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Without Vaseline!

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                                                                                            Jan. 2016


Anyone on Social Security is in serious trouble unless

they are an illegal alien or refugee.


This article was prompted by, what can only be called the bizarre annual Social Security “Important Information” for 2016 that arrived in my mailbox in the last days of December last year. The amount of misinformation and outright lies in this report is astounding; it is in fact so bad that Carolyn Watts Colvin, the SS Administrator should be replaced. Her predecessor Astrue’s in a seminal statement on social Security said: “Social Security was never intended to fully provide for retirement. That is a myth that circulates in certain quarters, and it is a very dangerous myth because if you don’t fully prepare for your retirement through private savings, you are likely to have a very difficult retirement.” FRD, another progressive Democrat, would be very surprised to learn that, as the originator of the “System”, he said the exact opposite.

There are several main issues we must address; the first of these is the lies of a provided by SS statement to the recipients. Let’s begin with the SS assertion that they provide a benefit, which is a lie, because they forcefully collected 6.2% of your annual gross income for the full time of your employment, it is not a benefit it is the return of monies they took from you and your employer by force of law. The SS statement only shows the amount collected from you as the individually insured, it omits the equal payment made by your employer on your behalf, and that is the second lie. Next they omit any interest earned in your account, something that every private sector insurance carrier grants, by force of law. Fourth lie is, not to include any inflation index for the collected funds. Based on basic actuarial calculations, a work time of 37 years, retirement at 65, and a life expectancy of 71.4 years SS directly in funds, collected about $560,000 from you and your employer on your behalf. Based on a low compound interest over the time of employment of 4.3% and a very low inflation factor of 4%, the SS administration has $1.4 million of your dollars. From 65 to 71.4 years (actuarially assumed time of death) is 6.4 years so the appropriate monthly payment would be  $18,229.10 per month. SS pays an average of $1,500.00 per month. Get it?

The second issue relates to the rate of inflation particularly in 2015. SS claims that because gasoline prices have fallen that there is no inflation. In fact, they say that inflation in 2015 was 0%. That is so far beyond ridiculous that it is difficult to respond to. Actual grocery price inflation for 2015 was 20%. Based on fixed dollar value of the year 2000 the total national inflation rate of all products in the economy was 4% actual and loss of buying power by government cause inflation, fell by 4% for a total of 8%, not 0%.

All the major changes brought on by the progressive Ryan/Obama budget passed by the House and accepted by the Senate are the major impacts affecting SS for the coming two years, for which the bloated budget was approved. Since this budget covers 2016 as well as 2017 do not anticipate any changes of enacted legislation or of the discressionarry spending of an additional $ 580 billion budget expansion to take place before 2018. Bear in mind that the Republican Party controls both chambers and Ryan has granted Obama and the progressives everything they ever hoped for.

The 2016-17 SS budgets was passed in the middle of the night and consists of over 3,000 pages, and expanding 30,000 new laws, not one member of congress even read it. The changes brought on by this Republican budget include:

  1. No COLA increase for 2016 or 2017 for SS recipients. This is an actual 16% reduction in payment over two years.
  2. Women born after 1 Jan. 1954 will no longer be able to apply for spousal social security. Stay at home moms will be severely penalized their payment will be eliminated making them destitute. (Why are these women discriminated against?)
  3. Men will be allowed to continue to apply for spousal payments. This part of the law is confusing and clarification will undoubtedly be made by autocratic edict. (Why do men get a benefit forbidden to women?)
  4. The 8 million refugees that Obama has allowed into the country will continue to collect $ 4,000 per month plus free dental, medical and housing as well as getting a 6% COLA increase for 2016 and 2017. Take-home payment beginning in 2016 will be $4,240.00 per month, plus free healthcare. (For Life) ($2544. Beginning in 2017)
  5. Medicare Part B (accident insurance now costing $ 12) will rise from $104.50 to $200.00 for all SS recipients (age related) and will be universally mandatory.
  6. If you are on SS disability when you become 65 all payments will revert to regular SS and Medicare part A & B will be deducted. (About a 50% payment reduction)
  7. If you are in a Habitat For Humanity housing and have paid your mortgage payments for 2 years the title will be conveyed to you and the mortgage payment will be forgiven. (Free and clear title for paying 2 years of a 30 year mortgage)

All of these 7 points will be taken out of the available SS funds.

There is no SS “Lock Box” all collected SS income deductions are immediately paid into the “General Fund”.

Remember that disability payments rose from 7 million to 25 million under Obama. Mental disability rose for 4 million to 20 million. Drug addicts will receive $2,500 per month SS payments plus free housing, medical and dental coverage all from SS all without co-pays Food stamp payments under Obama rose from 11 million to 47 million in 7 years. Refugees living in government provided housing who have committed felonies like, rape, murder, armed robbery, arson, may not be deported by Homeland Security and incarceration is restricted to 90 days, and are paid $ 1,000 per month. (AUX & GAU welfare) all of these payments are made out of your collected Social Security taxes.

Try to remember that a bi-partisan but Republican majority in the legislative branch passed this Obama budget, try not voting for a Republocrat in 2016.

It is a fact that the legislative majority Republicans has given Obama a signed blank cheque for $1.1 trillion again exceeding the set spending limits. Obama got everything he wanted and more! The House completely controls the purse strings of the government and Republicans have a 58-member majority. The executive cannot spend one penny without House approval. Some of what they voted for is: Executive amnesty, sanctuary cities program, the refugee program, expanded immigration program, Illegal alien resettlement program, release of criminally convicted illegal aliens program, tax credits for illegals, elimination of spending caps, planned parenthood abortion program funding (over $ 500 million), all climate change programs, Obamacare funding, funding of increased spying on American citizens, funding and continuation of all existing wars, funding for increased militarization of local police forces. This is so egregious that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could not have done any better. The RINO’s have shown their true colors, its time for the people to respond! Ryan, Bush, Christie, Kasich, McCain, Snow, Collins, Noonan, Murkowski, V. Buchannan and naturally the entire CT delegation if there are any Republicans in it, are all RINO’s.

Most people are unaware of provisions within SS laws relating to certain employments. Per example a schoolteachers may subscribe to a state or local (district) pension plan and opt out of SS. After 20 years such a plan will be fully funded, so they will drop the plan they have and sign up for SS, then after ten more years will be fully funded in SS thus collecting double pensions with just 30 years of employment.

This is the progressive  (socialist) system used by politicians for re-election. Today 87% of incumbents are re-elected. This is why democracies always fail. This is why we need term limits; this is why we need a balanced budget amendment. This is why we need to re-elect conservatives and get all the RINO’s out.  Once the mob understands that they can vote themselves benefits, at the cost to their fellow citizens, the jig is up, or as Seneca the Roman said, “Nothing is as contemptible as the sentiments of the mob”

I spent over 20 minutes trying to find out what the salary of the SS secretary is, to no avail I even called the SS administration no one knew. I was able to find that: SS management assistant gets $79K, SS lawyers get $95K, disability examiner gets $ 61K, and operation supervisor gets $ 80K. These are all starting salaries, a lawyer on average in the private sector starts at $37,800. Gosh it’s tough to working in DC. Median single person income US is $ 26,695 the government touted $ 50K is a per family combination, not per individual. As a nation we only have 50 million in poverty 47 million on food stamps, and 91 million unemployed, and 20 million illegal aliens, 44,000 illegal felons, and the government is trying to bring in another 10,000 un-vetted from Syria, Hillary 67,000 additionally I just learned that we let in 102,000 Refugees of which just under 10,000 had their visa canceled because of terrorist affiliations, but we let them in anyway and Homeland Security claims they can’t find them.

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PS. As a self-employed employer, SS collected about $5.6 million from me over 39 years and pay me $ 1.500 in SS per month. If you think that’s fair let me know.

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