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The Astounding Lamestream


The Astounding Lamestream!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


I am waiting with baited Breath for Miley Cyrus, Bryan Cranston, Samuel Jackson, Lena Dunham, Neve Campbell, Natasha Lyonne, Barbara Streisand, Ne-Yo, Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Keegan-Michael Keys, George Lopez, J. Zee, J. Lopez, Ali Wentworth, Cher, Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Al Sharpton to now immediately depart our country as they promised to do if Trump was elected, we know they have the money for the tickets!

Good riddance to bad rubbish!


Question: Since George Soros and the Clintons paid for all the riots at Trump rallies and Black Lives Matter etc. are they now financing the anti-Trump protests

After the election?


America Wins: The Lamestream loses!    Brexit in America!


That’s my total comment, on the brain-dead pundits, editors & publishers and commentators that continue to lavish their senseless rubbish on America. It’s not just restricted to the Lamestream, Oh no; the GOP media operation is right in there with them. They say that Trump stunned them with his win. Well, I was not stunned, I had predicted it over a year ago, when I wrote an editorial in “The Sovereign” as well as the “Nationalist Times” and my bog stating, “I was not a Trump supporter but now I am”. But then those papers are growing in readership, not declining, they are politically neutral not partisan, they are conservative not socialist. The “Left” does not get it, Americans have had enough, wages, based on fixed dollar value, are lower today than they were 20 years ago, the rich have become richer, the middle class poorer, we bailed out the banksters time after time and got nothing for it, we were offered Obamacare and the lowest cost plan (Bronze) with a $ 5,000 deductible has increased 25% then 34% and now up to 140%, it’s cheaper to pay the fine for being uninsured, they lied to us about everything and the meager 52% that are still employed and paying taxes won’t take it anymore, we have 94 million Americans unemployed that want jobs!

I gave speeches I produced fliers, I wrote editorials, I wrote five books, I frankly worked 10 hours a day to help Trump get elected, not because he paid me, not because I even knew him, but because I was disposed to do so to prevent the country from collapsing, as I had predicted in my 2000 published book, “July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day”, which would have been reality had Hillary Clinton become president.

The pundits all say the exact same thing, this election was an upset, and it was the greatest political surprise of the last 100 years—rubbish—I traveled all over Florida and Pennsylvania, so called must win states. In PA I was the keynote speaker of the ANU/AFP national 2016 meeting none, were Hillary supporters, in PA from the airport to the meeting, I counted 35 “Trump/Pence” yard signs 2 “Hillary for Prison” yard signs and one waitress with a Trump button on her blouse, I in three days did not meet one Hillary supporter and that included the Black airport staff at the Allentown/Bethlehem airport. In Florida I live in a community half way between Sarasota and Tampa of about 350 homes not one single Hillary supporter to my knowledge, lots of Trump signs.

Pavlov however was right; if you push enough animals or people into the same confined space they stop acting rationally and begin acting like lemmings and worse. The inner cities are populated by people who no longer think for themselves but play follow the politician and the media and then overwhelmingly voted Democrat and for Clinton. They are the takers, the entitled, living off the rest of society. They have judging by Clinton’s speeches lost the ability to reason. I listened to a few of her speeches they were all the same separated into three sections; 1) a long list for about 12 minutes of all the wonderful Democrats in the room that support her, 2) a diatribe of 12 minutes of misinformation about what terrible things Trump would do if he were elected, not one word of which was ever based in any substantiated truth, 3) a short litany of things she would do if elected but never one word of how she would do those things or how she would finance them. Speech over.

Latest statistics also indicate that women voted by a 20% plurality for Trump over Clinton, Blacks and Hispanics voted by larger percentages for Trump than they had for Romney. Energy producing states gave Trump up to 20% leads. I have no statistics on police, military, NRA members, coal miners, pipeline workers, organized labor but I can assure you that they voted for Trump by a minimum of 90% plurality. The Lamestream and government have the stats but won’t release them. This is the largest rebuke of established political systems in world history, at no time ever before to the best of my knowledge have the people so firmly rebuked the 43,000 overpaid and underworked Washington bureaucrats, lobbyists, staffers, elected flunkies and insiders. As Trump said, “it’s time to drain the swamp”—but I think it’s a cesspool. States that had been in the DNC column for 20 years switched sides. An overview of a US map by counties and how they voted is an eye opener the entire nation with the exception of New England, Miami Dade, Counties bordering the Pacific ocean, and a few on the Mexican border is red. The repudiation of progressive socialist policy was a rout. Think about Hillary Clinton’s concession speech; by midnight her entire Javits Center meeting was void of people, she then missed the 3am slot, then missed the 9:30 am slot, then missed the 10:30 am slot, then finally showed up introduced by her VP candidate Kaine, who lavished her with endless praise, well what could he do, he had an attendance of 27 for his Miami rally and had to cancel Sarasota because they were unable to sell even one ticket. Her lackluster performance in Florida amazed even me. When she could only get 720 attendees in Dade County the largest by plurality Democrat County in the state 50 in Miami it was obvious that something was wrong, which was more than confirmed when Trump mustered 11,000 in Sarasota, 27,000 in Orlando, and over 35,000 in Miami. Never let it be said the media did not try for Hillary, they never reported the 720 attendance in Dade, the 50 in Miami, the Kaine 27 or the Kaine cancelation in Sarasota, of course not, they never reported the huge size of the Trump rallies either.

If you suffer the illusion that this will change the outlook of your local fish wrap, forget it, they will double down, the editors and publishers are not the owners they have no vested interest in the failures of their products. The NY Times has not made a profit in decades, they even had to sell their building and rent from the new owners to stay afloat, and then sell the Boston Globe, still losing money, no change in editorial policy, and they simply don’t get it. They will keep ladling out the same crap and lose more circulation until they are gone their editors are driving taxicabs, and their publishers are selling apples off cart’s on 5th avenue. And those employed will not understand why. They will continue to listen to their Paul Klugman’s and other socialists whose ability to manage a five and dime store is non-existent.


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