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On Crime and mismanagement on a grand scale


On Crime and mismanagement on a grand scale!

Based on a gradation of from 0 to 1000

Dr. A. H. Krieg


Crime Rates in Georgia:
Douglasville   638
Atlanta 607
Marietta          358
Woodstock     249
Smyrna           229
Sandspur        198
Kennesaw     113

What could possibly be the difference between these communities that are no more than 50 miles apart? Funny you should ask! Section 8-10 of the City of Kennesaw civic law reads; “Every head of household residing in the city limits of the city of Kennesaw is required to maintain a fire arm, together with ammunition therefor.” No reported murders for 2016.

The most restrictive gun laws in America. Statistics for 2016:
September totals: Week of 9/25/16 to 10/1/16 Year to date
61 Shot and Killed 83 Shot and wounded 513  Shot and killed
302 Wounded  94 Total shot 2787 Shot and Wounded
363 Total shots  11 Total homicides  570 Total homicides
64 total homicides

They must buy all those guns at those evil gun shows in the Loop! (No FBI checks) Oh, sorry no gun shows or gun stores in Chicago. Then they buy them in Indiana, oops, not possible unless you are a resident of the state. Mail order—nope, outlawed. I know they buy then from thieves who stole them illegally transported them, violated about ten laws but are never caught or prosecuted by BATF, US Marshals, or the Chicago police. Solving the crime problem in Chicago and elsewhere is simple, 1) enforce existing laws and 2) change the local political situation and taxes to create jobs, crime will disappear. People with jobs and a future do not commit crimes!


Kabul Afghanistan

No laws it is a war zone:

In 2009 there were 90,000 American troops in Afghanistan.  In that year the murder rate in Chicago was 8.42 per 100,000 based on US troops killed in 2009 it would be 160 per 100,000 but that does not count Afghans of about 270. Kabul has a population of 3.5 million. In 2016 Chicago is more dangerous than Kabul, the rate in Kabul has been falling while in Chicago it has been rising.


Who runs Chicago?

The DNC and Democrats in general have ruled Chicago for 84 uninterrupted corrupted years. The present mayor is Israeli/American dual national and Ballet prima-donna Rahm Emanuel who served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) the last republican to serve in Chicago as mayor was in 1931 William H. Thompson. The people of Chicago deserve what they get! Democrat mismanagement is not only seated in the crime issue, the city has $34 billion outstanding debt, $ 20 billion from its over bloated democrat negotiated civil servant pension plans, compared with a $ 9 billion annual budget clearly shows inability to meet debt. They also have a $9.6 billion underfunded teachers retirement plan and one with bondholders for an additional $ 6 billion. The interest on the outstanding bonds exceeds the systems entire annual $ 5.8 billion budget. What genius Democrats negotiated these absolutely ridiculous deals. Well, after all they did get the vote of all; police, fire fighters, schoolteachers and civil employees, whose pensions are often higher than their average working income.  You don’t understand OK let me explain. For the last three years of employment before retirement they take no days off or vacations, then in the last year they work on weekends, work during vacations, work all the overtime possible, you see, their annual pension is based on their last years income, so if they averaged $50K for 25 years but earned $100K in their last year their pension is based on an annual income of $100K. Nobody not even Chicago can afford that! I know retired civil servants that live in Costa Rica in villas on the beach with a cook and servants; will you be able to afford that?


What Cities are basically bankrupt and what do they have in common?


The ten poorest managed cities in America are:
Buffalo NY since 1954
Cincinnati OH since 1984
Cleveland OH           since 1989
Miami FL                    Never anything but a Democrat
St. Louis MO              since 1949
El Paso TX                  Never anything but a Democrat
Milwaukee WI            since 1908
Philadelphia PA         since 1952
Newark NJ                since 1907

Democrats have run every last one of these worst run cities in our country since the dates noted. As to the voters in these cities, Einstein said it best; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. The progressives have sold these people a bill of goods and the people are apparently so totally ignorant that they bought into HOPE, CHANGE and FORWARD lock stock and barrel, the same slogans used by Vladimir Lenin in the 1919 Russian Revolution. That worked out equally well for the population of Russia as it has for the cities above listed. Well, why not; the CPUSA (American Communist Party is not running a candidate this cycle and has thrown their total support to Hillary Clinton) The truly amazing thing is that if you listen to the fools of the Lamestream you would think that these are Republican or libertarian induced problems. The stories in academia and the media are predominately about the ignorant Southerners, stupid country folks, that we need more not less regulations, that we need more not less college boys running America—well they have done a great job in the last 20 years.

I was just thinking about Benghazi and that Überliberal college boy Chris Stevens, and his soul mates Hillary and Barack who left him and his people out to die. They all espoused the progressive ideology of nation building and Arab Spring; I wonder what went through Chris’s mind in the few minutes before he was murdered and died by al Qaida after a 13 hour standoff in which his two soul mates watching all of the mayhem on drone fed TV monitors in the White House and were unable to muster the courage to even send a few F-16’s that were 20 minutes away for a fly over or send the ready to go special forces brigade in Italy that was less than 2 hours away.

Just one more thing: All those polls are total BS; I just looked up presidential polling for October 3rd 2016. The only listed polling organization that is not progressive is FOX news that reports a variance of from 1% to 3%. The other are averaging 11% for Hillary, they include the LA Times, U. of Delaware, 4 Quinnipiac (CT) polls, ½ dozen GE polls, (Rasmussen, Granum etc.) NY Times, SF Chronicle and the Detroit News, common give us a break this is not even propaganda its outright progressive lying. If you poll progressive Democrats only and have an agenda and all your sources are print media based in failing newspapers and academic left wing institutions, to produce outcome-based statistics then at least have the courage and honesty to say so.



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