by providing to them in San Fransico (the loony left) their corporate HQ, our two corporate addresses, IRS business numbers, state licenses, registration numbers, Internet sites, telephone numbers and all the rest they informed us that they were not responsible for content and that we had to make corrections of their misinformation. Something that proved to be impossible!

SPLC the Southern Poverty Law Center is a homosexual Jewish run hate group that reports everyone on the political right who is White or not homosexual, as supporters of radical hate. In fact they list my company A2Z Publications as a hate group, but that’s where it ends, they do not give a reason, and evidence, no proof, they refer the reader to Wikipedia. When I contacted them and told them the A2Z Publications LLC was a corporation and could therefor not be a hate group they would not respond, nor would they correct their lies.


The real problem is not with me, or my company, the problem rests with the fact that these are not isolates incidents. Worse yet is the problem that governmental agencies; as well as the media, use both of these organizations for information, and in the case of government, they actually use SPLC to lecture police and military organizational structures on hate groups, which includes them, of course, but not in their little minds or apparently those of government agencies. Let me provide some examples: American Border Patrol, SPLC claims they are supremacist White activists, just because they want to protect the Southern border of the United States. The American Family Association, because they support traditional family values. The American Renaissance, because they are intellectuals, that use multi-syllable words which the people at SPLC cannot understand. The Barnes Review, of all things, a revisionist monthly history magazine, that they claim to be anti government, without a shred of proof. The really interesting matter however is that they do not list a single communist, socialist, leftist, Gay, Soros funded or revolutionary organization of which there are well over 500. Per example structures like Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party, ACLU, which lists Bernadine Dohrn a communist revolutionary on their Board, CPUSA, the Aspen Institute, The Brookings Institution and the Center for American Progress along with over 190 leftist Soros funded groups, all are missing.


If people in the Media base their reasoning on SPLC or Wikipedia we can all understand why they are so totally misinformed on so very many issues. Use real reliable and proven original sources of information might prove more enlightening for us all.

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