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Hillary pontificated:

  1. Increasing taxes will grow the economy.
  2. Free college will turn us around.
  3. Increasing taxes on producers will increase employment.
  4. Has no economic plan whatsoever.
  5. Parrots financial ideas some academic banker told her to say.
  6. Has no understanding of finance.
  7. Thinks that increasing taxes will stimulate jobs.
  8. Actually believes that Obama and her husband did a good job.
  9. Thinks that the recession is over.
  10. Does not understand our present economic situation.
  11. She is clueless of foreign policy. (Arab Spring, Benghazi, etc.)


Due to her husband, G. W. Bush, and Obama we are presently in the following situation: 95 million Americans that would like jobs are unemployed. Total American unemployment is 24.7%. We have the lowest labor participation rate in 25 years. Due to NAFTA and CAFTA and then Obama “Free Trade” deals we have lost 11.7 million manufacturing jobs and 54,000 small manufacturing plants. We have 49 million Americans on food stamps. We have for the first time in American history fewer new business openings than closings. Family farm income has fallen by 50% in the last ten years. In the 2nd quarter of 2016 we actually lost another million jobs. New jobs in the economy have not once in the last two years been sufficient to offset school graduation rates. Quarterly economic growth for 2016 has been negative. Average income for middle class has fallen since 1955, and Gross Domestic Income GDI for 2016 was +0.018% or basically static. Inflation continues when all commodities are taken into account (which government agencies do not do) at about +7.6%. The FRS continues to artificially depress interest rates to 0.05% allowing banks to borrow funds from taxpayers and then charge them 17.5% for credit card debt and 20% for car loans. This ½% interest rate drives up the stock markets, which represent a bubble that makes the .com and housing bubbles look like a cub-scout picnic by comparison, as Trump said if the interest rate goes up, my statement by 2 points we will see a market drop like never before.


In the mean time Hillary Clintons major donors are all banks and major financial institutions, do you think she will change anything? She is in their pockets. Every issue she tried to articulate in the debate was progressive socialist. Nothing she said was based in reality. She did not express a single lucid plan for solving anything everything she said were her progressive theories that have been tried before and have never worked. All this leads me to wonder if Berne Sanders was one of her tutors for the debate?


Dr. A. H. Krieg

P.S. The moderator was obviously in the bag for Hillary! In some lots of the debate poor Donald had two opponents.

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