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FBI James Comey and Loretta Lynch must both be removed from office


FBI James Comey and Loretta Lynch must both be removed from office!

Dr. A. H. Krieg


The behavior of Mr. Comey in the two FBI investigations of the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton E-mail scandal is a national humiliation. Lynch and Comey have together turned America into a banana republic. As the bumper sticker said the law now only applies to poor people. When I listened to Mr. Comey’s 20-minute diatribe of Clinton’s wrongdoings, felonies, perjuries, misrepresentations and he then appoint himself as judge, jury and prosecutor refusing steadfastly to turn the evidence over to an independent prosecutor, judge or any third party I was astounded.

When AG Loretta Lynch the highest appointed legal officer in our nation, secretly met with the husband of a person of no fewer than two criminal investigations by the FBI, which agency she is in charge of, in her personal aircraft in Arizona, while the investigation was in progress, I was dumbfounded. This was not just a new president in jurisprudence no such thing had in American history ever taken place before. When she then a few days later announced that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing within the Clinton Foundation or the accumulation of over $ 2 billion while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State I was stunned.

The latest release of information is even more damming. Today we learned that the FBI in a side deal with Hillary Clinton top aid and lawyer Cheryl Mills Esq., who was illegally employed by the Department of State as well as the Clinton Foundation, as well as her aid Heather Samuelson would have their laptop computers destroyed by the FBI as part of their immunity deal. This is also a new president of jurisprudence the willful destruction of evidence by a branch of the federal government to protect a candidate running for federal office. This makes Comey as well as Lynch complicit in a crime, which is called obstruction of justice and spoliation of evidence, both felonies. But it get’s worse. The FBI arrangement also limits the search on the laptops to no later than Jan 31st 2015, indicating that documents after the knowledge of the laptops existence could not be reviewed. Remember that Hillary lied, perjuring herself when she repeatedly said; “I had only one device, for convenience”, Comey revealed she had 18 mobile devices five I-pads and three servers.

This leaves me with only two questions, who is giving these people their marching orders, and why are devices in FBI possession now being destroyed? Well, I do know, but that would be speculation.

I would like at this point to dispel the “Conspiracy Theory” issue that Clinton supporters will surely bring to forefront.  The CIA coined the phrase “Conspiracy Theory” in 1967 as part of the “psych-ops” branch of the Clandestine Service Branch of the CIA. We know this from a FIA released document to the NY Times in 1976 before the Times moved “Left”. This document is not speculation or conspiracy theory it is factual information readily available in cyberspace.

The fact that the Clinton Foundation is an illegal operation has been public knowledge for many months. The fact that the over-politicized IRS and its perjurer director progressive Democrat Koskinen has done nothing about the Little Rock based Clinton Library and research operation that mushroomed into a fake charity assessed at unknown billions and grew from 2009 to 2013 while Hillary was the most inept in US history Secretary of State is also widely known. Expecting Loretta do anything about it would be tantamount hoping for world peace in the aftermath of Hillary’s Arab Spring. Immunity is usually granted to a criminal for turning states evidence, in this case that would be either against the Clinton Foundation of Bill, Chelsea or Hillary Clinton, however nothing has been forthcoming. It appears to me, as an outsider, that the granted immunity was for the sole purpose of protecting the Clintons that this investigation should be center on. Just as the destruction of the laptops granted in the immunity of Hillary’s aids.

You might say, if you support the Clinton’s, that this guy is nuts, so let me put my five cents about the Clinton Foundation’s money making operations, into one short paragraph. While Hilary was secretary of State there were $151 billion brokered deals made with 16 nations all of which made donations to—you guessed it the Clinton Foundation. There were $ 165 billion in arms sales made to nations that –you guessed it again, made donations to the Clinton Foundation. There were $163 billion in arms contracts issued to American defense contractors who---you beat me to the punch, made contributions to the Clinton foundation. And just to cap all that, more than half of the private Americans outside government people that Hillary met with as Secretary, donated $156 million ---wait, wait to the Clinton Foundation. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary there ---Loretta said!

Still not convinced…well let me help. In 2013 the Clinton Foundation collected $140 million in donations and pledges and then contributed $5 million to charity. Well, something is wrong here, because according to IRS statue law (Reg. 501 (c)(3)) the minimum charity donation is 10% so that should have been $ 14 million. IRS director Koskinen could care less. In order for a Charitable Foundation to operate legally it must comply with IRS 1.501 (c) (3) -1(a)(1) The rule requires that a dual test must be passed 1) Organizational and 2) Operational the Clinton Foundation does not meet either criteria.

Still not convicted…well let me help some more. For a five-year period 2010 to 2015 the Clinton Foundation neglected to file a year end Internal Revenue filing statement, they have some of the most expensive and best accountants and lawyers and while Bills law license was pulled when he was disbarred and Hillary’s expired years ago, but they certainly know that you have to file tax returns. Then in 2015 they filed retroactively, this makes the Clinton Foundation the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in American history. Well, never mind…no fine; director Koskinen let it slide and they filed retroactively without a fine…why don’t you try that?

All this simply brings me to a very simple question, the Secretary of State makes $186,600 per year-retired presidents is paid about $200,000 per year So jointly Bill and Hillary earned about $400K every year from the taxpayers. Additionally Hillary made about $14 million on book advances (that by the way lost Simon & Schuster a ton of money because the books bombed) so, in four years while she was Secretary their joint income was about $15.6 million—how did they wind up with a foundation worth over $ 2 billion?

And the real question is…Why is no one investigating this, why are the media, Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party, and everyone else mute. Where is justice? Where is honesty? Where is liberty? Why are we letting corruption ruin, our what was once a Republic?

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