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By: Dr. A. H. Krieg                             11:10:16


In 2000 I wrote a book titled, "July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day" it was published by Hallberg Publishing of Tampa FL, you can still buy it from my company at A2Z Publications. I concluded in the mid 60’s after the government report on the Jack Kennedy assassination that something was drastically wrong. The Warren Commission Report was pure BS. But when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 my fears vanished. Now I am absolutely convinced that JFK’s assassination was an inside job, and that our Republic has been captured by forces unfriendly to democratic process and republican governance. The fact that JFK was opposed to the Israeli Dimona reactor in the Negev, intended to dismantle the FRS and had similar aspirations for the CIA leaves little doubt of the assassination’s management. The Kennedy assassination was a coupe de tat; that bequeathed America with one of the foulest mouthed and corrupt progressive socialist SOB’s ever chosen leader in this nations history, which in all probability had much to do with the murder. LBJ also succeeded in accord with the wishes of the military industrial complex to expand the Viet Nam war, managing by it to get 533,000 Viet Nam and 58,193 Americans killed in the process. Lesser known is the fact that his "Great Society" has cost America over $22 trillion since 1964 and was supposed to eliminate poverty, instead it increased from’64 to 2016 to 14.3% (43.1 million Americans)

Americans led by a mindless Lamestream media have been indoctrinated for decades to believe the lie that they elect their presidents, they do no such thing, and it is all a huge illusion that makes the wizard of OZ, incidentally the title of another book I wrote, ["OZ in the New Millennium" in 2010 published by A2Z Publications LLC]; look like a benign rabbit. The entire process of the presidential election from the first inkling of primary to the last photo-op, sorry debate, is so structured and managed that the winning candidate is picked by the elites two years before the electoral process even begins. Please don’t espouse those phooey leftist platitudes about "OUR DEMOCRACY" because its not a democracy and it never was it’s a Constitutional Republic. The only exception to the process was Ronald Reagan, but they did warn him. When John Hinckley shot and almost killed Reagan, some but not all his policies changed after that.

The top three DNC officers had to be fired in 2016 due to malfeasant of office in succeeding in fixing the Democrat primary elections in favor of Hillary Clinton. It is not unlikely that due to over 20,000 E-mail releases by Wikileaks, John Podesta chairman of Clinton’s presidential campaign will be next to go. PS, Debbie Wasserman Schultz after being fired as DNC chairman was hired by the Clinton campaign—what’s another crook to an entire muster of crooks?  

From my latest book "Practical Economics for Millennials" A2Z, 2016, PP 30–"this issue goes back to the 2010 census whose product was the bogus population count. I know because I was an enumerator for both groups as well as individual counts. Enumerators were told on no uncertain terms that: you must count everyone from the age of three months up, you may not ask about citizenship status. Therefore at least 25 million non-citizens were included in the census. This would include: green card holders, illegal aliens, refugees, immigrant’s children (anchor babies), diplomats and consular officers." Let me clarify; the following counties in America have over 50,000 non-citizen residents, LA, Miami, Dade, Cook, Queens, Orange, San Diego, Santa Clara, Oakland, Maricopa, Harris & Kings a total of 12 counties that each have one additional Democrat congressman due to a bogus and illegally structured census. The entire constitutional purpose of the census enumeration is to determine how many congressmen we will have for the coming decade. The 2010 census gave us 12 more congressmen than we should have and all of them are democrats.

Voting machines are changing votes by switching parties. Maryland numerous districts Republican votes were switched to Democrat in 2008 and then again in 2012. (Frederick, Anne Arundel, counties) (Political Insider Testimony): Mr. Clinton U. Curtis Computer programmer, Q. Are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections? A. Yes. Q. How do you know? A. Because in October of 2000 I wrote a program for Congressman Tom Feeney to do exactly that. Q. Can such be detected by election officials? A. They’d never detect it. Diebold machines are the worst. I have personally seen the computer card that is inserted in the front of the Diebold machine altered to produce a fixed win in accordance with instructions from the fixer.

The presidential debate commission has three appointed members by the DNC and three by the RNC; their only job is to make absolutely certain that no third party candidate ever again participates in the debates. It has now been verified by Pew Research that 18 million voter cards at polling places are either expired; out of date; for illegally registered, or dead voters. Liberal democrats have for over two decades done every possible thing to prevent this from being corrected. The threshold of 15% tallied participation in the primaries by any third party candidate is an impossible threshold when the entire media is bought and paid for by the Republocrats.

The FEC Federal Elections Commission purposely obstructs third party certification, which is in many states (Florida per example require) for state ballot access certification. Our Party A3P met all qualifications, after an arduous 8 months and the threat of legal actions against the officers of the FEC. We met all requirements 6 months before the 2012 election but certification was never made. After the election we determined that the same had taken place with seven other political parties.

Some states (Alabama & Florida & Georgia) require certified citizen applications for party listing on ballots; this in all cases is a specific number. For Alabama it’s 1000. A3P submitted 1300 we felt that this would be a safe margin. We were informed three days before the deadline that 320 of our applicants were not on the list, we asked what list, they said our list, we said give us a copy of the list, they said it was confidential. The deadline was over we did not get on the Alabama ballot. In Florida the requirement is for 14% of the electorate, you figure it out FL population is 19 million. We would need to collect over 2 million notarized applications to get on the ballot—impossible even for a billionaire. That’s why Trump is running as a Republican.

The Democrats i.e. progressives of the Democrat party fixed the democrat primary with 507 Super delegates assigned to Hillary Clinton even before the process began. In Nevada they blocked the Sanders delegates from the meeting 78 of them giving the Clinton delegates plurality. In Colorado the local DNC misreported 10 voter precincts giving Hillary a win. In NH there were 30 Republicans and 28 Democrats on the presidential primary ballot, Bernie won but Hillary took the basket. New York, California, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio is among states where massive voter fraud in democrat primaries was the rule of the elections. The joke in Ohio was lapel stickers "I Voted, I Didn’t, I tried, I waited & I think I voted.

Do I have to go into Project Veritas Action releases? The Lamestream refused to publish this information due to fear if Clinton was elected. The paid obstruction by violence of Hillary paid operatives to create violence at Trump political rallies as well as blocking access on roads and highways. FCC complaints have been filed against the Clinton campaign. 1) Inciting riots in Trump rallies 2) bussing people not registered to vote, to polling places. (Go to: projectveritasaction.com) Scott Foval is the mover behind this Hillary effort of "Americans for Change" has now fired him. It was at least in part financed by George Soros, just as was the Ferguson Riots, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the Baltimore Riots, The Charlotte Riots all by his Open Society.

The direct result of George Bush as the previous CIA director, Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, and then Obama has been the establishment of a crime syndicates as the primary political power in America. Have you even noticed that the entire RINO cartel supports Hillary for president, all the Bush’s, Obama, Romney, McCain, Ryan and McConnell, think about that, what does it mean? These people all have vested interest in the status quo, which are the military industrial complex, the pentagon, the supporting Think Tanks and their supporting media and banking.  Hillary gave speeches to over 50 financial institutions at $225,000 a pop for 15-minute speeches, if you want to know what she said look it up on Wikileaks. Lord knows the Lamestream won’t publish it.  Outside the media these organizations, the CIA, NSA, Pentagon and defense contractors jointly spend over one billion of your tax dollars every year to propagandize you into believing fairytales on everything of domestic as well as foreign policy.

Hillary simply said the same thing to every financial institution she gave a speech to: "Don’t worry what I tell the public (us fools) we are all the wealthy 1%ers and I have our backs".

This year has been different the elites have owned the Republocrat system for decades but in 2016 a wild card, Trump, a billionaire switched from Democrat to Republican, he’d had enough and decided to change the process. Little did he know that he would be running for the people and against, the takers, elites, media, the RINO’s, the progressives, the Democrats, the moderators, in fact everyone except the taxpaying people. He knew the elections were rigged, but the extent of it was unknown by him. The Washington insiders consider him a huge threat, they cannot control him, hell, he might even demand an audit of the FED which as in Reagan, Lincolns, Kennedys, Garfield, McKinley and Jackson’s cases would require some lead adjustments. They failed when Jackson beat the hell out of his assailant with his walking stick.

I have been around since Harry Truman, that was a long time ago, and I can tell you I have never seen the elites this desperate. I have been writing on history and politics since the 80’s, 23-books to date, I don’t have any idea how many published articles but thousands, never in all that time have I seen such an election, never have I seen a media 97% in the bag for one candidate, never have I seen open hostility by debate moderators against someone they disagree with, never have I seen a media refusing to report deleterious information on their favorite candidate. To date there are over 150,000 unpublished e-mails by various progressive (socialist) operatives that the media refuses to publish or even review. I never thought, when I came to America in 1952, that I would see the once greatest nation in the world sink so low. There is not even a modicum of fairness, endless reports of Trump dalliances 11 over years ago, and nothing about Clinton’s hatred of Hispanics, Blacks, Catholics, all minorities, organizing riots at Trump rallies, Benghazi, pay to play contributions by foreign government to the Clinton Foundations, off-shore bundling operations in Norway and Canada, billions collected the Clinton foundation overseas for Haiti and only 2.5% spent in Haiti, the rest pocketed, 5-year IRS miss-filings not fined, the list of crimes is endless, they are glossed over by the FBI, Justice Department and the media. The Presstitutes should ask themselves just one questions, will, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Broaddick, Kathleen Willy, Elizabeth Ward Grace, Sally Perdue Connie Hamzy, or Lencola Sullivan be voting for Trump or Clinton?

Donald Trump is running for office against:

1)     The RINO’s 2) The Progressives 3) the entire Media 4) The Debate Moderators 5) The Clinton Foundation which is illegally funding her campaign, 6) The Democrats 7) The Communist Party that has endorsed her 8) The democratic Socialist that have endorsed her 9) the congressional Black Caucus that has endorsed her 10) The Hispanic caucus that has endorsed her 11) all the takers of government benefits about 47% of our population.

What other possible reasons could I provide to vote for Trump? Just one, Hillary and Bill live in Katonah, Westchester NY the most exclusive NYC suburb along with George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Susan Sarandon, David Letterman, Vanessa Williams, Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren Donald Trump and not one single minority at least Trump admits it.

The elites and their minions have abandoned any pretenses of party affiliations, fairness, or being objective they have ventured into a rage of preemptive viciousness. They, and by that I mean all of them, want Trump dead and buried and Hillary, their war candidate, who has screwed up everything she has ever been involved in since HS to be the Queen of America. The total blackout of information on both Bill and Hillary Clinton failures is simply astounding. From being fired from her first three jobs, to working for the children’s defense fund for a full four months, to a series of cushy jobs through her husband’s political position and connections, she only worked in the private sector for a few moths and when she did that as an attorney, after having flunked her Washington DC BAR exam, she managed to defend and get off a 40-year old rapist, of a 12 year old child on a technicality and then 30 years later when the child was an adult and sterile due to the rape, laughed about it in a TV interview. (Naturally not reported either)

There is no way she could win an election for national dogcatcher if the media did their job and reported factually issues on the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, and their sordid affiliations to George Soros and the hundreds of foreign anti-Western contributors to their Foundations and causes bundled in Norway and Canada. Benghazi the Arab Spring and the wars she started in Libya, Yemen, the Balkans, Syria, Iraq and the establishment of the Caliphate and ISIL and ISIS, the funding of Israeli mercenaries in Syria that she called freedom fighters who after taking $ 500 million and a few hundred Toyota pickups from her, turned sides and joined the Caliphate because they paid better than the Mossad.

No one can see or predict the outcome of an election but everyone can from the beginning to the end see his course in the process. Whether to be honorable and honest in reaching a decision, or to be neutral in reporting events as is the honest duty of journalists, we all inherently understand right from wrong. It is wrong to support a known criminal for public office; this is truth regardless of your political persuasion. For journalists and the media in general to actively support a person they know to have committed untold numbers of crimes. Lesser than public figures are in prison, a person that they know fully well is medically unfit for the office, a person who has in more that 50 differing ways breached national security, who has accepted funds from nations, military contractors, kings, and dignitaries all for favors already granted or to be granted in public corruption beyond any this nation have ever before seen is unconscionable. It is graft on a scale heretofore unknown! With this in mind we progress either with a flawed, individual, or a criminal as our president. The choice is simple. The lesson of our history is clear as the liberty bell…Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen served together in the continental Army, both were offered British gold! Allen (Trump) resisted and will live in affection of his countrymen; Arnold (Clinton) accepted and will survive in infamy, as will her RINO supporters and the media. It is astonishing that the American public will even considered a woman with such flawed character to be considers for the highest political office in the nation. Do these people actual want their children to look up to this woman?


All of this is just more progressive lies, remember Obamacare: you can keep your doctor you’re insurance will be $ 2500 cheaper, you can keep your insurance, well not exactly!

2017 healthcare insurance is up over 100%

Obamacare Taxes are up: Medicare +0,9%, Income tax +4.6%, Payroll Tax + 14.8%, Capital Gains Tax +13%, Dividend tax +24.6% Estate Tax + 55% New Tax real Estate Tax + 3.5% Total Obamacare tax increases are a whopping + 116.62% thanks progressives!


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