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National American Freedom Union Meeting with ANU


National American Freedom Union Meeting with ANU

Bethlehem, PA

Sat. October 22 noon to 6 PM.


Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg   Topic: The Clinton Foundation and Crooked Hillary Clinton


Mr. Merlin Miller 2012 A3P Presidential Candidate Topic: The American Eagle Party

Mr. Mickey Paoletta Topic: Mortgages and other corrupt banking practices

Dr. Mathew Rapahel Johnson Topic: Armenia, Russia and American foreign policy

Harry Bertram Topic: Political grassroots organization for elections

Don Wassall Topics: The existing American political dilemma


Bigger turnout than Kane in Florida or Clinton in Dade Miami.


PS: Donald Trump spoke in Frt. Myers last Sunday (Oct 23rd) over 12,000 attendees highway congestion to get to rally 3 miles long who could not get there. Trump helicopter circled after event three times with Donald waving out of door to wildly cheering crowd, Kane turnout in Tampa was 37 people. The Media claims Hillary is ahead, on my trip to PA Parrish to Tampa airport and Bethlehem airport to event I saw 1 Hillary bumper sticker, 42 Trump Pence yard signs, two Trump Pence Bill-boards, 8 Trump bumper sticks, 2 Hillary for Prison yard signs, and one huge field TRUMP sign in the air approach to the Allentown/Bethlehem airport.

And the Media claims, Hillary is ahead…more media BS hype!

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