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Associated Press Fact check on debate


Associated Press Fact check on debate:

Major issues only

Wrong again! Media bias!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                     


AP: US factory production has doubled since 1979.

Rubbish: We have 11.7 million fewer people employed in manufacturing than in ’79. We have lost 11.7 million mfg. jobs and 54,000 mfg. plants since NAFTA. AP, Commerce stats are totally unreliable, they are based on re-electing Democrats.


Clinton: "I don’t add a penny to the National Debt"

Rubbish: That’s exactly what Obama said 8 years ago he doubled the national debt!

In fact her total promised welfare including forgiving college debt, free tuition for 2-year college, infrastructure promises, and all the rest exceeds $4.6 trillion for her first four years and over $1 trillion above the proposed 2017 budget.


Trump: Limiting nuclear warheads to 1,550 for both Russia and America, "they can create warheads we cannot"

Wrong:  The START treaty was from the beginning stupid. 20 warheads per country are more than enough. Furthermore it does not allow determination of how many bombs per device.


Clinton: on "Open borders"

In speech Clinton said Wikileaks release "my dream is a hemisphere common market, with open borders sometime in the future, with energy that is green as sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere".

Rubbish: The average wage in south America is less than ½ of ours, green energy in the Western Hemisphere accounts for less than 3% of total energy production. This is a utopian unrealizable pipe dream from academia. None of this is based in reality or an understanding of industry, production or energy development.

Clinton on: Free college tuition: "I want to make college free"

She has repeatedly taken up the socialist mantra of Bernie Sanders stating that she would allow families earning less than $125,000 joint income to have the government pay for college tuition. Outstanding college loans are $ 1.4 trillion and the Treasury bases part of the value of the dollar on that debt which is 20% in arrears in repayment, the cost of this program has been estimated at over $1 trillion annually she has never articulated how this would be paid for or where the money would come from.

Trump: "Her plan is going to raise taxes even double your taxes" AP: Her pan will not raise taxes for 95% of Americans:

Rubbish: It has been documented that the confiscation of every cent of the top 1% earners in America will only run America for 30 days. Lets look at Obamacare that she and Obama strongly support: Obamacare tax increases:

  1. Medicare 1.45% to 2.35%
  2. Income tax 35% to 39.6%
  3. Payroll tax 37.4% to 52.2%
  4. Capital Gains 15% to 28%
  5. Dividend tax 15% to 39.6%
  6. Estate tax 0% to 55%
  7. New real-estate tax 3.5%

Look at this record all passed by Democrat controlled government and the largest increases are born by the middle class. Anyone who believes that Clinton will not increase taxes lives in lala Land!


Clinton: "The Trans Pacific Partnership is the "Gold Standard" of trade" to the bankers. Then in the debate, "it did not meet my test" then in the first debate, "I will put my Husband in charge of the economy he knows a thing or two about economics"

Facts: Jake Sullivan is her top economic advisor is all in for TPP. In Wikileaks released documents she has repeatedly supported NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP and every free trade imitative all of which she voted for when she was in the US senate.


Trump: "Hillary wanted the wall" (border) Yes she did she voted for it in the senate. Obama began to build it but stopped after 700 miles less than 1/3rd of the border length. But it was not a wall it was a fence. (A nation without borders is not a nation at all)

Trump: "India and China are growing at 8% and 7% we are at an anemic 1-%"

Right: AP then quotes Ben Bernanke the man who gave us the anachronism  "quantetive easing" and the 19+ trillion national debts as an authority on economics. They claim that because both India and China have further to go, they will grow faster.

Rubbish: All of India, China and Mexico’s economies are growing faster than ours because due to free trade, we are exporting our manufacturing industries to those three nations.


Trump: "Last week we came up with an anemic jobs report"

AP: Wrong we added 156,000 new jobs last moth.

Rubbish: AP is fully aware that America produces 220,000 new job seekers every month, so, in fact we lost another 64,000 jobs added to the unemployed.


Trump: "Clinton has no idea whether its Russia, China or anybody else behind the hacks".

AP: Trump’s refusal to point the finger at Russia is at odds with prevailing opinion"

Rubbish: We now make policy based on un-public opinion within the intelligence community?


Trump: "Under Hillary Clinton $ 6 billion were missing at the State department"

AP: Claims that Steve Linnick disavows that conclusion. Well he does work for state and likes his job! The facts speak for themselves $6 billion is missing and no one knows where it went.


Trump: "Obamacare premiums are going up some by over 100%"

AP: Claims this to be "hyperbole"

Rubbish: Obamacare instituted taxes when combined with insurance premiums compared to health insurance prior to Obamacare have certainly increased by over 100%. Add the tax increases to the 34% 2016 and the coming 2017 44% to 67% (as stated by AP) and you are way over 100% increase.


Trump: "The election is rigged"

AP: Claims not. They are wrong! from the 507 super delegates to Hillary in the pre-primary and fixed primaries in Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire etc., all the way back to the 2010 census and before, progressives have rigged elections. Case in point: The 2010 census: enumerators were mandated to count every living human. There were two types of enumerators 1) group 2) individual, I did both. All group counts were wrong because all were done on a fixed date about six weeks before the census same with state police barracks.

Example hospitals, average stay 3 days, so all hospital stays were counted twice, once group and second individual. About 7 million. All green card holders were counted (can’t vote are not citizens) about 5 million. All anchor babies were counted not citizens, about 4 million, all diplomatic personnel were counted about 1 million, and all illegal immigrants were counted about 18 million, all illegal immigrants in prisons about 3 million were counted. This results in a 35 million over-count. Most of these are located in 14 counties wherein foreign population exceeds 50,000 or one congressman and all of them are Democrat, consequently we have 14 democrat congressmen that represent non-citizens.

Diebold voting machines can be preprogramed in less than one minute to produce any desired outcome without any possible means of verification. There has been a concerted effort to block voter ID at polling stations for the last 8 years. Voter intimidation in Philadelphia went unprosecuted by the DJ. Every state has thousands of dead on their voting lists, Florida has thousands that are also listed in northern states, and the progressives have done everything possible to prevent the purging of unqualified voters from lists.

And if all that is not rigging election then please define it!

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