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People Don’t Understand!


We give you: John Ashe, Robert Bates, Gandy Baugh, Adm.

Jeremy Boorda, Ron Brown, James Bunch, Eric Butera,

Caetano Carani, Danny Casolaro, Berta Caceres, William

Colby, Suzanne Coleman, Gregory Collins, Keith Koney,

L. J. Davis, David Drye, Daniel A. Dutko, Hershell Friday,

Vince Foster, Aldo Franscoia, Cpt. Kevin N. Earnest, Lt.

Benjamin T. Hall, SSgt. Michael J. Smith Jr. Sr. Airman

Rick L Merritt, SSGT. Michael R. York, Sr. Airman Billy

R. Ogston Airman Thoms A. Stevens, Kathy Ferguson,

Duane Garrett, Cpl. Eric S. Fox, Carlos Ghigliotti, Judy

Gibbs, Paula Grober, Sgt. Brian Haney, Sgt. Tim Sabel,

Maj. Scot Reynolds, Michael Hastings, Stanley Heard,

Steve Dickson, John Hiller, Stanley Huggins, Sandy Hume

Kevin Ives, Don Henry, Gary Johnson, John Jones, John

F. Kennedy Jr., Jordan Kettleson, John Franklin Lawhorn Jr.,

Shawn Lucas, Mary Mahoney, Lt. Gen. David J. McCloud,

Christine M. Mirzayan, Gordon Matteson, James McDougal,

Keith McKaskel, Charles Meissner, James Milam, Charles

Wilbourne Miller, Ron Miller, John Mills, Joe Montano,

Neil Moody, Tony Moser, Larry Nichols, Paul Olsen, Jerry

Luther Parks, Dennis Patrick, C. Victor Raiser II, Montgomery

Raiser, Seth Conrad Rich, Jeff Rhodes, Maj. Gen. William

Robertson, Col. Wlm. Densberger, Col. Robert Kelly, Spec.

Gary Rhodes, Dr. Ronald Rogers, Charles Ruff, Col. James

Sabow, Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar, Walter Scheib, Tom

Schweich, Barry Seal, Bill Shelton, Paul Tully, Jon Parnell

Walker, Calvin Walraven, Garry Webb, Russel Welch, Alan

G. Whicher, Paul Wilcher, Ed Willey, Gareth Williams, John

August Wilson, Jim Wilhite, Theodor Williams Jr. Steve

Willis, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeehan

Barbara Wise, Richard Winters & Terrance Yeakey. RIP


All these listed people White, Black, Hispanic, Adults & Children were intimately known

By the Clintons, How many of your fiends have died in violent ways?


45 close associates of the Clinton’s went to jail!


After many discussion with sundry good people on the matter of this presidential election we have come to the conclusion that most simply fail to understand the impacting issues or the maquillage of the candidates running. Let us first dispense with Gary Johnson the Libertarian Candidate. When a question was posed to him about Aleppo his response was “what’s that”, it is a city in the Levant in northern Syria and has been historically prominent for over 3000 years, where Johnson was educated remains to us at least a mystery, we have disqualified him!  Jill Stein the Green Party candidate has outlandish unrealistic Malthusian and un-scientific energy concepts that are unworkable, so we have disqualified her! That leaves us with the two Republocrats, or so one might think. The campaign has been the most vociferously nasty in our combined memories which in American politics goes all the way back to president FDR.  The nastiness originated in the Clinton campaign, a prominence within the Clinton political operation that has been ongoing for many decades. The Clintons are the best mudslingers in the political landscape and have been since the 70’s. Many Americans seem not to understand that, or exactly how far they will go with graft, lying, intimidation, and extortion and yes, even murder.

Remember all those spontaneous outbreaks at Trump rallies, they were in fact, as has been now conclusively proven, paid for by the Clinton campaign political agitators at $ 1,500 each involved person. We have them on video admitting it! But that’s not how the media reported it; in fact the media with the exception of FOX did not even report the existence of the videos or what was on them. (Source Project Veritas videos)

Let us all understand that Comey, in his second stand down, is allowing the following committed crimes by the Clinton’s to go unpunished. Graft, money laundering, racketeering, child exploitation, perjury, pay to play through the Clinton foundation and personal gifts for the Clinton’s, obstruction of justice, treason, as well as other felonies and crimes. Understand that the FBI under Comey stated on Sunday the 6th of Nov. that they had reviewed all the E-mails on Weiner’s server. We know that was 662,871 e-mail chains. (NYPD reported) The information was broken to the FBI four days ago; this would indicate that the FBI read 13,542 e-mails per hour, since they got the information. Not even super man could do that! (Source FBI news release) Then we learned from the NYPD investigators that there were numerous “pay-to-play”, to CF and CGI as well as secret communications from many various sources. One of the more interesting issues is a one million dollar contribution to CF from Qatar made directly after Syrian President Bashar Assad turned down a gas pipeline through Syria. Hillary thereafter dispatched 7 CIA operatives to Syria to work with the Mossad established “Free Syrian Army” who were in fact Mossad mercenaries. Hillary then sent them $50 million and 100 Toyota trucks; they then promptly switched sides and joined the Caliphate (ISIL – ISIS) because the pay was better.

So, it behooves us to understand why Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State had 18 Blackberries, 5, I-pads, three Servers and using one server in NYC that belonged to Anthony Weiner. Why the Clinton’s and their staffs used Weiner’s server, and why they destroyed 13 of the Blackberries and lost the 5 I-pads and bleached two of the servers and AG Loretta Lynch had the third sever in the hands of the FBI illegally destroyed. It’s really very simple. Any drug dealer will tell you, that Blackberries, I-Pads and I-phones as well as servers can be traced and decrypted after illegal use so, you simply destroy them and buy new ones. Because Hillary Clinton was working the largest in American history graft operation through the Clinton Foundation, an illegal (in name only) charity, she could not afford to allow the personnel at State to have access to communications that would verify the Pay-to-Play graft operation she was running with her husband for personal enrichment. Bet you did not know that the Clinton Foundation paid for Chelsea’s entire wedding. The reason they used Weiner’s server was because Anthony was at the time married to Huma Abedin, (A spouse cannot testify against his partner) Hillary Clinton’s closest associate and because they were all too lazy to learn how to operate the protected communications systems of the Department of State. Just one more thing, Huma and Sheryl Mills Hillary’s other associate, had all their receiving e-mails automatically forwarded to the Weiner server, consequently e-mail chains from Clinton, Obama, DOD, Abedin Mills, and everyone who sent mail to Clinton wound up on Weiner’s server. That would automatically include confidential, secret, top secret and SAP/SCI communications to which Weiner, as well as everyone on Yahoo, the carrier used, and also Hillary’s Hispanic maid had access to. (There is even a Telephone recording to Hillary telling her maid to print out a confidential communication from State) That’s why there were over 650,000 e-mail chains contained on that server. (Source NYPD criminal investigation department information is stored in a Microsoft outlook program)

We want to address the women who have accused Trump of impropriety:

Jessica Drake Tahoe 2006 CA: Claim kissing without permission, sometime in the 80’s 36 years ago oh dear! (She is now a stripper and porn star)

   Ivana Trump 1989, allegations recanted by witness. (ex wife)

Kristin Anderson early 1992’s totally uncorroborated by any witness, says so of accuser in a       public place. (25 years ago, now a hag)

Jill Harth 1992-97 business partner essentially a non-event not corroborated by anyone. Sued Trump but then withdrew suite. She had already sued him once for breach of contract, which she also withdrew. She is a makeup artist.

Temple Taggart 1997 He kissed me on the lips!! Wow what’s next?

Karena Virginia 1998 He walked up to me and he touched me brushed up to my breast. Holy Toledo we must all be guilty also!

This all looks like more pay to play from the Clinton’s. None of this is believable none of it would stand up in a court of law. In the end it will be a good bet to assume that the women were all paid by the Clinton’s to bring forward these actions and that all will eventually come out. Think about it; they had to somehow hide Bill Clinton’s numerous affairs, rapes, $850,000 pay-offs to molested women, and 20 trips to Epstein’s pedophile island, and Hillary’s 7 trips to the same place.  What better way than to pay some floozies to make accusations of long passed invented indiscretions? 

Are you aware that many women were paid by the Clinton campaign to attend Trump events and were coached by Aaron Black, of Democracy Partners, a DNC consulting firm to incite men at Trump rallies to oppose those women and portray the men as bullies before the media. (Project Veritas video release) Meanwhile Clinton campaign consultant Zulema Rodriguez stated the Hillary did her best to keep the organized protests safe. These were not protests; they were organized purposeful obstruction of the democratic process.

Most Americans simply do not understand the depth of the Clinton crime operation because they have short memories and because the media is in the tank for the Clintons and report none of it. In our memory there has never in our nations history been a circumstance by which 97% of political contributions from journalists went to one candidate. The media is not neutral they are active participants in the election process in support of Hillary Clinton. And by the media we mean print, radio, TV, publication, every form of media available. They have for the past two years shielded the Clinton Campaign from all deleterious news, exonerated her from every crime she committed, blamed everyone else for her mistakes, failed to report the most egregious issues relating to her failed health, and never brought to the forefront the horrible tenure of her husbands presidency, his BAR disbarment, his impeachment, their drug running from Mena, Arkansas while he was governor, their lies…nothing. The media is not just partisan they are an adjunct to the DNC actively supporting a candidate and acting like a Nazi propaganda ministry not an independent media.

DNC vote corruption is nothing new, LBJ won congressional votes in Texas that were so obviously crooked that even Democrats admitted it. The corruption begins in the media Facebook followers: Clinton 4,385,959 Trump 12,174,358. On 10.24.16 live stream videos Trump, 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views Clinton, 9,000 likes, 0 shares, 121,000 views. Twitter Trump has 18.2 million followers Clinton has 6.1 million. U-Tube national poll Trump has 67% Clinton has 19%. On 10.13.2016 Telephone interviews of 2,021 adults done by BSG based on voting history Hillary Clinton flash-cash to 12% favorable 77% unfavorable 11% undecided. This is definitely not what the media is reporting. On 11.8.16 11.30 AM, FOX news reported three busloads of Mexicans at pols arrested trying to vote for Clinton. In Ohio 19 cases of voter fraud are under investigation, on 11.7.16 President Obama admonished on an interviewer on TV that illegals should vote, no one would arrest them, (FOX News) Texas vote harvesting by illegal filings in Tarrant county, (Dallas Morning news) California Berkley hundreds of ballot guides were found in dumpster Oct 11, Berkleyside news, 5 million uncounted Sanders ballots located on Clinton server, Nevada County News, the lists are endless and in every state not one of them is about Republicans, Greens or Libertarians every last one is about Democrats and the Clinton Crime machine.

Do any of you remember: Kathleen Willey, Connie Hamzy, Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Elizabeth (Ward) Gracen, Dolly Kyle Browning, Sally Perdue, Lencola Sullivan, Susie Whitace, Bobby Ann Williams, all these were women that Bill was involved with and presently it’s the Energizer Bunny so called by Bills secret service security detail. (Public records)

Do any of you remember: Whitewater Development Co. Travelgate, The Vice Foster Murder, Filegate, Castle Grande, Cattle Futures trading, Cell phone investment scam, Madison Guarantee S&L, Rose Law firm records, Wal-Mart directorship, Jonny Chung, Vinod Gupta, Alcee Hastings, Norman Hsu, Webster Hubbell, Abdul Rehman Jinnah, Terry McAuliffe, the McDugals, Jim Messina, Peter Paul, Anthony Pellicano, Marc Rich, David Rosen, Jeffrey Thompson, and the Sultan of Brunei? (Public records)

Do you remember the White House Days and: FBI files, Hillary’s $25 million healthcare plan, Renting out the Lincoln bedroom, Travel office firings, the theft of $190,00 furniture and artifacts when they left the White House. The over $30,000 in purposeful damage done to the Whitehouse upon departing? (Public Records)

               Do you even remember: The first death of an American ambassador in 30 years, the worst foreign policy in American history, the Afghan war that continues today, the total withdrawal from Iraq allowing the Caliphate development, the “Arab Spring” that totally destroyed America’s Middle East foreign policy, the irrational attack on Libya who was fighting al Qaida together with the CIA, the catastrophic relations with China, Israel, England, North Korea and the EU. The ghost written Hillary books for which she collected million from Simon & Schuster as political payoffs the list is in fact endless.

Who is funding Hillary Clinton’s presidential Campaign? From 4.13.2013 and Morgan Stanley in Washington DC to 03.19.2015 American Campaign Association Atlantic City NJ Hillary Clinton raked in $ 225,000 from each of 92 financial institutions for political donations disguised as speeches. (From Rense.com/general196/clintonchecks.htm) If you are interested in reading one of the speeches, they were all the same and less than 15 minutes you can read them on Wikileaks@wikileaks release. The content is simple, “pay no attention to what I say to the fools that vote for me, we are all 1%ers and I have your backs”. Why was this structured as speeches? For two reasons to circumvent FEC campaign fiancé donation laws, and to make the contribution tax deductible to the Banksters. Total collected funds from Banksters was $ 21,667,000.00 And you thought she was on your side.

Do you remember, 33,000 disappeared e-mails that Hillary said “these were confidential communications between me and my daughter about our Yoga classes and Chelsea’s pending marriage”? Did you know that she deleted them after receiving a congressional subpoena to retain them? (A class one Felony) Do you remember, her FBI testimony in which she repeated “I don’t remember, 35 consecutive times”? Do you remember, “I had only one device”; she had 18 Blackberries and 5 I-pads. Do you remember, her fall at the State Department that caused her to forget everything even 6 months later, about E-mails, Benghazi, the State Department, her employment, Ambassador Stevens, the 13 hour siege at Benghazi, and her 6 trips and Bill’s 26 to “Orgy Island” on Mr. Epstein’s airplane.

Hillary Clinton with the aid of a complicit media cheated on every debate; even with fellow progressive Bernie Sanders, by having all the questions provided her by her media buddies, and even with that Trump knocked her off her rehearsed replies, what a sad commentary for a would be president. In school they disqualify you if you do that, perhaps that’s why she flunked her BAR exam in Washington DC. (FOX news report)

No one seems to grasp the Clinton Foundation is the largest charity scam of the 20th & 21st centuries. When the Clintons left the White House stealing $190,000 of furniture and art work and were subsequently caught and fined $ 86,000 they also returned $28,000 of merchandise and also caused over $ 30,000 of purposeful damage to the “Peoples House” they were broke, Hillary said so on TV.

The Presidential Library and Research archive was set up in 1977 and was over decades morphed into the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation located in little Rock Arkansas with branch offices in NYC. It is not organizationally or operationally in accordance with IRS 1.501 (c) (3) -1 (a) (1) a charitable foundation. It furthermore operates two bundling operation one in Canada and one in Norway for foreign contributions which are not domestically reported to the IRS unless monies are transferred to the United States. No data is available how much money is parked in those two nations. Total contributions on foreign collections for Haiti for the Haitian catastrophe, was under 3% of the total monies collected. In 2013 the Clinton Foundation netted $ 140 million. They then contributed $ 9 million to charity…wait a minute…according to IRS regulations any charitable Foundation must give 10% of their annual income to charity, or for 2013 that would have been $14 million, they were a mere $5 million short, well, there was Chelsea’s wedding! By 2015 after her stint as secretary of State she was worth $ 35 million and the Clinton Foundation domestically had assets of $ 2 billion. Now how do you suppose the Clintons made over $ 2 billion in a short four years 2009 to 2013? Bill’s total income as a retired president is $ 400,000 and the Secretary of State earns $ 186,600 so that’s $ 586,600 per year or $ 2,246,400.00 in four years how do you parley $2 ¼ million into $2.35 billion in four years? Well. OK, we know she is clever in 1978 she invested $1,000 in cattle future options, normally the minimum allowed is $ 12,000 but she was offered an exception. She opted for 10 contracts at a 1200% discount on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and made $ 6,300 overnight then in subsequent ten months of trading she made over $ 100,000 all with a little bit of help from her friend James B. Blair. (Washington Post release) Oh, I completely forgot Martha Stewart was sent to prison for insider trading, but then she did not have the political contacts within the Justice Department that Hillary has.

Where did the money come from? Good Question! Contributions to the Clinton Foundation 2009 to 2013 while she was Sec. of State. Brokered deals with 16 nations totaling $ 151 Billion every one of which made contributions to the Clinton Foundation. GRAFT! Foreign arms purchasers many in the Middle East bought $ 163 billion of armaments from us, all contracts had to be approved by the Secretary of State, all of them made contributions to the Clinton Foundation. MORE GRAFT! American Defense Contractors were given $ 154 billion in armaments contracts all made contributions to the Clinton Foundation. EVEN MORE GRAFT! 84 out of 154 Private free enterprise American business people that met with Hillary Clinton one on one gave the Clinton Foundation over $ 150 million. SOLICITED GRAFT!

Why has no one been prosecuted, is the million dollar question? Because our totally corrupt AG Loretta Lynch has prevented for all of 2016 the empanelment of a grand jury or a special prosecutor, and has forbidden FBI Director Comey from proceeding with prosecution or investigation in all matters relating to the Clinton’s and their Foundations. Who do you suppose ordered Loretta to do that? Comey is a gutless bureaucrat who should have resigned.

This brings us to Hillary’s greatest financial supporter and one of the biggest dirt bags in America today. Why George Soros has not been deported after all he has done against our nation, against republican government, against our Constitution and Bill of Rights remains a mystery to us all. Let us clarify, George Soros supports either totally or partially 150 individual leftist organizations. The largest percentage is through his Open Society Foundation. (OSF) Many of these like the Tides Foundation are radical anti American pro homosexual, and oppose republican constitutional government. Soros is the financially backer behind, Black Lives Matter, the Ferguson Riots, Occupy Wall Street, Michael Brown riots, Trayvon Martin riots, the Oakland riots, Milwaukee riots, Baltimore Riots and the Charlotte riots. He is the major supporter of open borders, more Muslim immigration from Syria, anti-police protests, elimination of American sovereignty, and is a huge supporter of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Soros in 1995 Stated about the Clintons; “There is no question about this. We actually work together as a team” Soros has donated $11 million to the Clinton presidential campaign and $6 million to the Clinton Global Initiative.









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